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'with many beautiful engravings; demy 8vo, The Justice Law for the last Five years ; £1, 18s.; royal 8vo, £3, 3s. being supplementary to the several Treatises A Review of Johnson's Criticism on the on the Office and Duties of a Justice of the Style of Milton's English Prose ; with stricPeace, by Burn, Williams, and Dickinson ; tures on the introduction of Latin idioms comprehending the statutes and decided into the language; by T. H. White, Esq. cases relating thereto, to the conclusion of 2s. 6d. the session of 57 Geo. III. with additional A full and correct Account of the Chief precedents ; by William Dickinson, Esq. Naval Occurrences of the late War between barrister-at-law, and one of his Majesty's Great Britain and the United States of A. justices of the peace for Nottingham, Lin- merica ; with a cursory examination of the coln, Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, and Essex, American accounts of their naval actions 8vo. £1, 56.

fought previous to that period ; illustrated by MEDICINE.

plates ; by Wm James, Esq. 8vo. £l. John Walker's Reply to James Moore,

Letters from Abbé Edgeworth to his on his Misstatements respecting the Vac- Friends, written between the years 1777 cine Establishments in the Metropolis, and

and 1807 ; with Memoirs of his Life, intheir Servants, both living and dead," 8vo. cluding some account of the late Roman 3s. 6d.

Catholic Bishop of Cork, Dr Moylan, and "The Horse-Owner's Guide ; containing mund Burke, and other persons of distinc

Letters to him from the Right Hon. Edvaluable information on the management tion; by the Rev. Thomas R. England, and cure of the diseases incident to Horses,

8vo. 8s. more particularly that very fatal disease

Memoirs of the late Mrs Elizabeth Hamcalled Glanders; with many esteemed re

ilton ;. with a selection from her correspond. cipes ; by T. Smith, late Veterinary Surgeon to the 2d regiment of dragoon guards,

ence, and other unpublished writings; with 8vo. 5s. 6d.

a portrait after Raeburn; by Miss Benger, A Treatise on Blood-Letting in Fevers ;

2 vols 8vo. £1, Is. by J. Van Rotterdam, physician to the

Observations on the State of Ireland, Great Hospital at Ghent, &c. &c.; trans. principally directed to its Agriculture and lated from the French, by J. Taylor, M.D.

Rural Population ; in a series of letters member of the Royal College of Surgeons,

written on a Tour through that country; by London, and late surgeon to his Majesty's J, C. Curwen, Esq. M. P. 2 vols 8vo.

£1, 1s. forces, 8vo. 10s. Practical Illustrations of the Scarlet Fe.

The Official Navy List for April.—To Measles, Pulmonary Consumption, and .

be published in future quarterly. 2s. Chronic diseases, termed Nervous, Bilious,

Journal of Science and the Arts, No IX. Stomachic, and the like ; with observations

Edited at the Royal Institution. 7s. 6d. on the efficacy of sulphureous waters in various complaints ; by John Armstrong,

The Steyne ; a satirical novel, 3 vols. M.D. author of Practical Illustrations of

£1, 1s. Typhus Fever, Puerperal Fever, and other

The Maid of Killarney, or Albion and Febrile Diseases, 8vo. 146.

Flora ; a modern tale ; in which are interFacts and Observations on Liver Com

woven some cursory remarks on religion and plaints, and those various and extensive politics, 12mo. 35. 6d. Derangements of the Constitution arising

Woman, or Minor Maxims ; a sketch,

2 vols. 11s. from Hepatic Obstruction ; with Practical

POETRY. Remarks on the different properties of the biliary and gastric secretions, and

Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered ; translated

upon other important points essential to health ; by the Rev. J. H. Hunt, 2 vols 8vo. £1,10s. pointing out a new and successful mode of

Legends of Affection, and other poems.

10s. 6d. treatment, illustrated by numerous cases : the third edition, very considerably enlarged;

Samor, Lord of the Bright City; a poem ; by John Faithorn, formerly surgeon in the by the Rev. H. H. Milman, M. A. fellow Hon. East India Company's service.

of Brazenose College, Oxford; vicar of St Mary, Reading : and author of Fazio, 8vo.

12s. Anti-Duello, or the Duell's Anatomie ; The Suffolk Garland, or East Country a treatise, in which is discussed the lawful- Minstrel; being a collection of poems, ness and unlawfulness of single combats : songs, tales, ballads, sonnets, and elegies, first printed in the year 1632 ; with a pre- relative to that county, and illustrative of face by the Editor, and an appendix, con- its , scenery, places, biography, manners, taining the case of Lord Rea and Mr Ram- habits, and customs ; with introductory nosay, and James Cluff, 8vo. 2s.

tices, historical, biographical, and descripMemoirs of Mad. Manson, 12mo. 5s. 6d. tive, 8vo. 10s.

Adventures of a Post-Captain ; by a Na- Select English Poets, Part IV.; conval Officer ; with 25 plates, by Mr Wil- taining the second part of Lovelace's Luliams, royal 8vo. £1, 4s.

casta, with a portrait of Lovelace from the British Field Sports ; by W. H. Scott ; rare print by Hollar, foolscap 8vo. 79.





Ancient Humorous Poetry, Part I. ; con- the City of the Wrath of God to the City of taining “ 'Tis merry when Gossips meet,” Mount Zion; by Mrs Sherwood. 4s. 1609, attributed to Samuel Rowlands; with a characteristic wood cut, foolscap 8vo. Travels of his Royal Highness the Duke 3s. 6d.

of Angouleme through the Northern and POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. South-west Departments of France, in Oct.

An Inquiry whether Crime and Misery and Nov. 1817, 8vo. with a portrait. are produced or prevented by our present

A Walk through Switzerland in SeptemSystem of Prison Discipline ; illustrated by ber 1816. 88. descriptions of the Borough Compter, Tothilfields, the Maison de Force at Ghent,

EDINBURGH. the Philadelphia Prison, the Penitentiary at Millbank, and proceedings of the Ladies'

Lectures on the History of Literature, Committee at Newgate ; by T. F. Buxton, Ancient and Modern ; from the German of 8vo. 6s.

Frederick Schlegel, 2 vols 8vo£1, 1s. The Rise, Progress, Causes, and Effects

Marriage, a novel, 3 vols 12mo. £1, Is. of the National Debt and Paper Money North of England and Scotland ; being upon real Property, in the present State of the Journal of an English Traveller, from Civil Society ; pointing out the only way 30th March to 27th April, 1704 ; now pubthe national debt can or ought to be paid ; lished from the original MS., formerly in with a word of advice to the people at a the possession of Mr Johnes of Hafod, the general election ; by the late John Horne well-known translator of Froissart, JoinTooke, Esq.: to which is added an Appen- ville, &c. A specimen of this curious MS. dix, containing a just and impartial Review

was given in this Tagazine, No XI. and of the Funds of England, shewing the con- the entire Journal is now published to grasequences of a public bank being at the dis- tify the curious. Only 100 copies are printposal of any minister ; by the late Dr Price. ed, foolscap 8vo. 5s. 2s.

Women, or Pour et Contre ! a tale ; by Remarks on the recent State Trials, and the author of Bertram, &c. 3 vols 12mó. the Rise and Progress of Disaffection in the £1, ls. Country ; to which are annexed, letters to

Report for the Directors of the Town's and from the Lord Bishop of Norwich, on

Hospital of Glasgow, on the Management the tendency of his public opinions; by of the City Poor, the Suppression of MenWilliam Firth, Esq. sergeant at law, 8vo. dicity, and the Principles of the Plan for 10s. 6d.

the New Hospital ; with an appendix, conA Treatise on the Poor Laws; by Tho. taining observations on the poor rates, acPeregrine Courtney, Esq. M. P. 8vo. 5s.

counts of the eipts and disbursements of

the funds, and a variety of important docuThe Testimony of Natural Theology to

ments, 8vo. 3s. Christianity ; by Thomas Gisborne, M. A. A Father's Gift to his Children ; being a 12mo. 5s.

short view of the evidences of the Christian The Protestant Reformation of the Six. Religion, adapted to the understandings of teenth Century, briefly celebrated as a Motive of National Gratitude ; by the Rev. C. family; by a Layman, second edition,

young persons, and presented to his own E. de Coetlogan, A. M. rector of Godstone, 18mo. 2s. 6d. Surrey, 8vo. 5s.

The Trials of James, Duncan, and Ro. A General Index to the Matters contain

bert Macgregor, Sons of the celebrated Rob ed in the Notes to the Family Bible, lately Roy; to which is prefixed, a memoir republished under the direction of the Society lating to the Highlands, with anecdotes of for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 4to. Rob Roy and his family, 12mo. 7s. Small, 3s. ; large, 6s.

Some Account of the recently-discovered A Concordance to the Holy Bible; to

Periodic Annual System of the Weather of which is added, a Geographical Index, a- the British Islands ; with objections thereto dapted to the maps and notes of the Family stated and answered. ls. Bible, and 'a Calendar and Table of Les

Letter to the General Court of Contribusons, 4to. Small paper, 4s. ; large, 7s. tors of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh ;

Faith in the Holy Trinity, the Doctrine by a Contributor, second edition ; with an of the Gospel, and Sabellian Unitarianism advertisement by the author, and the note shewn to be “the God-denying Apostacy,” of the Managers. ΤΗΣ ΑΡΝΗΣΙΟΕΟΥ ΑΠΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ; in a

An Attempt to Estimate the Power of connected series of letters; by the Rev. Medicine in controlling Fever ; by William William Hales, D.D. rector of Killesandra, Brown, M. D. Fellow of the Royal College &c. 2 vols 8vo. £1, 1s.

of Surgeons, and Emeritus Surgeon of the The New Testament; translated by Dr Royal Infirmary, 8vo. 2s. 6d. G. Campbell, Dr P. Doddridge, and Dr J.

Llewellyn, or the Vale of Phlinlimmon ; Macknight. 5s.

a novel, 3 vols 12mo. £1, ls. The Indian Pilgrim ; or the Progress of Prayers for the Use of Families and In. the Pilgrim Nazareene, formerly called dividuals; by James Wilson, D. D. minisGoonah Purist, or the Slave of Sin, from ter of Falkirk, 8vo. 5s.


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King Robert the Bruce... During the at this place, namely, three handsome brigs preparation that had been going on in the of 120 to 190 tons, and a fine ship of 440 Psalter Church-yard of Dunfermline, to

tons. These vessels made fine launches, wards the building of a new church, which happily free of any accident; and the ship promises from its plan, designed by Mr in particular wentoff in excellent style, gliding Burn, to be one of the handsomest, and, majestically into the water, amid the cheers from its site, the most commanding in Scot- of the greatest number of spectators we have land, a tomb, supposed to be that of the seen on any similar occasion, who hailed the celebrated King Robert the Bruce, was the prospect of an opening trade to India, the other day discovered. There is yet no ab- ship being destined on a voyage to Bombay. solute certainty of the tomb being his, no 2.-Melancholy Accident.On Wednesinscription to that effect having been found, day se'ennight, as Mr Simpson, steward to but there is much circumstantial evidence Major Hart of Castlemilk, was returning to prove the supposition. The situation from Dumfries, in company with a Mr corresponds very nearly with that of King Johnstone, he was unfortunately drowned Robert's sepulchre, pointed out by our two

in attempting to cross the river Annan, at a earliest Scottish historians, Barbour and point called the William-wath Ford. His Fordun, while the appearance of the grave companion, who, from the quantity of rain indicates it to have been one of a personage that had fallen, was almost certain that the of no small distinction. There is a large river was unfordable, remonstrated against trough, built of polished stone, about seven the danger of this attempt, especially as the feet in length, and 18 inches in depth ; the bridge of Hoddam was at no great distance. cover of which, when first observed, had on But, as Mr Simpson persisted in his design, it several iron rings, in a very decayed state, and set off at full speed, his friend was and some of which were even entirely loosen- induced to follow him to the ford, where he ed from the stone. In this trough lies a found, to his great dismay, a horse without large body, six feet two inches in length, a rider, clambering up the bank, and encased in lead. The lead is pretty entire, deavouring to escape from the river at the except on the breast, where it is much con- same side by which his master had entered sumed, exhibiting part of the skeleton of it. It is probable that the deceased had the body, in a state of considerable preserva- reached the middle of the ford before he tion. The body itself has been wrapped in was unhorsed, and his cries, if he uttered damask cloth, extremely fine, and inter- any, must soon have been lost amidst the woven with gold, some fragments of which roaring of the river. It is believed Mr S. remain. Something like a crown has been had a considerable sum of money about observed upon the head, but from the hur- him when he perished ; but although the ried inspection that has been made of it, most diligent search has been made, his this has not yet been accurately ascertained. body has not yet been found. A wooden coffin appears to have surrounded

2. The following fracas happened in a the body, of which some vestiges still exist. public-house on Tuesday afternoon :-A The mouldered wood, conceived to be oak, mechanic, taking a draught of porter, was lies strewed on the bottom of the tomb, and asked if he had any news, when he replied, one or two nails have been picked up from that the only thing he had heard was the amongst it. The grave is now closed, and melancholy death of the physician who had secured against any violent depredations by attended the Princess Charlotte. A mesthree rows of large flag stones, fastened to senger, sitting with some other persons each other by iron bars, in which state it is within hearing of the conversation, now to continue till the intentions of the Barons bounced on the mechanic, collared him, and of Exchequer, as to further procedure, are

charged him with uttering sedition, and learnt. Several fragments of marble, carved added that the statement was not true. The and gilt, were dug from the ruins in the man was detained nearly two hours a priimmediate neighbourhood of the tomb, soner. They at last relented so far as to which, in all probability, are the remains of offer him his liberty if he would give them the monument that had been erected over it. a gill or two of whisky. The mechanic was

Aberdeen, February 28.-If we may not disposed to accept of his release on such judge from the spirit with which ship-build. terms, and was then escorted prisoner to the ing is carried on here at present, we may procurator-fiscal's office. Here the mes anticipate a brisk trade at no distant period. senger charged the prisoner with having In the course of this week about 1000 re

said that the

doctor who had killed the prin. gister tons of shipping have been launched

cess had shot himself.

The mechanic,


therefore, was guilty of sedition. The pub- derstand considerable improvements have lic prosecutor, of course, made the man be been made upon the plans, and that the forth with released.--Glasgow Chronicle. hotel and tavern are to be kept quite sepaCourt of Session.-Second Division.

It is also understood that certain priWe stated some time ago, that a petition vileges in the coffee-room will be reserved to and complaint, at the instance of Deacon the subscribers. Alexander Lawrie and others, had been On the 26th ult. the ship Minerva of presented to the Court of Session against the Liverpool, for New York, put into Ullalast election of the magistracy of Edinburgh, pool. After weathering a severe gale for with a view to annul that election, as being some days, she was dismasted on the 21st, informal in a variety of particulars, which in lat. 54, lon. 20. Both her boats, and the court ordered to be answered. The also her bulwarks and spars, were washed answers having been followed by replies, from the deck; the first mate and two of and duplies for the magistrates, this im- the men were likewise unfortunately washed portant case came to be advised by the court overboard. By the greatest exertion of all on Tuesday. Four of the Lords only were on board, she was at last brought into Ullapresent (the Lord Justice Clerk being ab- pool ; but the crew and some of the passensent from indisposition), all of whom gave gers were frost-bitten, and all were comit as their opinion, that the disqualification pletely exhausted with their great and un. of one of the council invalidated the elec- remitting exertions.-Late on the night of tion. Two of the Judges, Lords Robert- the 4th current, the inhabitants of Ullapool son and Bannatyne, were of opinion that the were greatly alarmed by dreadful screams disqualification was proved. Lords Glen- proceeding from this vessel, then lying in lee and Craigie expressed doubts. The case the offing. On boats going out, it was was again before the court on Thursday, found that the ship was on fire under the when informations on certain points were lowest deck. The inhabitants immediately ordered to be given in by Tuesday.

flocked on board to assist the distressed and The court resumed consideration of this disabled crew ; but in spite of every exerease yesterday, and heard the opinion of tion, in less than three hours £150,000 Lord Reston, who, as Lord Ordinary, had worth of goods were consumed. It is supbeen called in, in consequence of the equa- posed that a fourth part of her cargo will lity of the votes of the four other judges, to be got landed, though in a damaged state. decide the point on which they differed, viz. As soon as it was perceived that the fire Whether the admitted fact that Bailie Ro- could not be got under, the vessel made for bert Anderson does not reside within the the shore, and approached so close, that royalty, although just beyond it (Brough- fears were entertained for the safety of the ton-place), shall, in terms of the two acts village,--sparks flying about in all direcof parliament regulating that matter, dis- tions. Fortunately the wind shifted. Fragqualify him from holding the office of bai- ments of silks and goods of all descriptions lie, and thereby annul the whole election were washed ashore from the wreck. as incomplete ? or, Whether a long course Union Canal.-On Tuesday, after the of opposite practice, wherein gentlemen, adjournment of the general meeting of the though not strictly resident within the burgh, Union Canal Company, the committee of yet resident so near it as to perform all the management, with many of the proprietors, duties, have held the office of bailie un- proceeded to the west end of Fountainbridge, challenged, shall be allowed to go to proof? the spot fixed on for the basin, where they This latter was his Lordship's opinion ; and were met by the engineer and contractor; the proof is accordingly allowed. Memo- and after an appropriate and impressive rials on the other points of the cause were prayer by the Rev. David Dickson, one of at the same time ordered.

the ministers of the parish, Mr Downie of On Saturday, at a general meeting of the Appin, president of the company, dug the subscribers to the new hotel and tavern, to first spadeful in this extensive work. From be erected in Waterloo Place, it was stated a drawing which was exhibited at the meetby the Lord Provost, from the chair, that ing, of the aqueduct over Slateford valley, the subscription already amounted to nearly it promises to be one of the most striking £22,000; and Sir W. Rae proposed, that and elegant structures of the kind in the the stock of the company should be raised to kingdom. It is to be nearly 500 feet long, that sum, in place of £20,000, originally and 65 feet high; and it is designed by proposed, which would enable the company Mr Baird, on the principle of the celebrated to furnish suitable chandeliers, grates, &c. aqueduct at Llangothlen in Wales. for the large rooms. This proposal was 13.-On Wednesday, a boy, who was unanimously agreed to, as was also an offer amusing himself with a few companions in laid before the meeting from Mr Oman, to the Overgate, Dundee, was suddenly thrown take a lease of the premises, when finished, down in a fit of epilepsy, and in a few seat a rent of six per cent. per annum upon conds was strongly convulsed, when a sailor the whole outlay. The excavations are who was accidentally passing took off the to be immediately begun, and the building boy's shoe, and held the inside of it to his will be commenced without delay. We un. nostrils for a short time, which almost ima VOL. III.


mediately restored him. The sailor averred without annulling the whole proceedings of that he had seen this often done, and never the meeting. The Court, however, cononce without effect.

sidered the objection well founded, and anCourt of Session, Second Division.- nulled the election. A separate application Wednesday the Court took into considera- having been made by the complainers, that tion the report of the auditor on the ac- the Court would name interim magistrates counts of expenses incurred by the magi- to carry on the affairs of the burgh till a strates, the city clerks, and the keeper of new regular magistracy could be obtained, the records, in defending themselves against the Court named interim managers, consistthe petitions and complaints of Deacon ing partly of some of those office-bearers Lawrie, accusing them of contempt of au- who were chosen at last Michaelmas and thority; when they approved of the audi- had accepted, and partly of the complainers. tor's reports, and decerned against Mr Jury Court.-On Thursday the Court Lawrie for £65: 19 : 8, the expenses in proceeded to try the issue in the cause in curred on the part of the magistrates; which General Mathew Baillie, of Carnbroe, £46, 2s. the expenses on the part of the in the county of Lanark, was pursuer, and clerks ; and £47: 12 : 10, the expenses James Bryson, surgeon in Hamilton, was incurred by the keeper of the records : in defender. This was the second action of all, £159 : 14 : 6.

crim. con. ever tried before a Scottish jury. · Inverness Election of Magistrates. After The issue sent by the Second Division of the question respecting the last election of the Court of Session to be tried was, “ Whethe magistracy of Edinburgh was disposed ther the defender did, on the 1st day of Jaof, on Tuesday, the Court proceeded to con- nuary 1818, or at any time between that sider the case of Inverness ; the principal time and the 1st day of January 1812, seobjection to the election of magistrates of duce and maintain an adulterous connexion, which was, that though, by the set of the and did commit adultery with Mrs Elizaburgh, it was necessary that the whole beth Cross, or Boyes, then the wife of the members of the council should be resident pursuer, at the pursuer's house at Carnbroe, burgesses, yet at the last election, two bai- or in the neighbourhood thereof.” The lies and several councillors were elected, damages were laid at £10,000.-The nawho were not qualified. It was contended ture of the evidence in this case prevents us for the magistrates, that the original set of from giving any account of it. Ill usage of the burgh had been altered by usage ; and the lady, and introducing into the house it was asserted, that the usage had been to four natural children of the pursuer's, were elect persons who were not resident bur. dwelt upon as matter of aggravation and gesses. The Court ordered the magistrates alleviation of damages. The act of adultery to condescend on the facts which they was positively denied, and rested solely averred in support of this plea ; but ex- upon circumstantial proof. A great number pressed an opinion, that if usage is to be of witnesses were examined for both parties, permitted to change the original constitution and the jury were charged by Mr John of the burghs, this usage ought to be inve- Clerk for the defender, and by Mr Jeffrey terate and general; not for a short period, for the pursuer, in reply. The Lord Chief or confined to a small number of cases, but Commissioner summed up the evidence ; for a period of at least forty years, and ex- and the jury having retired out of Court at tending to a variety of instances.

half past five o'clock on Friday morning, Aberdeen Election of Magistrates an.

returned in half an hour, finding the charges nulled.--The Court afterwards took up the in the issue. Not Proven. The verdict of case of the city of Aberdeen. The com- the jury was hailed by a crowded Court plaint against the election of magistrates with the greatest applause. There were no contained several objections, only one of less than 150 witnesses in attendance for which, however, the Court considered to be the defence. The defender is married to relevant. By the set of the burgh, the the sister of the pursuer's wife. meeting of the old and new councils, for 18. At a numerous meeting of the Calethe purpose of electing the office-bearers, is donian Hunt, on Tuesday se'ennight, the appointed to consist of forty persons; and it propriety of erecting a national monument is proyided, that, if any of these persons are to the memory of King Robert Bruce, absent, the meeting may call in an equal whose body has recently been discovered number of other persons to aet in their amidst the ruins of the abbey of Dunferm. room, under the denomination of assistants. line, was suggested, and highly approved It appeared, that at the last election one of of. It was also proposed, that the subscripthe assistants was not a burgess; and it tion should be limited to one guinea each was contended, that this circumstance ren- person. dered the proceedings of the meeting void. At a meeting of the Faculty of Advocates It was maintained for the magistrates, that on the 10th inst. Mr Alexander Manners, it was not necessary for these assistants, by who had filled the office of their principal the terins of the set, to be qualified as bur- librarian for twenty-five years, was induced, gesses ; and that, at any rate, supposing from the state of his health, to tender his this individual to have been disqualified, resignation ; upon which the Faculty, unathis circumstance merely set aside his vote, nimously resolved to allow him to retire on

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