Collection of 60 Pamphlets and Leaflets Issued for the General Election of 1900

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Página 7 - ... it useless to further pursue a discussion on the lines hitherto followed, and her Majesty's Government are now compelled to consider the situation afresh, and to formulate their own proposals for a final settlement of the issues which have been created in South Africa by the policy constantly followed for many years by the Government of the South African Republic. They will communicate to you the result of their deliberations in a later despatch.
Página 7 - Her Majesty's Government have on more than one occasion repeated their assurances that they have no desire to interfere in any way with independence of South African Republic, provided that the conditions on which it was granted are honourably observed in the spirit and in the letter, and they have offered as part of a general settlement to give a complete guarantee against any attack upon that independence, either from within any part of the British dominions or from the territory of a foreign State....
Página 5 - Labouchere said to me this morning : ' Don't, for goodness sake, let Mr. Kruger make his first mistake by refusing this ; a little skilful management, and he will give Master Joe another fall.' He further said : ' You are such past masters in the art of gaining time, here is an opportunity ; you surely haven't let your right hands lose their cunning, and you ought to spin out the negotiations for quite two or three months.
Página 7 - the criminal Habitual Drunkard', and gave magistrates power to sentence him on summary conviction to be confined in an Inebriate Reformatory. * A Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the operation and administration of the Laws relating to the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors, and to examine and report upon the proposals that may be made for amending the aforesaid Laws in the public interest, due regard being had to the rights of individuals.

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