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Mr Henry Thomson will soon publish, and Misery are produced or prevented by Remarks on the Conduct of a Nursery ; in- our present system of prison discipline ; by tended to give information to young mo- Thomas Fowell Buxton, Esq. M. P. thers, and those likely to become such. Reports of Cases Tried in the Jury Court,

Mr A. T. Thomson has in the press, in an from the Institution of the Court in 1815, octavo volume, the London Dispensatory; to the sittings at Edinburgh ending in containing the Elements and Practice of March 1818. Materia Medica and Pharmacy, with a tran- Mr Brydson, Edinburgh, is preparing for slation of the London, Edinburgh, and immediate publication, in 4to, a new work Dublin Pharmacopoeias.

on Distinctions of Rank, as belonging to The Rev. Fred. Nolan is preparing a the Governments of Modern Europe, and Grammatical Analysis (on a plan altogether derived from the Political and Military Innew) of the French, Italian, Spanish, stitutions of the Feudal System. A part of Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Syriac Lan- this treatise, under the title of Heraldry, guages, with a Classed Vocabulary; to be was formerly laid before the public, and printed in a duodecimo volume.

met with a favourable reception. The preThe third edition of the late Dr Saunders' sent publication will include, 1. An historiTreatise on Diseases of the Eye, with a short cal deduction of the feudal system, in its account of his life by Dr Farre, will soon territorial structure, and distinctive military appear.

constitution termed Chivalry the former The fifth edition of the History of the consisting of fiefs, or feudal possessions in British West Indies, by Bryan Edwards, land, the latter of incorporeal fiefs, or feudal continued to the present time, in four octavo possessions in dignity, rank, and precedence. volumes, with a quarto one of maps and 2. A view of the government of the British plates, is expected early in next month. kingdoms, ir. reference to the general de

sign of this work. 3. Of distinctions of EDINBURGH.

rank as inseparable from the establishment

of society. 4. The specific degrees of genA most accurate Compendium of the Fa- tlemen and esquire, the dignity of knightculty Collection of Decisions, from its com- hood, and the pre-eminent dignity of the mencement in 1752 to the Session of 1817; peerage, belonging respectively to the poliby Mr Peter Halkerston, solicitor in the tical department of the feudal system, and Supreme Courts.

designated by titles and symbols of Chiru.. Martin's Voyage to St Kilda in 1697, ry, which symbols are here exemplified in a and Supplement to the Feuds and Conflicts series of vignette armorial engravings. of the Clans, from an original MS. in 1656. The Appeal, a tragedy ; as performed a

A new edition of Inquiry whether Crime the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh.




Conder on Protestant Nonconformity, 2 ANTIQUITIES.

vols Svo. 14s. The History and Antiquities of Gains- Reflections concerning the Expediency of borough, in the county of Lincoln ; together a Council of the Church of England and with a topographical account of Stow, prin- the Church of Rome being holden, with a cipally in illustration of its claim to be con- view to accommodate Religious Differences, sidered as the Roman Sidnacester ; by Wil- and to promote the Unity of Religion in the liam Hett, M.A. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. Bond of Peace; humbly but earnestly reBIOGRAPHY.

commended to the serious attention of the Memoirs of Count de las Casas, com. Prince Regent, the archbishops, the bishmunicated by himself, comprising a Letter ops, the clergy, and all lay-persons who are from Count de las Casas, at St Helena, to able and willing dispassionately to consider Lucien Buonaparte, giving a faithful ac- the important subject ; by Samuel Wix, count of the voyage of Napoleon to St He- A.M. F. R. and A.S. 3s. lena, his residence, 'manner of living, and The Protestant Church alone Faithful in treatment on that island ; also, a Letter ad- Reading the Word of God, proved, by a dressed by Count de las Casas to Lord Ba- contrast with the Church of Rome, in a Serthurst, 8vo. 8s. 6d.

mon by the Hon. and Rev. Edward John Memoirs of the public and private Life Turnour, A.M. 25. of John Howard, the philanthropist ; com- Discourses on several Subjects and Occapiled from his private diary and letters, the sions ; by the Rev. W. Hett, M. A. 2 vols journal of his confidential attendant, the 8vo. 18s. communications of his family and surviving On the Being and Attributes of God; by friends, and other authentic sources of in Wm Bruce, D.D. 8vo. 8s. formation; most of it entirely original ; by The Spirit of the Gospel; or the Four James Baldwin Brown, Esq. of the Inner Evangelists Elucidated, by explanatory obTemple, barrister at law, 4to:

servations, historical references, and miscel




laneous illustrations ; by the Rev. Stephen Should there be any consolidation of cusGilly, M. A. Rector of Fanbridge, Essex, toms in the next Session, the same will be 8vo. 10s.

published separately, at about 3s. 6d. More Work for Dr Hawker, in Reply to

MEDICINE. his Misrepresentations of the Gospel of Je- An Experimental Inquiry into the Laws sus Christ; by the Rev. Thomas Smith, of of the Vital Functions, with some observaSt John's College, Cambridge, and Master tions on the nature and treatment of interof Gordon House Academy, Kentish Town, nal diseases ; by A. P. Wilson Philip, Middlesex.

M. D. F.R.S. E. 8vo. 10s. 6d. The Scripture Testimony to the Messiah ; Medico-chirurgical Transactions, publishan Inquiry with a view to a satisfactory de- ed by the Medical and Chirurgical Society termination of the doctrine taught in the of London. Vol. 9, part 1, 8vo, 12s. Holy Scriptures concerning the Person of A Succinct Account of the Contagious Christ; including a careful examination of Fever of this Country, as exemplified in the the Rev. Thomas Belsham's Calm Inquiry, epidemic now prevailing in London, with and of the other principal Unitarian works the appropriate method of treatment, as on the same subject ; by John Pye Smith, practised in the House of Recovery. To D.D. Vol. 1, 8vo. 14s.

which are added, Observations on the Na.

ture and Properties of Contagion, tending to Lucretia ; a tragedy, in five acts. 2s. 6d. correct the popular notions on this subjeci,

and pointing out the means of prevention ; No X. of Annals of the Fine Arts. 5s. by Thomas Bateman, M.D.F.L.S. physi.

Picturesque Delineations of the Southern cian to the Public Dispensary, and consultCoast of England. Engraved by W. B. ing physician to the Fever Institution in Cooke and G. Cooke, from original draw. London, &c. &c. 8vo. 6s. 6d. ings by J. M. W. Turner, R.A. and other

MISCELLANEOUS. eminent artists : containing East and West Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, the Looe, Cornwall ; Ilfracomb, North Devon; 38th volume, which completes the debates and Tintagel Castle, Cornwall ; with vignettes of the last Session of Parliament. £1:11:6. of the Logan Rocks, Cornwall, and Cowes Memoirs relating to European and Asi. Castle, Isle of Wight. Royal 4to (Prints) atic Turkey, and other countries of the 9s. 6d. Imperial 4to (Proofs) 18s.

East ; edited from manuscript journals, by GEOGRAPHY.

Robert Walpole, M. A. second edition, 4to. Mappa Geohydrografico, Historico e Mer £3, 3s. cantel, contendo os Limites, Extançao, Pro- Self-cultivation Recommended ; or, Hints voaçao, Principaes Cidades, Medidas, Pe- to a Youth leaving School. Third edition, zos Moedas calculados para Portuguezas, foolscap 8vo. 5s. 6d. Cambios e Possessoes Ūultra-marinas na A Full and Correct Account of the Trial Asia, Africa e America, &c. ; by Major which took place at the last Dorchester asG. P. C. C. Geraldez. Five atlas sheets, sizes, before Mr Justice Park and a special beautifully printed. 2s.

jury, in the case of the King on the prose

cution of George Lowman Tuckett, Esq. v. A Digest of the Law of the Distribution James Bowditch and nine other defendants, of the Personal Estates of Intestates; by F. upon an indictment for conspiracy, assault, Mascall, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, 8vo. and false imprisonment: taken from the

The Practical Abridgement of the Laws short-hand notes of Mr Richardson. 3s. 6d. of Customs and Excise relative to the im- Advice to the Teens; or, Practical Helps port, export, and coasting trade of Great toward the Formation of One's Own ChaBritain and her dependencies ; including racter ; by Isaac Taylor of Ongar, foolscap tables of the duties, drawbacks, bounties, 8vo. 5s. and premiums. Interspersed with the treaties with foreign powers, regulations of trad

Memoirs of the Montagu Family ; a no. ing companies, proclamations, orders in vel, illustrative of the manners and society council, reports of adjudged cases, opinions of Ireland, 2 vols 12mo. 21s. of law officers, and official documents. To

ORNITHOLOGY. which are now added, the Russia and Le- The Natural History of the Birds of Pan vant dues; duties of scavage, package, and radise, Toucans, and Barbus, followed by baillage ; and pilotage and dock rates; to- that of the Promerops, Guepiers, and Cou. gether with the American navigation laws roucous ; by F. Levaillant. Thirty-three and tariff. The statutes brought down to livraisons, 3 vols folio. the end of 58. Geo. III. and the other parts

PHILOSOPHY. to September 1, 1818; by Charles Pope, Essays on the Proximate Mechanical controlling surveyor of the warehouses in Causes of the general Phenomena of the U. Bristol, and late of the customhouse, Lon, niverse ; by Sir R. Phillips, 12mo. 3s. Bd. don, 8vo. £1, 15s.

The First Part of the Philosophical TransThe other additions embrace an en- actions for 1818. £1, 10s. larged statement of all the regulations at

TOPOGRAPHY. present affecting our West India and Ame- The History of the County Palatine of rican possessions; the Liverpool dock laws; Chester ; by J. H. Hanshall, editor of the and a variety of miscellaneous matters. Chester Chronicle, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.






The Encyclopædia Edinensis, Part III. The Edinburgh Encyclopædia ; or, Dic. of Vol. II. '8s. tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous The Lonely Heath, and other Poems; Literature ; conducted by David Brewster, by William Knox. 68. LL.D. F.R.S. Lond. & Edin. &c. &c. hand. Practical Observations on the Extraction somely printed in quarto, and illustrated by of the Placenta ; by James Murdoch, M.D. a map of Italy, and 15 beautiful engravings Traveller's Guide through Scotland and from original drawings by Blore, Provis, P. its Islands ; containing the Shires of Edin. Nicholson, Farey, &c. Volume XIl. Part burgh, East Lothian, Berwick, Roxburgh, II. , Price One Guinea, boards.

Selkirk, Peebles, Linlithgow, Lanark, Dum*** A few Copies are splendidly printed fries, Kirkcudbright, Wigton, Ayr, and on the finest royal paper, with proof im. Renfrew, 2 vols 12mo, seventh edition. pressions of the plates, price £2, 12s. 6d. 15s. boards. each part, in boards.

A Letter to Sir Samuel Romilly, M. P. Historical Memoirs of Rob Roy, and the from Henry Brougham, Esq. M.P., on the Clan of Macgregor, including Original No- Abuse of Charitable Funds. 2s. 6d. tices of Lady Grange ; with an Introduc- Ministerial Qualification ; Sermon tory Sketch, illustrative of the Condition of preached at the Opening of a Pro Re Nata the Highlands prior to the year 1745; by Meeting of the Original Burgher Associate K. Macleay, M.D. 12mo. 188. boards. Synod, which met at Alloa on July 22d,

This very interesting volume con- 1818; by James Smith, A. M. Minister of tains the Account of Rob Roy which ap- the Gospel, Alloa, 8vo. Is. 6d. peared some months ago in this Magazine. A Statement of the Results of Practice in Dr Macleay has collected a great many ad- Continued Fever, as it prevailed in Auchditional Anecdotes of that extraordinary termuchty and Neighbourhood, in 1817; Personage, arranged them with judgment, with an Appendix, containing a few Practical and narrated them with spirit. A very cu- Remarks on Measles, Scarlantina, &c. ; by rious account is appended of Lady Grange, James Bonar, Surgeon. 3s. 6d. sewed. and her singular fate. It is on the whole a The Standard Measurer ; containing New most amusing work.

Tables for the Use of Builders, Wood Mer. Life of James Sharp, archbishop of St chants, Slaters, and all Persons concerned Andrews, with an Account of bis Death, by in Wood, Stones, &c. Also, a Ready Reckan Eye-witness.

oner, for the Value of Buildings; with ExDonald Monro's Description of the West- plations and Uses of the Tables, Observaern Isles in 1549, sewed, 12mo, 25.-8vo, tions on Measuring Timber, and Method 4s.

of Measuring Artificers' Work ; by Thomas The above forms Part I. Vol. II. of a Scotland, Ordained Land Surveyor and Series of Rare Scottish Tracts.

Measurer, 8vo. 78. 6d. boards.

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1. CIVIL. His Grace the Duke of Gordon, Robert Viscount Melville, the Right Hon. Archibald Colquhoun, Lord Register; the Right Hon. Alexander Maconochie, Lord Advocate ; and the Right Hon. David Boyle, Lo stice Clerk-are appointed Commissioners for keeping the Crown and Regalia of Scotland, by a warrant issued under the sign manual, and commission expede under the Great Seal of Scotland.

The Commissioners have appointed Capt. Adam Fergusson to be Deputy-keeper.

Donald MʻIntosh, Esq. is appointed his Majesty's Consul for the State of New Hampshire.

IJI. MILITARY. 2 L. Gd. Major Hon. H. E. Irby to be Major and Lieut.-Col.

23d June 1818 2 D. G. Lieut. A. Bolton, from h. p. 23 Dr. to be Lieut. vice Goate, dead

6th August 5 Lieut. W. Hodgson, from 22 Dr. to be

Lieut. vice Higginbotham, ex. 230 July 6 Lieut. J. W. Dunn, from h. P. 40 F. to be Lieut. vice Walker, ex. rec. diff.

30th do. 7L. Dr. Lieut. I. Seymour, from 25 Dr. to be Lt. vice Custance, ex.

16th do. 9 Assist. Surg. E. Burton, from 12 F. to be

Assist. Surg. vice Knox, h. p. 23d do. 11 Lt. T. B. Wall, from h. p. 23 Dr. to be Lt.

vice Sicker, ex. rec. diff. 30th do. Lt. J. Lynam, from 33 F. to be Lieut. vice Stopford, ex.


13th Aug. 20 Lt. W. H. Smith, from h. p. 103 F. to be

Lt. vice Scott, ex. rec. diff. 30th July 22

Lt. H. Higginbotham, from 5 Dr. Gds. to be Lieut.

vice Hodgson, ex. 23d do. 25 Lt. N. Custance, from 7 L. Dr. to be Lt. vice Seymour, ex.

16th do. Gr. Gds. Lord John Bentinck to be Ens. & Lt. by

purch. vice Swann, 98 F.

Lt. G. Mathias, from h. p. to be Lt. vice
Vallancey, ex. rec. diff.

23d do. J. M'Gregor to be Ens. vice Mainwaring, prom.

30th do. 3 Lt. J. S. Hughes, from h. p. to be Lt. vice Moore, ex. rec. diff.

23d do.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. The Right Honoural le Lord Napier has presented Mr John Bennet, preacher of the Gospel, to the church and parish of Ettrick, vacant by the death of the late Rev. Charles Paton.

The Magistrate and Town Council of Dumbarton have presented Mr William Jaffray, preacher of the Gospel at Stirling, to the church and parish of Dumbarton, vacant by the death of the Rev. James Oliphant.

The Right Honourable Lord Douglas of Douglas has presented the Rev. Archibald M°C nechy, Glasgow, to the united parish and church of 'Buncle and Preston, vacant by the death of the Rev. John Campbell.


29th April

23 July

6th Aug.


15th Aug.


6th Aug.

9 F. Capt. H. Hill, from h. p. 14 F. to be Capt. Med. Dep. Dep. Ins. of Local Rank A. West, Dep. vice Hackett, ex. rec. diff.

6th Aug.

Ins. by Brevet
Ens. G. G. Watkins to be Lieut. vice Har.

Dr J. vackenzie, from h. p. to be Phys. rison, cash.

to the forces, vice Bancroft, ex. Ens. F. P. Clarkson, from h. p. 32 F. to

13th Aug. be Ens. vice Watkins


Staff Surg. E. Doughty, from h. p. to 12 Ass. Surg. J. Ligertwood, from h. p. to be

be Surg. to the Forces

do. Ass. Surg. vice Burton, 9 Dr. do.

Hosp. Nate R. Melin to be Ass. Surg. 13 Tho. Jervis to be Ens. by purch. vice El

to the Forces derton, ret.

30th do.

Disp. of Med. P. J. Macdonald to be 20 G. Eyre to be Ens. by purch. vice Camp

Apothecary to the Forces, vice Lyons, beil, 1 Life Gds.


do. 23 Ens. G. F. Morden, from h. p. 14 F. to be

J.Perkins to be Hosp. Mate to the Forces 2d Lieut. vice Poe, ex. rec. dift. do.

30th July 24 Lt. T. F. Smith to be Adj. vice Brook

Ass. Surg. J. Campbell, M.D. from h.p. sbank, rec. Adj. only

23d do.

7 W.I.R. to be Supernum. Ass. Surg. 26 Capt. A. C. Drawater, from h. p. 62 F. to

in India, vice Ligertwood, cancelled be Capt. vice Addison, ex. rec. diff. do.

23d do. 27 Bt. Lt.-Col. J. Hare to be Major by purch. R. Art. Gent. Cadet R. C. Smyth to be 2d Lt. vice vice Sparrow, ret.

30th do.
Watkins, prom.

8th do. Lieut. R. Handcock to be Capt. by purch.

S. A. Severne to be 2d Lieut. vice Cotton, prom..

do. Ens. W. B. Buchannan to be Lt. by purch.

J. Hollingworth to be 2d Lt. vice Jago, prom.

do. 32 Bt. Major G. Elliot, from h. p. 60 F. to be

C. W. Wingfield to be 2d Lt. Capt. vice Wallet, ex. rec. diff. 230 July

vice Palmer, prom.

do, 33 Lt. T. Stopford, from 13 Dr. to be Lieut.

A. Tulloch to be 2d Lt, vice vice Lynam, ex.

13th Aug.
Griffin, prom.

do. 40 Lt. G. Hibbert, from h. p. 41 F. to be Lt.

J. S. Farrell to be 2d Lt. vice vice Lt. Gorman, ex.

16th July
Lethbridge, prom.

do. H. Master to be Ens, by purch. vice Cor

S. W. May to be 2d Lt. vice bet, ret.

30th do.
Ryves, res.

do. 45 Capt. R. Houghton, from i. p. 3 F. to be

G. P. Horwood to be 2d Lt. Capt. vice Stewart, ex. rec. diff. 23d do.

vice Somerville, prom.

do. 52 Maj. Sir J. M. Tylden, from h. p. 3 F. to

be Maj. vice Mein, ex. rec. diff. 16th do.
Lt. J. Montagu, from h. p. to be Lt. vice Major Mein, from 52 F. rec. diff. with Major Sir
Cleghorn, ex. rec. diff.

23d do.

J. M. Tylden, h. p. 3 F. 53 Paym. R. Monk, from h. p. Brunsw. Hus. Capt. Addison, from 26 F. rec. diff. with Captain to be Paym. vice Sherwood, ex.

Drawwater, h. p. 62 F. 58 Ens. F. J. Ranie to be Lieut. vice Rolfe,

Wallet, from 32 F. rec. diff. with Bt. Major dead

Elliott, h. p. 60 F
H. Browne to be Ensign


Stewart, from 45 F. rec. diff. with Captain 60 Quar. Mast. Howsman superseded, being

Houghton, h. p. 3 F. absent without leave

Hackett, from 9 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hill, 64 Ens. A. J. M.Pherson, from 2 W. I. R. to

h. p. 14 F. be Ens. vice Moriarty, ex.

16th July

Lieut. Walker, from 6 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lieut. 67 Ass. Surg. M. W. Kenny to be Surg. vice

Dunn, h. p. 40 F.
Crake, dead

23d do.

Sicker, from 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. 73 Ens. J. Atkinson to be Lt. vice M'Connell,

Wall, h. p. 23 Dr. dead

24th Jan.

Stopford, from 13 Dr. with Lieut. Lynam,

33 F.
20 Lt. C. M. Mauger, from h. p. 3 Ceylon
Regt. to be Ens.


Scott, from 20 Dr. rec. diff. with Lt. Smith, 76 Ens. H. Wood to be Lieut. by purch. vice

h. p. 103 F. Daniell, 99 F.

13th Aug.

Hodgson, 22 Dr. with Lieut. Higginbotham,

5 Dr. Gds.
Ensign C. Tinling, from h. p. 14 F. to be
Ens. vice M‘Donald, ex.

230 July

Seymour, 25 Dr. with Lt. Custance, 7 Dr. Geo. Stephens to be Qua. Mast. vice Bam

Vallancey, from 1 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Ma. borough, res.

13th Aug.

thias, h. p. 80 E. Nixon to be Ass. Surg. vice Nicholls,

Moore, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Hughes, prom.

6th do.

h. p. 31 Surg. W. Cogan, from 97 F. to be Surg.

Gorman, from 40 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. vice Schooles, dead

30th July

Hibbert, h. p. 41 F.
Lt. G. O. Field to be Capt. vice Walmes-

Cleghorn, from 52 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. ley, dead


23d do.

Montagu, h. p.
Ens. R. Elliot to be Lieut.


Keen, from 97 F. with Lieut. Bradish, h. p. Lord W. F. Montagu to be Ens.

Potts, from R. Y. Ran. with Lt. O'Grady, 87 Ens. J. Cates, from 60 F. to be Ens. vice

h. p. 87 F. Baylee, prom.

30th do.

2d Lieut. Poe, from 23 F. rec. dift with Ens. Mor. 90 Corn. S. W Popham, from h. p. 13 Dr. to

den, h. p. 14 F. be Ens. vice Bayley, ex. rec. diff. do, Ens. Moriarty, 64 F.with Ens. M'Pherson, 2 W.I.R. 97 Lt. R. Bradish, from h. p. to be Lieut. vice

M'Donald, from 76 F. with Ens. Tinling, h.p. Keen, ex.


14 F. Surg. H. Cowen, from h. p. 73 F. to be Bayley, from 90 F. rec. diff. with Cornet PopSurg. vice Cogan, 81 F.

do. ham, h. p. 13 Dr. 98 Lt. F. D. Swann, from Gren. Gds. to be Paym. Sherwood, from 53 F. with Paym. Monk, Capt. by purch. vice Lidwell, ret.

h. p. Brunsw. Hus. 16th do.

Resignations and Retirements. 99 Lt. C. Daniell, from 76 F. to be Capt. by purch. vice Burke, ret.

23d do.

Major Sparrow, 27th F.

Capt. Lídwell, 98 F. 2 W. I. R. Ens. W. L. P. Moriarty, from 64 F. to

Burke, 99 F. be Ens. vice M‘Pherson, ex. 16th do.

Ensign Elderton, 13 F. R.Af.Cor. Lieut. W. Gray to be Capt. vice Leman,

Corbit, 40 F. dead

30th do.

Quart. Master Bamborough, 76 F.
Ens. J. P. Sparks to be Lt.

J. Chisholm to be Ens.


Appointments Cancelled. R.Y.Ran. Lt. S. O'Grady, from h. p. 87 F. to be Supernum. Ass. Surg. in India, Ligertwood Lt. vice Platt, ex.

i3th Aug.

Dep. Ass. Commis. Gen. Bowman, having declined Staff. Col. J. Macdonald, h. p. 1 Gar. Bn. to

to proceed upon Foreign Service.
be Dep. Adj. Gen. vice Major Gen.

Darling, appointed to Staff of Mauri.

14th do.
Quart.-Mast.'Howsman, 60 F. being absent without

Com.Dep. D. Bowman, appointment as Dep. Ass.
Com. Gen, cancelled, having declined

Cashiered. to proceed on Foreign Service.

Licut. Harrison, 9 F.


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Burhamputa River, at a breadth of two in which the cow-tree yields the greatest miles, that the channel seemed full ; nor was quantity of milk. When this fluid is exthe end of the line perceptible, although posed to the air, perhaps, in consequence of they had been some time passing. A the absorption of the oxygen of the atinosboat, going down the river, was obliged to phere, its surface becomes covered with put about, as it was impossible to get by membranes of a substance that appears to them ; and it was a considerable time be- be of a decided animal nature, yellowish, fore the line had left the jungles of the thready, and of a cheesy consistence. These eastern side, whilst the jungles on the west- membranes, when separated from the more ern side prevented their course being traced aqueous part of the fluid, are almost as by the eye.

elastic as caoutchouc; but at the same time The people of the country say, that the they are as much disposed to become putrid rhinoceros is much an overmatch for the as gelatine. The natives give the name of elephant, as the former being very nimble, cheese to the coagulum, which is separated gets round the elephant, makes his attack by the contact of the air ; in the course of in the same manner as the wild boar, and five or six days it becomes sour. The milk, rips up the belly of his antagonist.

kept for some time in a corked phial, had Gas Lights. --By the list of the Local deposited a little coagulum, and still exhalActs, it appears, that legal powers were ob- ed its balsamic odour. If the recent juice tained, in the last session Parliament, to be mixed with cold water, the coagulum is light with gas

formed in small quantity only; but the seBath, Liverpool,

paration of the viscid membranes occurs Leeds, Edinburgh,

when it is placed in contact with nitric acid. Nottingham, Worcester,

This remarkable tree seems to be peculiar Oxford,

Kidderminster, to the Cordilliere du Littoral, especially Sheffield,

Brighthelmstone. from Barbula to the lake of Maracaybo. ten of the most considerable and most in- There are likewise some traces of it near the telligent cities and towns in the empire. village of San Mateo ; and, according to

Gas Light Apparatus. Mr Mair, of the account of M. Bredmeyer, in the valley Kelso, has, by a simple process, construct- of Caucagua, three days journey to the east ed an apparatus which produces gas suf- of the Caraccas. This naturalist has like. ficient to supply ten different burners, the wise described the vegetable milk of the cow. fame of each far surpassing that of the tree as possessing an agreeable flavour and largest candle, and which completely il- an aromatic odour; the natives of Caucagua luminate his shop, work-shop, and dwel- call it the milk-tree. ling-house, with the most pure pellucid

New Researches on Heat.-MM. Dulong brightness, the cost of which is only about and Petit have lately given to the world a three. pence per night.. Wax cloth bags Memoir on Heat, which gained the prize, have been invented, which, when inflated. medal for 1818, of the Academy of Sciences. with gas, are removed at pleasure from place The title of the paper is, “ On the Measure to place, and when ignited, they answer all of Temperatures, and on the Laws of the the purposes of candles. By this process, Communication of Heat." it would seem that any person, with bags as Law 1. If the cooling of a body placed above prepared, may be furnished with gas in a vacuum terminated by a medium abfrom the coal-pits, and apply the gas so solutely deprived of heat, or of the power of procured to whatever number of tubes for radiating, could be observed, the velocity of lights he has occasion for.

cooling would decrease in a geometrical proCow Tree.-M. Humboldt and his com- gression, whilst the temperature diminished, panions, in the course of their travels, heard in an arithmetical progression. an account of a tree which grows in the 2. For the same temperature of the bounvalleys of Aragua, the juice of which is a dary of the vacuum in which a body isnourishing milk, and which, from that cir- placed, the velocity of cooling for the excess cumstance, has received the name of the of temperature, in arithmetical progression, cow-tree. The tree in its general aspect re- will decrease, as the terms of geometrical sembles the chrysophyllum cainito; its leavės progression diminished by a constant numare oblong, pointed, leathery, and alternate, ber. The ratio of this geometrical progresmarked with lateral veins, projecting down. sion is the same for all bodies, and equal to wards; they are parallel, and are ten inches 1.0077. long. When incisions are made into the 3. The velocity of cooling in a vacuum trunk, it discharges abundantly, a glutia for the same excess of temperature increases nous milk, moderately thick, without any in a geometrical progression, the temperaacridness, and exhaling an agreeable balsa- ture of the surrounding body increasing in mic odour. The travellers drank consider- an arithmetical progression. The ratio of able quantities of it without experiencing the progression is also 1.0077 for all bodies. any injurious effects ; its viscidity only ren. 4. The velocity of cooling due to the condering it rather unpleasant. The superin. tact of a gas is entirely independent of the tendent of the plantation assured them that nature of the surface of bodies. the negroes acquire flesh during the season 5. The velocity of cooling due to the con

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