Lives of the Princesses of England, from the Norman Conquest, Volumen 4

Longman, Brown, Green, Longman, & Roberts, 1857

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Página 171 - Leave off these wars, most noble king, Keep your fidelity. " The water runs swift and wondrous deep From bottom unto the brim ; My brother Henry hath men good enough, England is hard to win." "Away," quoth he, " with this silly fool ! In prison fast let her lye : For she is come of the English blood, And for these words she shall die.
Página 106 - As for this that I have written to your grace, it is very true, but I pray God I may find it well for my welfare hereafter. No more to your grace at this time, but our Lord have you in his keeping. Written with the hand of your humble daughter, — MARGARET...
Página 171 - KING JAMIE hath made a vow, Keep it well if he may ! That he will be at lovely London Upon Saint James his day. " Upon Saint James his day at noon, . At fair London will I be, And all the lords in merry Scotland, They shall dine there with me.
Página 75 - God wot full oft it grieved hath my mind, That ye should go where we might seldom meet, Now I am gone, and have left you behind, O mortal folk, but we be very blind, What we least fear full oft is most nigh, From you depart I first, for lo, now here I lie!
Página 110 - Whose mirthful sound was marvellous to hear, The mavis* sang — ' Hail, ROSE most rich and right, : That does up flourish under Phoebus' sphere ; Hail, plant of youth— hail, princess, daughter dear ; Hail, blossom breaking out of the blood royal, Whose precious Virtue is imperial...
Página 110 - As the fresh Rose, of colour red and white ; For, if thou does, hurt is thine honesty ; Considering that no flower is so perfite, So full of virtue, pleasance, and delight, So full of blissful angelic beauty, Imperial birth, honour, and dignity.
Página 170 - This is even as the mond ieft hand would cut off the right ! Should the letters of the Queen of France, (a woman twice married (the first half in adultery, the last almost incest) whom ye did never nor shall ever see) prove more powerful with you, than the cries of your little son, and mine, than the tears, complaints, curses of the orphans and widows which ye are to make ? If ye will go, suffer me to accompany you ; it may be my countrymen prove more kind towards me than they will to you ; and for...
Página 235 - ... while her bed is a-making ; and when her grace is removed, it would pity any man's heart to hear the shrieks and cries that her grace giveth...
Página 110 - Phoebus' sphere; Hail, plant of youth; hail, Princess, daughter dear; Hail, blossom breaking out of the blood royal, Whose precious virtue is imperial." The merle she sang, " Hail, ROSE of most delight, Hail, of all flowers queen and sovereign " : The lark she sang, " Hail, ROSE, both red and white, Most pleasant flower, of mighty colours twane " : The nightingale sang, " Hail, Nature's suffragane, In beauty, nurture, and every nobleness, In rich array, renown, and gentleness.

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