The Literature of Music

E. Stock, 1896 - 281 páginas

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Página 77 - But when that vast concording unity of the whole congregational chorus came, as I may say, thundering in, even so as it made the very ground shake under us, oh ! the unutterable, ravishing, soul's delight ! in the which I was so transported and wrapt up...
Página 75 - Musick's monument; or, A remembrancer of the best practical musick, both divine, and civil, that has ever been known, to have been in the world.
Página 76 - Now here you must take notice, that they had then a custom in that church, (which I hear not of in any other cathedral, which was) that always before the sermon, the whole congregation sang a Psalm, together with the quire and the organ...
Página 70 - Musick of piety and devotion, as well for the honour of our Nation, as the merit of the man, I prefer above all our Phoenix M. William Byrd, whom in that kind, I know not whether any may equall...
Página 73 - A COMPENDIUM OF PRACTICAL MUSICK in five parts. Teaching, by a New and easie Method, 1. The Rudiments of Song. 2. The Principles of Composition. 3. The Use of Discords. 4. The Form of Figurate Descant. 5. The Contrivance of Canon.
Página 39 - Italians, which dwell about the coasts of lanua, caper with their voyces; the others barke; but the Germanes (which I am ashamed to utter) doe howle like wolves.
Página 83 - Das neu-eröffnete orchestre, oder Universelle und gründliche anleitung / wie ein galant homme einen vollkommnen begriff von der hoheit und würde der edlen music erlangen / seinen gout darnach formiren / die terminos technicos verstehen und geschicklich von dieser vortrefflichen wissenschafft raisonniren möge.
Página 1 - the father of all such as handle the harp and organ," as his brother Jabal is mentioned as ' the father of such as dwell in tents.
Página 178 - A Treatise concerning the Lawfulness of Instrumental Musick in Holy Offices. By Henry Dodwell, MA To which is prefixed, a Preface in Vindication of Mr Newte's Sermon, concerning the Lawfulness and Use of Organs in the Christian Church, &c.
Página 71 - First, a brief & plain Introduction to Mustek, both for singing, and for playing on the Violl. By JP Second, The Art of Setting or Composing of Musick in Parts, by a most familiar and easie Rule of Counterpoint. Formerly published by Dr THO. CAMPION: but now re-printed with large Annotations, by Mr.

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