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Interior, Secretary of, transmits estimates of appropria

tions to supply a deficiency in the
appropriation for building a peni-

tentiary in Wyoming Territory....
communicates relative to an increase

of the clerical force in his Depart

transmits draught of a bill for the

sale of Kansas Indian lands in Kan

transmits draught of bill relative to

investment of certain funds be-
longing to Prairie bard of Potta-

watomie Indians ...
transmitting estimate of appropria-

tion to subsist the Modoc Indians
transmitting a special estimate of ap-

propriations required to purchase
subsistence for Indian tribes in the

Indian Territory...
transmits draught of a bill for the

civilization of Indians of the Cen

tral superintendency ...
transmits report of commissioners to

examine lands in Iowa, above the
Racoon Fork of the Des Moines

River, &c......
transmits estimate of appropriations

to supply deficiencies for the cleri

cal force of the Pension Bureau
transmitting estimate of appropria-

tion for continuation of geological
and geographical survey of the

Territories ..
transmits estimate of appropriation

for educational purposes for Sac

and Fox Indians of the Missouri... transmits draught of a bill to estab

lish a reservation for certain In

dians in the Territory of Montana.
transmits draught of a bill and esti-

mates of appropriation for removal
of Kickapoo and other Indians

from Texas and New Mexico ....
transmits estimates of appropria-

tions to aid the Indians of the
Northern superintendency in arts

os civilized life....
transmits estimate of appropriation

for collecting and subsisting the
Apache Indians in Arizona and
New Mexico

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House documents, otherwise publ. as Executive documents United States. Congress. House


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