Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 1, no. 12)

American Philosophical Society
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Página 223 - Index Monasticus ; or the Abbeys and other Monasteries, Alien Priories, Friaries, Colleges, Collegiate Churches, and Hospitals, with their Dependencies, formerly established in the Diocese of Norwich and the ancient Kingdom of East Anglia...
Página 223 - Two Reports on the Coal Lands, Mines, and Improvements of the Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal Company, and of the Geological Examinations, Present Condition, and Prospects of the Stony Creek Coal Estate...
Página 250 - Apprised of these consequences, knowing the value of national character, and impressed with a due sense of the immutable laws of justice and honor, it is impossible that. America should think without horror of such an execrable deed.
Página 209 - New York (State). Geological survey. Communication from the governor transmitting several reports relative to the geological survey of the state.
Página 219 - States; containing brief notices of the several states, cities, principal towns, canals, and rail roads, &c., with tables of distances, by stage, canal and steam boat routes ; the whole alphabetically arranged, with direct reference to the accompanying map of the roads, canals and railways of the United States.
Página 249 - ... the treasurers happened to have gold or silver, they were directed to advertise their readiness to exchange the same for paper; and some individuals, ardently patriotic, sent large sums of metallic money to the treasury, and received bills of credit in return at par. In the course of the year 1775, ten millions of dollars were emitted. The next year independence was declared, and some specie having been imported, the credit of the bills was well sustained ; and, in order to avoid interruption...
Página 225 - A discourse on the death of General Washington, late president of the United States: delivered on the 22d of February, 1800, in the church In Williamsburgh.
Página 241 - ... absorbed by the mercury as rapidly as this metal could be made to encroach upon the space occupied by the calorific particles. Admitting that, for equal weights, the specific heat of air is seven times as great as that of mercury, there could not have been a capacity greater than that of about 200...
Página 238 - ... until a thermometer in the axis of the receiver stood at three degrees below freezing, the hygrometer revolved towards dampness, until it went about ten degrees beyond the point at which it rested when the process commenced. It appears, therefore, that the dryness produced by the degree of rarefaction employed is more than counterbalanced by a freezing temperature. As respects the heat imparted to the air above mentioned, the fact, that the ultimate refrigeration in the case of air replete with...
Página 221 - Memorials of Columbus: or a Collection of Authentic Documents of that Celebrated Navigator, now first published from the Original Manuscripts, by Order of the Decurions of Genoa ; preceded by a Memoir of his Life and Discoveries. Translated from the Spanish and Italian.

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