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Architectural Dictionary ; by J. Nicholson.

ASTRONOMY. The last Part. 4to. L. 2, 9s.

A Companion to the Globes. By X I. Linington. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

Evening Amusements, or the Beacties of A Treatise on Practical Perspective, ex- the Heavens displayed, for 1819. By Wise emplified by an Illustrative Model and Plans; liam Frend, Esq. M. A. 35 being a Course of Lectures that exhibit the A new and complete Dictionary of Astrs Practice and Theory of the science of Per- logy, wherein every technical term is minute spective, by concise rules for Drawing accu- ly and correctly explained; by James Wilsos rately. Adapted to Schools and the use of 8vo. 12s. Artists not having a knowledge of Mathema- A Comprehensive System of Astronomy, tics. By W. Williams. 8vo. L.l, Is. bound. both in Theory and Practice ; by Thomas

Specimens in eccentric Circular Turning, Whiting. Part I. 4to, Ss. with practical instructions for producing corresponding pieces in that art. By J. H. Ib

BIBLIOGRAPHY. betson. 8vo. L.1, Is.

Catalogue of Books, principally Foreiga, The Gas Blow-Pipe, or Art of Fusion by now selling by J. H. Bohte and Company, burning the Gaseous Constituents of Water. York Street. By D. Clarke, LL.D. 8vo. 58. 6d.

A Catalogue of Books on Medicine, Su. A New Edition, with considerable addi- gery, Anatomy, &c. &c. imported from the tions, of Captain J. C. Laskey's Description Continent, by Boosey and Sons, Broad Street; of the Elgin and Phigalian Marbles, arranged also a Catalogue of Foreign Engravings conformably to the numbers as they are now Wood-cuts, &c. &c. placed in the British Museum; illustrated A Catalogue of Rare and Curious Boots with a view of the two Pediments of the Par- on Sale by Longman and Company. Vol. thenon ; taken by Monsieur Nointel, by or- II. Parts I. and II. price 25. 6d. each. der of the French King.

General Index to the Fifty-Six Volume The Journal of Science and the Arts, edit- the Gentleman's Magazine, from its Cow ed at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, mencement to the end of 1786 ; compiled by NO. XII.

Samuel A. Clerk. 2 vols. Sro L2,1% 6d.

Bibliotheca Britannica ; or a General ID

der to the Literature of Great Britain and NO. 5, Vol. III. of Claude's Liber Ve- Ireland, ancient and modern ; including such ritatis, (being the concluding number,) con. foreign works as have been translated isso taining twenty-two prints after the original English, or printed in the British dominios; drawings of Claude de Lorraine, in the Col- as also, a copious selection from tbe writlection of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, ings of the most distinguished authors of a executed by Richard Earlom in the manner ages and nations. By Robert Watt, MD and taste of the Drawings. Proof impres- Vol. I. Parts I. II and III. 21s. Each. sions L.2, 12s. 6d. Prints L.1:11: 6.

Views in Greece, from Drawings by Edward Dodwell, Esq. L. 2 : 12 : 6.

The Life of her Most Excellent Majesty Hakewell's Views in Italy, illustrative of the Queen. By Dr Watkins, Part I. 8. Addison, Eustace, &c. No. VI. 12s. 6d. 6s.

Picturesque Views of the celebrated Anti. The Life of Mary Queen of Scots; drama quities of Pola, by Thomas Allason, Archi- from the State papers ; with six subsidiary tect; engraved by W. B. Cooke, G. Cooke, Memoirs : 1. Of the Calumnies concerning Henry Moses, and Cosmo Armstrong. Royal the Scottish Queen.—2. Memoirs of Francs folio. L.S, 10s.

II.-3. Of Lord Darnley.-4. Of Jana, Englefield Vases, NO. I. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Earl Both well.-5. Of the Earl of Jurras,

Annals of the Fine Arts, No. XII. 8vo. -6. Of Secretary Maitland. By George Ss.

Chalmers, F.R.S. S. A. in 2 vols. 410. Li A Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of 13s. 6d. Paintings by British Artists, in the posses- Authentic Memoirs, Biographical, Crission of Sir J. F. Leycester, Bart. ; by W. cal, and Literary, of the most eminent Men Carey, Esq. ; with occasional Remarks by bers of the Medical Profession in England Sir R. C. Hoare, Bart. 8vo. 78. 6d. 8vo. 16s. 6d.

The Life of the Rer. David Brainer, Nis



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sionary to the Indians. By Jonathan Ed. Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV. 3 wards. 8vo. 12s.

vols. 8vo. L. 1, 166. The Life of James Crichton of Cluny, The Life of William Lord Russell; with commonly called the Admirable Crichton. By some account of the times in which be lived; Patrick Fraser Tytler, Esq. 8vo, los. 6d. by Lord John Russell.

Memoirs of the most renowned James The History of Seyd Said, Sultan of MusGraham, Marquis of Montrose ; translated cat, with an account of the Countries and from the Latin of the Rev. Dr George Wish. People of the shores of the Persian Gulf, art, afterwards Bishop of Edinburgh. To particularly the Wahabees. By Shaik Manwhich are added, sundry Original Letters, ne


8vo. 12s. ver before published. With a portrait. 8vo. Memoirs of Field Marshal His Royal 12s.

Highness Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The Life of the Right Honourable John 12mo. 39. 6d. Philpot Curran, lale Master of the Rolls in The Annual Biography and Obituary, for Ireland. By his Son, William Henry Cur- 1819, with Silbouette Portraits. 8vo. 15s. ran, Barrister at Law. In 2 vols. 8vo, L. 1 Biographical Conversations on Celebrated 4s. boards.

Travellers, comprehending distinct narratives The Life of Andrew Melville, containing of their personal adventures. By the Rev. Illustrations of the Ecclesiastical and Literary Wm. Bingly, M.A.F.L.S. 6s. 6d. History of Scotland, during the latter part of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century;

BOTANY. with an Appendix, consisting of Original Papers; by Thomas M'Crie, D. D. 2 vols. 8vo. Medical Botany; or, the History of the L.1, 4s.

Plants in the Materia Medica, illustrative Memoirs of the First Thirty-Two Years of of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Pharthe Life of James Harry Vaux, now transport- macopoeias, arranged according to the Lined for the second time, and for life, to New næan System. No. V. South Wales. Written by himself. 2 vols. Fuci: or, Coloured Figures and

Descrip. 12mo. 12s.

tions, in Latin and English, of the Plants reA Memoir of Charles Louis Sand; with ferred by Botanists to the genus Fucus. By a Defence of the German Universities. 8vo. Dawson Turner, Esq. No. XLVIII. 4to, 58. 6d.

7s. 6d. Memoires et Correspondance de Madame Herbarium Edinense. By James R. Scott d'Epinay. 3 vols. 8vo. 30s.

and William Jamieson. Franklin's Memoirs : the third or conclu. Observations on the Structure of Fruits ding volume in 410, illustrated with plates; and Seeds, by John Lindley: with plates, by Wm. Temple Franklin.

8vo. 53. 6d. Memoirs of Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of A Complete Course of Lectures on Bo. Canino, 2 vols. 8vo, with a fine portrait. 185. tany, as delivered at the Botanical Garden

The Life of James the Second, King of at Lambeth; by the late William Curtis, England, &c. ; by the Rev. J. S. Clarke. F.L.S. No. I. 2s. 6d. 2 vols. 4to. L. 1, 6s.

The Genera of North American Plants, Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough and a Catalogue of the year 1817. By Thocompleted; by Wm. Coxe, M. A. F. R. S. mas Nuttall, F.L.S. F. S. A. &c. with portraits, maps, and plans. An Appendix to the Synopsis Plantarum In 3 vols. 4to.

Succulentarum, cum descriptionibus synonySome Account of the Life of Rachael mis. Auctore A. H. Haworth. 8vo. 5s. Wriothesley, Lady Russel. By the editor of Madame du Deffand's Letters. 410, L. 1, 5s.

CHEMISTRY Memoirs of the Rev. Henry Martin, B. D. late Fellow of St John's College, 8vo. 12s. An Essay on Chemical Analysis; by J., Memoirs of George Villiers, first Duke of

G. Children. 8vo. 16s. Buckingham. 5s. 6d.

A Manual of Chemistry; containing the Memoirs of her lale Majesty Queen Char- principal facts of the science, arranged in the lotte, with anecdotes of the Royal

order in which they are discussed and illus. and higher orders of the Nobility. by W. trated in the Lectures at the Royal Institu. Craig. 12s.

tion. With a prefatory History of the SciThe Life of Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. ;

By W. T. Brande, F.R.S. 8vo. by the Rev. James Baker. 870. 8s. 6d. The Theory and Practice of Gas-light


8vo. 16s.

ing ; by T. S. Peckston, illustrated with nu- The Cyclopædia of Commerce. Part I merous engravings. 215.

and II. An Essay on Chemical Analysis ; by J. G. Children.

cOSCHOLOGY. An Introduction to the Study of Code

logy, including the Lingaan Geders, te A Chronological Table of the Nobility of by Samuel Brookes. L. 3, 10s.; on large the United Kingdom, shewing at one view paper, L. 5: 15: 6. their exact order of precedency; with an al- Conchylien Cabinet; by Martiri ad phabetical Index. 12mo. 5s.

Chemnitz. 12 vols. royal 8vo. L. 50



Partitiones. E. Codd. Parisinis edidit Jo.
Fr. Boissonade. Svo, 12s.

Essays on Phrenoiogy, or an Inquiry into The Delphin Classics, with the Variorum

the principles and utility of the system Notes ; entitled, the Regent's Edition, No.

Drs Gall and Spurzheim, and into the objec. 1. January 1819. P. Virgilii Maronis

tions made against it ; by George Czaube.

8vo. 12s,
Opera Omnia, ex ed. Chr. G. Heyne, cum
Variis Lectionibus, Interpretatione, Notis
Variorum, et Indice locupletissimo, accurate

DOMESTIC ECONOMY. recensita. Curante et Imprimente A. J. Philosophy of Domestic Economy; Valpy.

exemplified in the mode of Warming, te A New Translation of the Nichomachean tilating, Washing, Drying, and Cooking, and Ethics of Aristotle. 8vo. 8s.

in various arrangements contributing to the

Comfort and Convenience of Domesoc Life; COMMERCE.

by C. Sylvester. 410. L. 1:11: 6. European Commerce; or, Complete Mer

DRAMA. cantile Guide to the Continent of Europe ; comprising an Account of the Trade of all Raffaelle Canaro, a Tragedy. By Thos. the principal Cities of the Continent, copious James Serle. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Tables of their monies, exchanges, weights, Evadue, or the Statute; a Tragedy, is and measures ; by C. W. Rordanızs. 8vo. Five Acts; as performed at the Treat L. 1, Is.

Royal, Covent-Garden. By Richard Stein Dennis's Extracts of East India Journals, Esq. 8vo. 3s. for the use of Captains and Merchants en- The Italians, or the Fatal Acrosaties; gaged in the Free Trade to India. 8vo. 4s. a Tragedy ; witb a Preface, containing te

An Introduction to Merchandise; Correspondence of the Author with the Cotaining the theory and practice of Arithme. mittee of Drury Lane Theatre, P. Mome. tic; Algebra, with the Doctrine of Annui- Esq. M.P. and Mr Kean. By tbe letbor ties, and Commerce, including treatises on of “ The Philosophy of Nature," and Monies, Weights, Measures Exchanges, " Amusements in retirement." Sro. 35 and Book-Keeping, with an Appendix, con- Mystery; or, the Monk of Sc Nieto taining Tables of Logarithms, Compound a Tragedy, in five acts. 3s. 6d. Interest, and Annuities; an Explanation of Fredolfo; a Tragedy in five acts. Be commercial terms; and Answers to the the Rev. C. R. Maturin, Author of Bere Exercises proposed in the work; by Robert tram, &c. 4s. Hamilton, LL. D. F. R. S. : the whole new The Siege of Carthage; a new bistorical modelled, and adapted to the improved me. Tragedy : to which is affixed, an interesting thods and information of the present time, prelude, connected with the Theatres Ropa, by Elias Johnston, Teacher of Mathematics London; by William Fitzgerald jus. 4 in Edinburgh. 8vo. 12s.


The Heart of Mid-Lothian; in three acts; The London Commercial Dictionary and by D. Terry, Esq. 28, 6d. Sea Port Gazetteer. By William Anderson. Tragic Dramas; by Francis Burney. Sra. 8vo. L. 1, 7s.

Is. 6d. Tables of Customs, &c. By W. Ander- The Irish Woman, a Comedy; by Lai; 8vo. 5s.

Clarke. 8vo. 4s, od.


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Lyrical Dramas, with Domestic Hours; carefully corrected and greatly improved, by C. Neale. 9s.

12mo. Bound, 5s. Zophier, a rejected Tragedy, in five Acts; Elements of Hebrew Grammar; to wbich by C. Sharpe. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

is prefixed, a Dissertation on the two modes Lyrical Dramas : with Domestic Hours ; of Reading, with or without Points. By a miscellany of Odes and Songs; by Corne- Charles Wilson, D. D. late Professor of lius Neale, late Fellow of St John's College, Church History in the University of St AnCambridge, 12mo. 8s.


10s. 6d.
Melo-Drame Mad, or the Siege of Troy; The Collectanea Græca Majora; Vol. III.
by Thomas Dibdiv, Esq. ls.

in two Parts, by Professor Dunbar. 15$.
The House of Atreus, and the House of A New Methodical Grammar of the
Laius; Tragedies founded on the Greek French Language. By M. Ch. de Bellecour.
Drama; by John Smith. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 12mo. 6s.
The Carib Chief; by Mr Twiss. 2s.6d.

Exercises upon the Methodical Grammar
Lectures on the Euglish Comic Writers, of the French Language : by Ch. Max. de
delivered at the Surrey Institution; by Wil- Bellecour. 12mo. 4s.
liam Hazlitt. 8vo.
10s. 6d.

A Grammar of the English Language, Hamlet, and As You Like It. A speci- containing a complete summary of its rules, men of a new edition of Shakespeare. 8vo. with an elucidation of the general principles 15s.

of elegant and correct diction. By John The Steward, or Fashion and Feeling; Grant, A.M. 65. a Comedy, founded on Holcrofi's Deserted Exercises for, Greek Verse : consisting of Daughter. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

extremely literal translations, from the AnThe Stage ; a poem, addressed to Mr Far. thologia, Apollonius Rhodius, Theocritus, ren; containing strictures on various actors. the fragments of the comic poets, Aristo. By J. Brown, Esq. 29. 6d.

pbanes, and Euripides; with short notes.
By the Rev. Edmund Squire. 8vo. 7 s.

An Introduction to the Study of German
A View of the Intellectual Powers of Grammar, with Practical Exercises. By
Man; with Observations on their Cultiva- Peter Edmund Laurent. 5s.
tion, adapted to the present State of this Enchiridion Lyricum, or a Guide to Ly-
Country. by T. Martin. 3s.

ric Verse, Composed for the use of schools.
A New and Easy Introduction to Ger- By the Rev. J. Hill. 3s.
man Reading. By W. Heinemann. 12mo. A Grammar of the English Language.
4s. 6d,

By W. Cobbett. 12mo. 2s. 6d. A Sketch of Modern History, from the Maternal Conversations; on beauty, pas. destruction of the Western Empire, 476, to sion, courage, justice, clemency, moderation, the year 1818. By A. Picquot. 12mo. perseverance, riches, love of country, &c. 6s. 6d.

by Madame Dufrenoy. French Pronunciation exemplified, and A olyglout Grammar, in which the Ge. all the most elegant Figures of the French nius of the principal ancient and modern Language collected and explained, both in Languages is explained upon a new princi.. English and French. By M. C. M. de Belle- ple. By the Rev. F. Nolan. The modern 12mo. 5s.

Greek will be supplied by M. Calbo. The Italian Pronunciation exemplified Letters on French History: by J. Bigin English. By C. Brune. Royal 12mo. Jand. 12mo. 6s. 5s.

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The Delphin and Variorum Classics. Nos, Rhetorical Exercises ; being a Sequel to V. and VI. the Principles of Elocution ; and intended Letters from a father to his Son; by the for Pupils wbo have made considerable pro- Rev. H. G. White. 6s. 6d. gress in Reading and Recitation. By Thos, An Italian Grammar; by M. Guazzaroni, Ewing. 12mo. 45. 6d. bopod.

8vo. 10s. 6d. Rudiments and Practical Exercises for The Rudiments of Algebra; by Peter learning the French Language by an easy

Nicholson. 7s, 6d. method ; with a Table of all the words governing de and a before their indirect regi

FARRIERY. By A. Scott, A. M. Fellow of the A Treatise on Two of the most important University of Paris. The twelfth edition, Diseases which attack the Horse, By Wil.



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the 20.

COT TC sly

liam Wilkinson, Veterinary Surgeon, New Henry VIII.; by the Rer, J. Lingard castle-upon- Tyae. 410. 12s.

3 vols. 4to. L.5, 5s.

Naval Chronology of Great Britain; ar

an Historical Account of Naval and Mario
An Account of the History and Present time Events; by J. Ralfe. Part VII. 889.
State of Galvanism. By John Bostock, 10s. 6d.
M.D.F.R.S. 8vo, 7s.

The Fifth Volume of the History of

Greece, comprehending the entire reign of

Alexander the Great; by William Milford
Statistical Annals; embracing views of Esq. 4to. L.2, 2s.
the population, commerce, navigation, fish- The History of Ancient Europe, from the
eries, public lands, post-oflice establishment, earliest times to the subversion of the Wes-
revenues, mint, military and naval establish- tern Empire; with a survey of the most im.
ments, expenditures, public debt, and sinking portant Revolutions in Asia and Africa.
fund, of the United States of America ; by S vols. 8vo. L.2, 2s.
Adam Seybert, M. D. 4to. L.3: 13: 6. The History of Modern Europe ; a new

The Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Geographie edition, with a Continuation, terminaling cal Dictionary; accompanied by an Atlas, at the Pacification of Paris in 1815; by constructed by A. Arrowsmith. Vol. III. Charles Coote, LL.D. 8vo. L.3, 135. 6d. Part II. and Vol. IV. Part I. 9s. sewed. A short History of France; including

A Memoir and Notice of a Chart of Ma- the principal events from the foundation of dagascar in the Archipelago, or Islands north- the Empire, by Pharamond, to the restora. east of that Island; by Lislet Geofroy. 410. tion of Louis XVIII. By Mrs Moore. 18s,

12mo. 7s. A Geographical and Statistical Descrip- Historia Scoticæ Nomenclatura tion of Scotland, containing a General Sur- Vernacula; or Latino-Verpacular Nomenvey of that kingdom, its climate, mountains, clature of Scottish History; enriched with lakes, rivers, products, population, manufac- many select phrases from the ancient motu. tures, commerce, religion, literature, govern. ments of Scotland, and the aboriginal lag. ment, revenue, history. A description of e- guage of the Gael. By Christopher Irvine. very country, its extent, soil, products, mi. Foolscap 8vo. 4s. 6d. nerals, antiquities, seats; with an appro- Conversations on General History, from priate table to each county; and a statistical the earliest ages of which we have any suaccount of every parish, accompanied by an thentic records, to the begioning of the year accurate and elegant map of Scotland; to 1819; by A. Jamieson. 12mo. 6s. which are added, several tables to illustrate Annals of Scotland, from the accession of the work. By James Playfair, D.D. F.R.S. Malcolm III, in the year 1057 to the te and F.A.S. Edinburgh; Principal of the cession of the House of Stuart in the year United College of St Andrew's, and Histo. 1371. To which are added, Tracts relative riographer to his Royal Highness the Prince to the History and Antiquities of Scotland. Regent. 2 vols. Syo. L.1, 4s. in boards. By Sir David Dalrymple of Hailes

, Bart. Third edition. 5 vols. 850. L.1:11: 6. GEOLOGY.

boards. A Geological Map of the Great Mining An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal

, District of Cornwall, between Cawborne and of the Territories annexed to this domi. and Chasewater ; by Richard Thomas. nion by the House of Gorkba. By Francis L.1, 12s.

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(formerly Buchanan.) M, D. A Critical Examination of the First Prin. F.R. S. L. & E. Illustrated with engrar ciples of Geology, in a series of Essays; by ings. 410. L.2, 2s. G. B. Greenough, F.R.S.F.L.S.

8vo. 9s.

The History of the City of Dublin, from A New Geological Atlas of England and the earliest accounts to ibe present time; Wales ; by William Smith. Part I. containing its annals, antiquities, ecclesias L.1, Is. The maps to be had separately, tical history, and charters; its present ex* 59. 6d. each,

tent, public buildings, schools, institutions, &c. By the late Jobn Warburton, Esq, the

late Rev. James Whitelaw, and the Rer. A History of England, from the first in- Robert Walsh, M. R.I.A. 9 rols. 410. vision by the Romans to the accession of L.5, 5s. on large paper, L.8, 8s.


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