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The great disaster which has suddenly arrested so many human schemes, has constrained a change in the plans of the CONGREGATIONAL REVIEW. ' Its editors and proprietors thought they had planted a permanent power in the western metropolis. They were beginning to see some good prospect of realizing their ideal of a religious magazine, and were steadily working their way to a wider patronage and a deeper influence. In both particulars, however, much yet remained to be done. At a time when the burden upon us was still heavy, the fire has broken up our arrangements for publication and has placed other serious difficulties in our way.

While so many other enterprises are appealing for separate aid, it has seemed to us that we could best serve the common cause by forming an alliance with another periodical of a thoroughly kindred character. We have accordingly effected that arrangement with the NEW ENGLANDER, which will henceforth be our successor and our substitute.

It is needless to say anything in commendation of the magazine with which ours now is consolidated. The variety, ability and timeliness of its discussions, and the extent and thoroughness of its literary criticisms are fully recognized. To its wider range of able contributors will now be added, we trust, whatever is valuable in our own. Our publisher will act as the western agent. Our board of editors will be represented in the editorship and their occasional contributions will find a place in its pages.

We are persuaded that in this arrangement, we are conferring a real benefit upon all our subscribers ard aiding in the establishment of a periodical which by its vigor, breadth, pliancy, staunch orthodoxy and genial Catholicity, shall eminently meet the wants of intelligent ministers and layment throughout the country, and become the organ of our Congregational churches and pastors for the free discussion of the great social, moral and religious topics of the day. We trust that the united subscription list will furnish a basis for constant improvement in the character and power of the periodical.

All communications may hereafter be addressed to William L. Kingsley, New Haven, Conn. The New Englander for January will be sent to every subscriber of the Revier. If any do not desire to continue it, they will return the number received.


Editors and Proprietors.


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