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Zulu. Izinganekwane, Nensumansumane, Nezindaba, Zabantu.

Nursery Tales, Traditions, and Histories of the Zulus. In their own words, with a Translation into English, and Notes. By the Rev. Henry Callaway, M. D.

Vol. I. 8vo. pp. 394. cloth. 6s. Namaqua-Hottentot. A Grammar and Vocabulary of the

Namaqua-Hottentot Language. By Henry Tindall, Wesleyan Missionary. 8vo.,

pp. 124, sewed. 6s. Tigré. – Vocabulary of the Tigré language. Written down

by Moritz von Beurmann. Published with a grammatical sketch, by Dr. A. Merx, of the University of Jena. Crown 8vo. pp. viii and 78. cloth. 38. 6d.

AMERICAN LANGUAGES. Cree. A. Grammar of the Cree Language. With which is

combined an analysis of the Chippeway Dialect. By Joseph Howse, Esq., F.

R. G. s. 8vo. pp. xx, and 324, cloth. is. 6d. Quichua. Contributions towards a Grammar and Dictionary

of Quichua, the Language of the Yncas of Peru; collected by Clements R. Markham, F. S. A. Corr. Mem. of the University of Chile. Author of „Cuzco and Lima“, and Travels in Peru and India.“ In one volume. Crown 8vo. pp. 223, cloth. 10s. 6d.

ANGLO-SAXON. A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, from the Danish of Erasmus Rask. By Benjamin Thorpe, Member of the Munich Royal Academy of Sciences etc. With plate. Second Edition, Corrected and Improved. 12°, pp. VI and 192, cloth. 58. 6d.

ARABIC. Newman. A Handbook of Modern Arabic; consisting of a

practical grammar, with numerous Examples, Dialogues, and Newspaper Extracts; In a European Type, with plate. By Francis W. Newman. 120, pp. XX and 192, cloth. 6s.

ARMENIAN. Riggs. A Grammar of the modern Armenian language, as

spoken at Constantinople and in Asia Minor. By Elias Riggs. Second edition. 8vo. pp. 84. cloth. 1856. 5s,

ASSYRIAN. Hincks. Specimen chapters of an Assyrian Grammar. By

the late Rev. E. Hincks, D. D. Hon. M. R. A. S. 8vo. pp. 44. sewed.

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BENGALI. Bharatabarshera Itihasa; a History of India, in Bengali. By


Tarini Charan Chatterjea. Second Part. 12mo., pp. 8, 212, sewed. 1866. 4s. Shama Churn Sircar. Introduction to the Bengalee Language,

adapted to Students who know English. In 2 Parts. By Shama Churn Sirear.

Second Edition, Revised and Improved. 8v0., pp. x. and 454, cloth. 1861. Yates. A Bengali Grammar. By the late Rev. W. Yates,

D. D. Reprinted, with Improvements, from his Introduction to the Bengali Lan

guage Edited by J. Wenger. 12mo., pp. iv. and 150, sewed. 1864. Yates. Introduction to the Bengali Language. By the late

Rev. W. Yates. Edited by J. Wenger. Volume I, containing a grammar, a reader, and explanatory notes, with an index and vocabulary. 8vo. pp. XVI, 428. cloth. 1847.




BRAJ-BHASHA. Ballantyne. Elements of Braj-Bhakha and Hindi Grammar. By

the late J. R. Ballantyne, L. L. D. 2nd Edition. 12mo., pp. 38, cl., 1868. 58. Raja-Niti: a Collection of Hindu Apologues in the Braj-Bhasha

Language. Revised Edition, with a Preface, Notes, and Supplemental Glossary. 8vo., pp. viii. and 168, 10, 14 cloth. 1854. 183.

CANARESE. Hodson.— An Elementary Grammar of the Kannada or Canarese

Language; in which every word used in the Examples is Translated, and the Pronunciation is given in English characters. By Th. Hodson. Second Edition.

8v0., pp. viii. and 128, cloth. 1864. 78. 6d. Dialogues in Canarese. By Munshi Shrinivasiah. With an English

translation, by Richard G. Hodson. Revised by the Rev. D. Sanderson. Second

Edition. 8vo. pp. vi. and 226, cloth. 1865. 6s. Katha Sangraha; or, Canarese Selections. Prose. Compiled by

Daniel Sanderson. 8vo. pp. vi. and 562, cloth. 1863. 21s. Ramasamy. A Grammatical Vocabulary in English and

Canarese, classified under the various parts of Speech. By M. Ramasamy.

Third Edition. 12mo. pp. 196, boards. 1858. 3s. Reeve. – A Dictionary, Canarese and English. By the Rev.

W. Reeve. Revised, corrected, and enlarged by Daniel Sanderson. 8vo. pp. 1040,

halfcalf. 1858. £ 2 28. Reeve. A Dictionary, Canarese and English. By the Rev.

W. Reove. Revised, corrected, and abridged by Daniel Sanderson. 8vo. pp. 276,

halfcalf, 1858, 14s. Seventy (the) Stories in Canarese; forming a series of progressive

lessons, especially adapted to the use of Canarese Students in their earlier studies,

and for Schools. Fifth Edition. 8vo. pp. iv. and 100, boards. 1860. 2s. 6d. English and Canarese Vocabulary of Familiar Words with Easy

Sentences. Second edition. 24mo. pp. 46, sewed. 1864. 6d.

CHINESE. Wade. The Colloquial Series of the Tzu Erh Chi: a Pro

gressive Course designed to assist the Student of Colloquial Chinese as spoken in Peking and the Department of Shun-Tien Fu. By T. F. Wade. C. B., Se

cretary to H. B. M. Legation, Peking. Four Vols. 4to, £ 5. 5$. Wade. The documentary Series of the Tzu Erh Chi. A series of

papers selected as specimens of documentary Chinese, designed to assist students, of the language, as written by the officials of China. In sixteen parts, with Key. Volume 1. By Thomas Francis Wade, C. B., Secretary to Her Britannic Majesty's

Legation at Peking. 4to. Half-Cloth. pp. XII, & 455. & IV, 72 & 52. £ 1 16s. Edkins. – A Grammar of the Chinese Colloquial Language,

commonly called the Mandarin Dialect. By Joseph Edkins. 8vo, pp. viii, 266,

sewed. Shanghai, 1857. 20s. Edkins. Progressive Lessons in the Chinese spoken Language,

with Lists of common Words and Phrases; and an Appendix, containing the Laws of Tones in the Peking Dialect. By Joseph Edkins. 8vo, pp. vi, 104, sewed.

Shanghai. 1862. 12s. Hernisz. A Guide to Conversation in the English and

Chinese Languages, for the use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere. By Stanislas Hernisz. Square 8vo., pp. 274, sewed. 10s. 6d.


Lanctot. Chinese and English Phrase Book, with the Chinese

Pronunciation indicated in English, specially adapted for the use of merchants, travellers and families. By Benoni Lanctot. Second edition, revised and enlarged.

8vo. pp. 88. Sewed. San Francisco, 1867. 5s. Lobscheid. English and Chinese Dictionary, with the Punti

and Mandarin Pronunciation. By the Rev. W. Lobscheid, Knight of Francis Joseph, C.M.I.R.G.S.A., N.Z.B.S.V., etc. Parts I. and II., folio, pp. iv. and i to

980. (Will be complete in Four Parts.) Price, each part, £1 16s. Medhurst. Chinese Dialogues, Questions, and Familiar Sen

tences, literally rendered into English, with a view to promote Commercial Intercourse, and to assist Beginners in the Language. By the late W. H. Medhurst. A new and enlarged edition. Part I. 8vo, pp. 64, sewed. Shanghai,



Morrison. - A Dictionary of the Chinese Language. By the

Rev. R. Morrison, D.D. Two vols. Vol. I. pp. x. and 762; Vol. II. pp. 828, cloth. Shanghai, 1865. £ 4. 4s.

CORNISH, Williams. Lexicon Cornu Britannicum. A dictionary of

the ancient celtic language of Cornwall, in which the words are elucidated by copious examples froin the Cornish works now remaining, with translations into English. The synonyms are also given in the cognate dialects of Welsh Armoric, Irish, Gaelic and Manx, showing at one view the connexion between them. By the Rev. Robert Williams, M. A., Christ Church, Oxford, Parish curate of Llangadwaladr and Rhydycroesan, Denbighshire. Sewed, 3 Parts. pp. 400. £2 5s.

DANISH. Bojesen. A Guide to the Danish Language. Designed for

English Students. By Maria Bojesen. 12°, pp. 252, cloth boards. 4s. 6d. Rosing. Engelsk-Dansk Ordbog af S. Rosing. Ander forogede Udgave. 1863. 8vo. pp. VII. and 566. bound. 7s. Dansk-Engelsk Ordbog af S. Rosing. (rp.)

DUTCH Dr. F. Ahn. - A concise grammar of the Dutch Language:

With Selections from the Best Authors in Prose and Poetry. By F. Ahn. Translated from the Tenth Original German Edition, and remodelled for the use of

English Students, by Henri Van Laun. 12°, pp. VIII and 166, cloth. 38. 6d. Bomhoff. A new Dictionary of the English and Dutch language;

to wich is added a catalogue of the most usual proper names and a list of the irregular verbs. Carefully revised and considerably augmented by D. Bomhoff, Hzn. 2 vols. 4th edition. 8vo. pp. XII and 2311. cloth. 245.

The same, small edition in 1 vol. 14s. Jaeger. A new Pocket-Dictionary of the English and Dutch and

Dutch and English Languages; containing also: a vocabulary of proper names and a catalogue of the irregular verbs by A. Jaeger. 2d edition. squ. 16°. pp. 702. cloth. 4s.

ENGLISH, Asher. On the Study of Modern Languages in general , Charnock. Ludus Patronymicus; or, the Etymology of Curious

and of the English Language in particular. An Essay. By David Asher, Ph.

D. 12mo. pp. viii. and 80, cloth. Coleridge. A Glossarial Index to the Printed English Lite

rature of the Thirteenth Century. By Herbert Coleridge, Esq. 1 vol. 8vo., pp. 104, cloth. 25. 60.


Surnames. By Richard Stephan Charnock, Ph. D., F. S. A., F. R. G. S. In

one vol. cr. 8vo, pp. XVI, 166. 7s. 6d. Charnock. Verba Nominalia; or, Words derived from Pro

per Names. By Richard Stephen Charnock, Ph. Dr., F.S.A., &c. In 1 vol. 8vo,

cloth. pp. 362, price 14s. Wedgwood. On the Origin of Language. By Hensleigh

Wedgwood. 12mo, pp. 166, cloth. 3s. 6d. Wedgwood. A Dictionary of the English Language. Ву

Hensleigh Wedgwood, M.A., late Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. Vol. 1. (A to D), 8vo, pp. xxiv. and 508, cloth, 14s. Vol. II. (E to P), 8vo, pp. 578, cloth, 14s. Vol. III., Part I. (Q to Sy), svo, pp. 366, 10s_6d. Vol. IIÍ., Part II. (T to' W), 8vo, pp. 200, 5s. 6d., completing the work. Price of the complete

work, £ 2. 4s. Whitney. – Language and the Study of Language: a Course

of Lectures on the Principles of Linguistic Science. By William D. Whitney,

Professor of Sanskrit in Yale College, New Haven. 8vo. pp. 489, 10s. 6d. De Vere. Studies in English ; or, Glimpses of the Inner

Life of our Language. By M. Schele De Vere, LL.D., Professor of Modern Languages in the University of Virginia. 1 vol.' 8vo, pp. VI. and 366, cloth

price 10s. 60. Manipulus Vocabulorum. A Rhyming Dictionary of the

English Language. By Peter Levins (1570). Edited, with an Alphabetical Index by Henry B. Wheatley. 8vo. pp. xvi. and 370, cloth. 14s. Bartlett. Dictionary of Americanisms: a Glossary of Words

and Phrases colloquially used in the United States. By John R. Bartlett, second edition, considerably enlarged and improved, 1 vol. 8vo. pp. XXXII. and 524, cloth.


FRENCH. Bélisaire, par Marmontel. Nouvelle Édition, revisée et cor

rigée par Ernest Brette, Chas. Cassal, Theod. Karcher. 120, pp. 132, cloth. 25. 6d. Charlotte Corday. A Tragedy. By F. Ponsard. Edited, with

English Notes and Notice on Ponsard, by Prof. C. Cassal, LL.D., of University

College, London. Crown 8°, pp. 150, cloth. 2s. 6d. Diane. A Drama in verse.

By Émile Augier. Edited, with English Notes and Notice on Augier, by Th. Karcher, LL.D.

Crown 8°, pp. 160, cloth. 2s. 6d. Théâtre Français Moderne. With Introduction and Notes. By

Professors Karcher, Cassal, and Brette. Vol. I. pp. 420, Crown 8°, 6s. Colomba. Par Prosper Mérimée. Edited, with a Memoiron

the Author, and Notes, by Professors Brette, Cassal, and Karcher. Pp. 216, cloth. 3s. 6d. Les Aristocraties. A comedy in verse. By Étienne Arago.

Edited, with English notes and notice on Étienne Arago, by the Rev. P. H. Ernest Brette, B. D., Head Master of the French School, Christ's Hospital,

Examiner in the University of London. 12mo. pp. XVI and 228. cloth. 1868. 4s. Molière. A drama in prose. By George Sand. Edited, with

English notes and notice on George Sand, by Theodore Karcher, LL. B., of the Royal Military Academy and the University of London. 12mo. pp. XX and. 170. cloth. 1868. 38. 60.

Crown 8°,


Karcher. Les Écrivains Militaires de la France. Par Théo

dore Karcher, Professeur à l'Académie Royale Militaire de Woolwich, Examipateur à l'Université de Londres, à l'Ecole Royale Navale, à Christ's Hospital,

et pour le Service Civil des Indes. 89, cloth, pp. viii. and 348. 78. 6d. Karcher. - Questionnaire Français. Questions on French Gram

mar, Idiomatic Difficulties, and Military Expressions. By Theodore Karcher, LL.B., French Master, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.

Crown 80, pp. 128, limp, 28. 6d. Interleaved with writing paper. 3s. Delpech. The Beginner's Comprehensive French Book, con

taining the Principal Rules of Pronunciation, with all their Exceptions, Rules on the Accidence, with the Conjugation of all the French Verbs, Regular and Irregular, the Literal Translation of a great number of Fables, numerous English Excercises, composed with words taken out of the Literal Translation, nearly all the Tables which Fénelon wrote for the Education of the Duc de Bourgogne, a Selection of La Fontaine's Fables, and a French-English Dictionary of all the words contained in them. By J. Delpech, B.A. of the University of France, late Régent de College, French Master at Christ's Hospital,

Post 8", cloth, pp. viii. and 326. 48. 6d. Pick. A New Method of Studying Foreign Languages.

Adapted to the French Language. By Dr. Edward Pick. 120, pp. XII and 212,

cloth. 38. 6d. Fruston. Écho Français: a Practical Guide to French Con

versation. By F. de la Fruston. With a Vocabulary. 12°, pp. VI and 192, cloth. 38. Roche. English Prose and Poetry, Select Pieces from the best

Authors, for Reading, Composition, and Translation. By Antonin Roche, Director of the Educational Institute, Knight of the Legion of Honour. Post 89, cloth, pp. xi. and 368. 48. 6d. Materials for Translating from English into French: being a

Short Essay on Translation, followed by a Graduated Selection in Prose and Verse from the best English Authors. By L. Le Brun. Second Edition, rerised

and corrected, by Henri Van Laun. 12°, pp. XII and 204, cloth. 4$. Bellows. Tous les Verbes. Conjugations of all the Verbs in

the French and English Languages. By John Bellows. Revised by Professor Beljame, B.A., LL. B. of the University of Paris, and Official Interpreter to the Imperial Court, and George B. Strickland, late Assistant French Master, Royal Naval School, London. Also a new Table of Equivalent Values of French and English Money, Weights, and Measures. 32", sewed, 76 tables.

London, 1867. Bellows. The New Dictionary of the French and English

Languages, showing both Divisions on the same Page, distinguishing the Genders at Sight by different Types, and giving Conjugations of all the Irregular Verbs in French, the respective Prepositions (on Spiers' System), etc. By John Bellows, Gloucester. Revised and Corrected by Professor Beljame, B.A. and LL.B. of the University, Official Interpreter to the Imperial Court, Paris, and G. de Beauchamp Strickland, late Assistant French Master at the Royal Naval School, London. “Dedicated, by Special Permission, to Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte.

[In the Press.) Dr. F. Ahn's New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the

French Language. First Course and Second Course, 120, cloth, each 1s. 6d. The

Two Courses in 1 vol. 120, pp. 284, cloth, price 3s. Dr. F. Ahn's Third Course, containing a French Reader, with

Notes and Vocabulary. By H. W. Ehrlich. 120, pp. VIII and 126, cloth. 18. 6d. Dr. F. Ahn's Manual of French and English Conversations.

For the use of Schools and Travellers. 12°, pp. VIII and 200, cloth. 2s. 6d.


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