The Beauties of England and Wales: Or Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County


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Página 268 - room, with mat half hung, The floors of plaster and the walls of dung, On once a flock-bed, but repaired with straw, With tape-tied curtains never meant to draw ; The George and Garter dangling from that bed Where tawdry yellow strove with dirty red, Great
Página 268 - of whim! Gallant and gay in Cliefden's proud alcove, The bower of wanton Shrewsbury and love , Or just as gay at council in a ring Of mimic statesmen and their merry king. • No wit to flatter, left of all his store, No fool to laugh at, which he valued
Página 851 - religious liberty, although it may meet with temporary obstructions, is gradually gaining ground. This cause, indeed, must acquire additional strength as the human mind becomes more enlightened. " There is nothing," says Lord Mansfield, " more unreasonable, more inconsistent with the rights of human na»ture, more contrary to the precepts and spirit of the Christian religion, more iniquitous,
Página 644 - THE PRIORY, Which was about half a mile lower down the river, was founded by Richard Plantagenet, brother of King Henry III. and Earl of Cornwall, about the middle of the thirteenth century, for friars of the order of the Holy Trinity, for the redemption of captives J,
Página 851 - more contrary to the precepts and spirit of the Christian religion, more iniquitous, unjust, and impolitic, than persecution. It is against natural religion, revealed religion, and sound policy *." CONISBROUGH is a large and very fine village, six miles south-west from
Página 331 - or Whitby, where she so long resided. At a particular time of the year, viz. in the summer months, at ten or eleven in the forenoon, the sun-beams fall in the inside of the northern part of the choir ; and 'tis then that the
Página 897 - can pass in wyntre. And as concerninge the raising and taking down of the house, if it be your lordship's pleasure, I am minded to let it stand to the next spring of the year, by reason of the days are now so short, it wolde be double charge*) to do it now. And as
Página 260 - If to perfection these plantations rise, If they agreeably my heirs surprise, This faithful pillar will their age declare, As long as time these characters shall spare. Here then with kind remembrance read his name, Who for posterity performed the same. Charles, the third Earl of Carlisle, Of the family of the Howards, Erected a
Página 616 - to York, resided a whole summer, and part of the winter, at his palace of Cawood ; where he was arrested on a charge of high treason, by the Earl of Northumberland, who had orders to conduct him to London for trial, but the death of the cardinal at Leicester, terminated
Página 218 - presently took this course to make them equal. Without delay he went to York, and taking with him the horn, wherein he was wont to drink, he filled it with wine, and kneeling before the altar, bestowed upon God and the blessed St. Peter all his lands and tenements.