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printed, and prefixed to the work. The

EDUCATION. work, when completed, will form three ele- A Grammar of the Elements of Astronogant volumes of convenient size; and the my, by means of which that sublime Science price of such complete sets (if any) as may may be taught in public schools as part of not be subscribed for on the publication of a course of liberal education ; by Thomas the sixth part, must be much advanced, on Squire, royal 18mo. 76. 6d. account of the limited number to which the A new edition of Mr Lenon's English edition is necessarily confined.

Spelling, enlarged and much improved, Reflections concerning the Expediency of 8vo. 5$. 6d. a Council of the Church of England and the Church of Rome being holden, with a view A brief Description of Nova Scotia, into accommodate Religious Differences and to cluding a particular Account of the Island promote the Unity of Religion in the Bond of Grand Monan : by Anthony Lockwood, of Peace ; by Samuel Wix, A.M.F.R. and assistant surveyor general of Nova Scotia A.S. Vicar of St Bartholomew the Less, and Cape Breton, 4to. London, 8vo.

GEOLOGY. Religio Christiani, a Churchman's An- A Selection of Facts from the best Auswer to Religio Clerici. 2s.

thorities, arranged so as to form an outline The Validity of the English Ordination of the Geology of England and Wales ; by established, in answer to the Rev. P. Gan- Wm Phillips. 8s. dolphy ; by the Rev. Thomas Erlington, D.D. provost of Trinity College, Dublin, The History of England, from its earliest Svo. 7s.

records to the death of Elizabeth, in a series Sermons, on the Nature, Offices, and of Essays, accompanied with Reflections, Character, of Jesus Christ; by the Rev. T. References to original Authorities, and HisBowdler, A.M. 14s.

torical Questions; by Thomas Morell, in The Season and Time, or an Exposition 8vo, 12.-12mo, 5s. 60.Vol. II. will of the Prophecies which relate to the two speedily be published, which will complete periods of Daniel, şubsequent to the 1260

the series. years now recently expired; by W. Ettrick, New editions of the Histories of Rome A. M. 8vo. 15s.

and Greece are just published. Vol. III. of Sermons ; by the Rev. J. A Universal History, in twenty-four Venn, rector of Clapham, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Books ; translated from the German of John

Facts authentic in Science and Religion; Von Muiler, 3 vols 8vo. £1, 16s. designed to illustrate a new translation of A General History of Malvern ; intended the Bible ; by the Rev. W. Cowherd, late to comprise all the advantages of a Guide, minister of Clirist-church, Salford. 10s. with the more important details of Chemi

Indian Church History, or an Account cal, Mineralogical, and Statistical Informaof the first Planting of the Gospel in Syria, tion; by John Chambers, Esq. crown 8vo, Mesopotamia, and India ; with an accurate 9s.-demy 8vo, with plates, 15s. relation of the first Christian Missions in China ; by Thomas Yeates, 8vo. 6s. Considerations on the Origin, Progress,

Observations on the Bible Society; shew- and present State of the English Bankrupt ing that the present method of distributing Laws, with references to their existing DeBibles among the lower orders of people fects. 10s. 6d. tends rather to check than encourage the MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c. doctrine of Christ. Is. 6d.

An Introductory Lecture, as delivered at A Dissertation on the Prophecies that the Royal Dispensary for the Diseases of have been fulfilled, and are now fulfilling, the Ear, to a Course on the Anatomy, or will hereafter be fulfilled, relative to the Physiology, and Diseases of that Organ ; great Period of 1260 years ; the Papal and by J. H. Curtis, Esq. 8vo. Mahommedan Apostacies, the Tyrannical Surgical Observations; being a Quarterly Reign of Antichrist, or the Infidel Power; Report of Cases in Surgery ; by Charles and the Restoration of the Jews; by the Bell, surgeon of the Middlesex Hospital ; Rev. G. S. Faber, B. D. Rector of Long Vol. II. Part I. 8vo. 6s. Newton, Durham. Vol. 3d, 8vo. 12s. An Essay on the Symptoms, Causes, and

The fifth edition of the two former Treatment of Inversio Úteri ; with a hisvolumes of this Work, £1, 4s.

tory of the successful extirpation of that or

gan during the chronic stage of the disease ; A View of the English Stage ; contain- by W. Newnham, surgeon, Farnham, 8vo. ing a series of dramatic criticisms; by W. 5s. Hazlitt, 8vo. 12s.

Practical Observations on the Treatment Edward the Second, by C. Marlowe; of the Diseases of the Prostrate Gland ; iland Doctor Faustus, by Č. Marlowe, ls. lustrated with plates ; by Sir E. Home. each : forming Numbers II. and III. of Vol. II. 8vo. 14s. Broughton's edition of the Ancient British


A Short Account of the Pindarees ; preThe Black Revenge, or Innocence Re- ceded by Historical Notices of the different warded; a tragedy ; by Lieut. J. Bram- Mahratta States ; by an Officer in the ser. well, R. N. 38.

vice of the East India Company, 8vo. 7s. 6d. Vol. III.

2 X



The Quarterly Review ; No XXXVI. The Principles of Population and Pro8vo. 6s.

duction investigated ; and the Questions The Hundred Wonders of the World, Does Population regulate Subsistence, or including Wonders of Nature, and Won- Subsistence Population ?-Has the latter, ders of Art ; compiled from the transactions in its increase, a Tendency to augment or and records of learned societies, and from diminish the average Quantum of Employthe works of the latest travellers, natural- ment and Wealth ? and-Should Governists, and topographers ; adapted in every ment encourage or check early Marriage ? part to gratify the curiosity of all descrip- discussed ; by George Purves, LL. D. 8vo. tions of readers, old and young, learned and 10s. 6d. unlearned; by the Rev. C. C. Clarke; il- A Catalogue of Books and Tracts printed lustrated with nearly 100 engravings. 9s. at the private Press of George Allan, Esq.

Petition et Memoire addressées à la F. S. A. Only seventy-six copies printed. Chambre des Paris de France ; par Charles royal 8vo. 5s. Lord Kinnaird. 2s.

Reciprocal Duties of Parents and ChilA Letter to the Hon. Douglas Kinnaird dren ; by Mrs Taylor of Ongar. Foolscap on Mr Cooke's Papers respecting Mr Sher- 8vo. 5s. son's Case and Trial at Madras; by W. H. Adversaria ; or, Selections and Reflections Inglis. Is. 6d.

on Civil, Palitical, Moral, and Religious Stereoplia, or the Practical Defence of Subjects ; intended to instil into the Minds the Horse's Foot considered; by Bracy of Youth, who have had a liberal educaClark, F.L.S. with plates. 10s. 6d. tion, a correct Knowledge of Men and

A System of Book-keeping, adapted sole. Things; by George Harrison. 8vo. 8s. ly for the use of Saving.banks, with tables ; Twelve Hundred Questions on Adams's to which is now added a Supplement; by History of Great Britain ; by A. Jamieson. G. Booth. 5s.

1s. A Biographical Narrative and Satirical Twelve Hundred Questions on Adams's Work, called Prodigious, or Childe Paddie Roman History; by A. Jamieson. ls. in London, 3 vols. £1, 4s.

Twelve Hundred Questions on Adams's Gravity and Levity, in Prose and Verse. Elements of Useful Knowledge; by A. 7s.

Jamieson. ls. Practical Chess Exercises ; intended as a A Key to the above Questions will shortsequel to the Practical Chess Grammar; ly be published. containing various openings, games, and si- More Thoughts Still on the State of the tuations ; by W. S. Kenny, 12mo. 75. West India Colonies and the Proceedings

Various new Systems and Documents, of the African Institution, with Observations for the better duration and evident Preser- on the Speech of James Stephen, Esq. at the vation of all Ships, their crews and cargoes, Annual Meeting of that Society, held on &c. &c. in the most awful moments of im. the 26th of March 1817; by Joseph Marpending danger, unattended with expense ryat, Esq. M.P. 8vo. to the nation or the individual : by which thousands of ships, and millions of lives, No I. of the Seraph : a collection of Sawill eventually be preserved, the means be- cred Music, suitable to public or private deing always at hand, and in their own power; votion ; by John Whitaker. 5s. by Abraham Bosquett, royal 8vo. 1ās. 6d.

Human Life with Variations, or the Constancy and Leopold ; by Madame Chapter of Accidents ; by Caroline Her. Yossy, authoress of Switzerland, 4 vols bert, 12mo. 4s. 6d.

12mo. £1, 4s. Double Entry by Single, a New Method Genevieve, or the Orphan's Visit ; by of Book-keeping ; applicable to all kinds of Mrs Strutt, 3 vols 12mo. 16s. 6. Business, and exemplified in five Sets of Lionel ; or, the Last of the Pevenseys : Books; by F.W.Cronhelm, 4to. £1,11s.6d. a Novel. 3 vols 12mo. £1, 1s.

A Treatise on Rivers and Torrents; with Sophia ; or, the Dangerous Indiscretion : the Method of regulating their Course and a Tale, founded on Facts. 3 vols 12mo. Channels ; dedicated, by permission, to the 16s. 6d. Right Hon. Warren Hastings; by Paul

POETRY Frisi, a Barnabite, Professor Royal of Ma- The Hours, in four Idyls; by Henry thematics at Milan, Fellow of the Royal Hudson, Esq. 7s. Society of London, Member of the Insti- The Royal Minstrel ; or the Witcheries tute of Bologna, of the Imperial Academy of Endor, an Epic Poem, in eleven Books ; of Sciences at Petersburg, of the Royal by J. F. Pennie. 7s. Academies of Berlin and of Stockholm, &c. A Few Leaves from my Field Book ; and Correspondent of the Royal Academy containing some pictures in miniature ; by of Sciences at Paris. To which is added, Wm Woolcot, late royal military surveyor, an Essay on Navigable Canals ; by the &c. 8vo. 56.

Translated by Major-General John Lines on the Death of her Royal HighGarstin, acting Chief Engineer on the Ben- ness the Princess Charlotte ; by the Rev. gal Establishment. 4to. £1,11s. 6d. George Croly, A.M. Author of 6 Paris in



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Dr Rees' Cyclopædia ; Part LXXV. 1815," a Poem. 8vo. 38.. 6d.


Antonia, a poem; with Notes descriptive lian, and Heraclius, engraved by Arrowof the plague in Malta ; by Murdo Young. smith. 8vo. 18s. 7s.

Letters of a Prussian Traveller (interThe Friends; a Poem, in four books ; spersed with numerous personal Anecdotes), by the Rev. Francis Hodgson, A.M. Vicar descriptive of a Tour through Sweden, Prusof Bakewell, Derbyshire ; Translator of Ju- sia, Austria, Hungary, Istria, the Ionian venal, and of Twelve Books of Charle- Islands, Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, Rhodes, the magne; and Author of Lady Jane Grey. Morea, Greece, Calabria, Italy, Tyrol, the foolscap 8vo. 7s.

banks of the Rhine, Hanover, Holstein, Translations from Camoens, and other Denmark, Westphalia, and Holland ; by Poets ; with Original Poetry; by the Au- John Bramsen, Esq. thor of “ Modern Greece," and the “ Res. Voyage of the national ship Rosamond toration of the Works of Art to Italy.” 8vo. to Newfoundland, and the Southern Coast 4s.

of Labrador; by Lieut. Edward Chapell, POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. R. N. 8vo. 12s.

Examination of the Internal State of Narrative of a Residence in Algiers ; Spain ; with a brief Sketch of her History comprising a geographical and historical to the late Invasion by the French ; by Account of the Regency, biographical Christopher Clarke, captain, royal artillery. Sketches of the Dey and his Ministers, &c.; TOPOGRAPHY.

by Signor Pananti : with Notes and IllusA New History and Description of York; trations, by E. Blaquiere, Esq. R.N. £2, 2s. by Wm Hargrove, 3 vols roy. 8vo. £1, 16s. Journal of a Visit to South Africa in

Historical and Topographical Account of 1815 and 1816, with some Account of the Derbyshire; by the Rev. Daniel Lysons Missionary Establishments of the United and Samuel Lysons, Esq. 4to. £3, 10s.- Brethren near the Cape of Good Hope ; by royal paper, £6, 6s.

the Rev. C. I. Latrobe, 4to. Topographical and Panoramic Survey of the Campagna di Roma, with references to Geology, History, and Antiquities ; by Dr

EDINBURGH. F. C. L. Sickler, 8vo. £1, 1s.

The Stranger's Guide to the City of New No I. of a Series of Twelve Portraits of York; by E. M. Blunt. 4s.

Distinguished Living Characters of ScotA New Picture of Rome, or an Interest- land ; containing heads of Walter Scott, ing Itinerary ; by Marien Vasi. 12s. Esq. Francis Jeffrey, Esq. and Henry RaeVOYAGES AND TRAVELS.

burn, Esq. ; drawn and etched by WilA Picturesque Tour of Italy, in Illustra- liam Nicholson ; accompanied with short tion of, and with References to, the Text of Biographical Notices. Size of the plates Addison, Eustace, and Forsyth ; From 11 inches by 9. Price of each Number Drawings taken on the Spot, during the £1, lls. 6d. for proofs on India paper ; years 1816 and 1817; by James Hakewill, and £1, ls. for plain impressions. architect. Engraved by G. Cooke, J. Pye, A Summary View of the Statistics and Landseer, Middiman, Fittler, Scott, Milton, Existing Commerce of the principal Shores &c. To be completed in Twelve Parts, of the Pacific Ocean ; with a Sketch of the each containing three highly-finished en advantages, political and commercial, which gravings of Views, 'and two in outline (hy would result from the establishment of a Moses) of the Interior of the Museums of central free port within its limits; and also the Vatican and Capitol of Rome, and Mu- of one in the Southern Atlantic, viz. within seum of Florence, and the Studii of Naples; the territory of the Cape of Good Hope, 4to. Small paper 12s. 6d. large paper 18s. conferring on this latter, in particular, the proofs on India paper 30s.

same privilege of direct trade with India Observations on Greenland, the adjacent and the Northern Atlantic, bestowed lately Seas, and the North-west Passage to the on Malta and Gibraltar; by Capt. M.KonPacific Ocean, made in a Voyage to Davis's ochie, royal navy, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Straits during the summer of 1817; by The Principles of Christian Evidence ilBernard O'Reilly, Esq. with chart and lustrated by an examination of arguments plates, 4to. £2, 10s.

subversive of Natural Theology and the Greenland : being Extracts from a Jour internal evidence of Christianity, advanced nal kept in that Country in the years 1770 by Dr T. Chalmers in his “ Evidence and to 1773; by Hans Egede Saabye : with an Authority of the Christian Revelation;" by Introduction, containing an Account of the Duncan Mearns, D, D. Professor of Theomanners of the Greenlanders, &c. &c. tran- logy in King's College and University, Aslated from the German, 8vo. 10s. 6d. berdeen, 12mo. 5s.

A Journey through Asia Minor, Arme- An Account of the Life, Writings, and nia, and Koordistan, in the years 1813 and Character of the late Dr Alexander Monro, 1814; with Remarks on the Marches of Secundus, delivered at the Harveian OraAlexander, and the Retreat of the Ten tion, at Edinburghi, for the year 1818, by Thousand; by John Macdonald Kenneir, Andrew Duncan, sen. M.D. Price 2s. 6d. Esq. With an original Map, illustrative of Outlines of Philosophical Education ; ilthe Marches of Alexander, Xenophon, Ju- lustrated by the method of Teaching the

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Logic, or First Class of Philosophy, in the illustrated by an engraved plan, with referUniversity of Edinburgh ; by George Jar. ences to the arrangement of the garden. dine, A. M. F. R. S. E. Professor of Logic This work is published under the authority and Rhetoric in that University, 8vo. 12s. of the directors. It notices a few of the

Annals of Scottish Episcopacy, from the plants already obtained, generally such as year 1788 to the year 1816 inclusive, being are remarkable either for variety, beauty, the period during which the late Right Re- singularity of structure, or usefulness in verend John Skinner of Aberdeen held the medicine, the arts, or in commerce. To Office of Senior Bishop and Primus ; of make it as comprehensive as possible, the whom a Biographical Memoir is prefixed; general regulations of the garden, an abby the Reverend John Skinner, A.M. For- stract of the agreement between the propriefar, 8vo. 12s.

tors and the Faculty of the College of GlasSermons on Various Subjects ; by the gow, with a list of the present office-bearers, Rev. James Stark, Loanhead, Denny. 8vo. is subjoined. Such a publication, it is pre10s. 6d.

sumed, will not be unacceptable to the geThe Diffusion of Christianity dependent nerality of the proprietors and their famion the Exertions of Christians, a Sermon, lies, and it is hoped that they will endeavpreached in Lady Glenorchy's Chapel, be- our to promote its sale. It is proposed to fore the Edinburgh Missionary Society, on devote whatever profits may accrue from its April 2, 1818 ; by Henry Grey, A. M. sale towards the establishment of a library, minister of the Chapel of Ease, St Cuth- to be kept in the lecture-room for the use bert's. To which is added the Report of of the proprietors. 3s. 6d. the Directors, 8vo. Is. 6d.

A Treatise on the Law of Scotland, reDecisions the First and Second Divi- lative to the erection, union, and disjunction sions of the Court of Session, from Novem- of parishes; the patronages of ecclesiastical ber 1816 to November 1817; collected by benefices; and the manses and glebes of J. Wilson, G. Tait, R. Rollo, and M. A. the parochial clergy: by John Connell, Esq. Fletcher, Esqrs. advocates, by appointment advocate, procurator for the Church of Scotof the Faculty of Advocates. 18s.

land, and author of " A Treatise on the Practical Observations on the Action of Law of Scotland respecting Tythes," Svo. Morbid Sympathies, as included in the Pa. 16s. thology of certain Diseases ; in a Series of The Picture of Glasgow, from the earliest Letters to his Son, on his leaving the Uni- period to the present time; to which is addversity of Edinburgh, in the year 1809; ed, a Sketch of a Tour to Loch Lomond, by Andrew Wilson, M.D. Kelso, 8vo. 9s. the Trosachs, Perth, Inverary, the Falls of

The Angler's Vade-Mecum ; containing Clyde, &c. &c. third edition, considerably & Descriptive Account of the Water Flies, enlarged ; embellisiied with the following their seasons, and the kind of weather that engravings the Catholic Chapel, Carlton impels them on the water. The whole re- Place, the Lunatic Asylum, a map of the presented in 12 coloured plates. To which city, and a chart of the river Clyde from is added, a Description of the different Baits Glasgow to Ayr; dedicated to James Ewing, used in Angling, and where found ; by W. Esq. Chairman of the Chamber of ComCarrol, post 8vo. 9s.

merce and Manufactures of this city, 8vo. An Etymological Dictionary of the Scot- 76. tish Language ; in which the Words are A Guide to Botany, or a familiar illusdeduced from their Originals, explained in tration of the Linnæan Classification of their different Senses, and authorised by Plants, with coloured engravings; by Jas. the Names of the Writers in whose Works Millar, M. D. 12mo. they occur ; abridged from the 4to. edition, Public Records of Scotland. The Right by the Author, John Jamieson, D.D. Fel- Honourable his Majesty's Commissioners low of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, of on the Public Records of the kingdom, the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland, have been pleased to authorise the sale of and of the American Antiquarian Society, the following works, prepared and published 8vo. 14s.

under their direction : The Problem Solved; in the Explication I. The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotof a Plan for a safe, steady, and secure land. Government Paper Currency and Legal Vol. II.-A. D. 1424_A. D. 1567. Tender ; by Samuel Read, 8vo. 1s.

Vol. III.-A. D. 1567-A. D. 1592. Constitution of the Royal Burghs of Scot- Vol. IV.-A. D. 1592-A. D. 1625. land, from their Charters, as exhibited in Vol. V.-A. D. 1625-A. D. 1641. the Report of the Committee of the House Price of the four vols (half-bd), £9:19:6. of Commons, in 1793; to which is added, II. Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scoa Translation of the Election Clauses, &c. 5s. torum in publicis Archivis asservatum :

History of the Feuds and Conflicts of the A. D. 1306_A. D. 1424.-Price (half-bd) Clans, and a Narrative of the Massacre of £2, 2s. Glencoe. 2s.

III. Inquisitionum ad Capellam Domini Companion to the Glasgow Botanic Gar- Regis Retornatarum quæ in Archivis Pubden, or Popular Notices of some of the licis Scotiæ adhuc servantur Abbreviatio, more remarkable Plants contained in it; 3 vols, price (half-bound) £6, 6s.





silver, and copper coins of the kingdom, The building of two new rooms for the were deposited within the stone. The Lord Lords Ordinary in the Court of Session has Provost and Magistrates, and a number of commenced, to the south of the outer-house. the Members of the Institution, were pre

A set of elegant plans, for improving the sent. The site of the new erection is on the Cathedral Church of St Giles, in this city, east of the old observatory ; it will be a neat were laid lately before the Magistrates and and elegant building. Council, drawn by Mr Arch. Elliot, archi. 7.-Bunff.-Yesterday, a head-court of tect. One plan is to have only two churches, this town had been called by the Magisviz. the present High Church, and a similar trates, for the special purpose of submitting one to the west of it, where the present New to the consideration of the inhabitants, cerNorth Church stands, taking away that tain plans for the improvement and enchurch, the Tolbooth Church, and part of largement of the harbour, which had been the Old Church ; by another, to have three prepared by Mr Telford, under the direcchurches--the High Church, the Old Church, tion of the Parliamentary Commissioners and a new erection in place of the New for Highland roads, &c. which were unaNorth and Tolbooth Churches, with accom- nimously approved of, and the Magistrates modation for the General Assembly, Pres- were authorised by the Court to contract bytery, &c. The designs are much admir- with the Parliamentary Commissioners for el, and, when carried into execution, will the execution of the work, and to borrow, be highly ornamental to the city.

upon the credit of the community, the sum The Incorporation of Mary's Chapel, the necessary to enable them to fulfil their enRoyal College and Incorporation of Sur- gagement. geons, and the Hammermen, of Edinburgh, 10.--A new sort of potato, called the bread -and the Guildry Incorporation of Dun- fruit potato, from its uncommon productivedee,-have determined to oppose the bill ness, is getting rapidly into estimation. Mr now pending in Parliament, relative to the Inman of Spaxton, near Bridgewater, plantrevenues and expenditure of the royal ed last year, in the common way, in a heavy burghs.

soil, without manure, or any extra attenThe Earl of Hopetoun has subscribed fifty tion, two potatoes of that variety, weighing guineas to the Astronomical Institution. four ounces; the produce was 264 ounces,

Curious Attachment. There is at Bare being an increase per acre (allowing six clay's Hotel, Adams' Square, in this city, sacks to be the proper quantity to seed an a hen which has been sitting the usual acre) of 396 sacks. Heligoland beans may time, but being deprived of her little family be cultivated with the bread fruit potato by the severity of the weather, she has at. with success, by dropping about half a tached herself to a small pig that has been bushel per acre in the channels with the potaken from his natural protector, and she tatoes when planted, as they grow and ripen clucks round him, and shelters him under at the same time, without deteriorating the her wings, with paternal solicitude and ten- crop of potatoes. derness. The little pig, grateful for this New Plough. A farmer at Ringway, peculiar favour conferred upon him, is e- in Lancashire, has completed a running qually attached to his adopted parent. plough, on which are a pair of rollers.

The Freeholders and Commissioners of one operation it ploughs two furrows, laying Supply of the county of Perth, have agreed one to the right and the other to the left, to place a portrait of his Grace the Duke of and rolls two half-butts, leaving the surface Atholl in the new county-hall, as a testi- smooth even for the scythe. mony of respect and esteem for his charac

12.-On Friday night, in the House of ter, and for the eminent services he has ren- Commons, the Scots Burgh Regulation dered to the county of Perth, and are to re- Bill, with due regard to the universal voice quest his Grace to sit for that purpose. against it, was ordered to be read a second

4.-On Saturday, between three and four time that day six months. o'clock, the foundation stone of the new 13.-On Wednesday the following disObservatory, for the Astronomical Institu- tressing accident happened at Coats, near tion on the Calton Hall, was laid with the Airdrie :-A number of men, employed in visual ceremonies. A list of the directors, taking down the gable of an old house, stacontributors, or members of the society, en- tioned James Leggat to give the alarm ; graved on a plate of platina, also the gold, which he did, but not coming away time


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