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Longmans, Green, 1900 - 352 páginas

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Página 182 - No, Sir, claret is the liquor for boys ; port for men ; but he who aspires to be a hero (smiling) must drink brandy.
Página 201 - My hounds are bred out of the Spartan kind, So flew"d, so sanded; and their heads are hung With ears that sweep away the morning dew ; Crook-kneed and dew-lapp'd like Thessalian bulls ; Slow in pursuit, but match'd in mouth like bells, Each under each.
Página 157 - And still his name sounds stirring Unto the men of Rome As the trumpet-blast that cries to them To charge the Volscian home, And wives still pray to Juno For boys with hearts as bold As his who kept the bridge so well In the brave days of old.
Página 224 - A hundred voices joined the shout; With hark and whoop and wild halloo. No rest Benvoirlich's echoes knew. Far from the tumult fled the roe; Close in her covert...
Página 302 - Which is his last, if in your memories dwell A thought which once was his, if on ye swell A single recollection, not in vain He wore his sandal-shoon, and scallop-shell; Farewell ! with him alone may rest the pain, If such there were — with you, the moral of his strain!
Página 166 - Bring forth the horse !' — the horse was brought ; In truth he was a noble steed, A Tartar of the Ukraine breed, Who look'd as though the speed of thought Were in his limbs : but he was wild, Wild as the wild deer, and untaught, With spur and bridle Undefiled...
Página 340 - Why, let the stricken deer go weep, The hart ungalled play ; For some must watch, while some must sleep : Thus runs the world away.
Página 36 - England," with something about a child and a donkey, which a second fainting fit prevented my quite catching the meaning of. Hunting was out of the question for the rest of the season ; and after a fortnight of bed at Melton I betook myself to London, where it was a good six weeks before I was sufficiently restored even to be questioned about my accident. However, it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good, and Segundo had the horses to ride till the end of the season, which he seems to have done...
Página 123 - Man, being reasonable, must get drunk ; The best of life is but intoxication : Glory, the grape, love, gold, in these are sunk The hopes of all men, and of every nation...
Página 163 - Oh, -woman! in our hours of ease Uncertain, coy, and hard to please; When pain and anguish wring the brow, A ministering angel thou.

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