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to mot of bis brethren, established, hy his Remarks on Mr. 'Welley's Defence of very able and eloquent writings, that the the Protestant Aliuciation; in which conRoman Catholicks of lieland might, con- 'troversy he is thouglit to have had the fiftently with their religion, swear thit the advantage. Pope poffefsed there no temporal authority Defence of his conduct in the affair of (which was the only condition on which the insurrection in Muniter, 1797. certain indulgences were granted to them), Review of the important Controversy he became the favourite and friend of al. between Dr. Cirrol and the Rev. Meilrs. moft the whole of the eminent political Wharton and Hopkins. and literary characters in that kingdon, Fitt lermon at St. Patrick's chapel, Soho, He was, about that time, attacked by Dr.

Mirch 8, 1797. Woodward, the then Protestant Hishop of A co'lection of his miscellaneous tracts, Clayne; and his reply, which coufounde. in i voi. Svo. the Bishop, is a mifter-piece of it, aigu.

" A Defence of the Conduct and Wrimeut, delicate ironly, and admirable wrie tings of the Rev. Althur O'Leary, &c.; ting, and was not less remarkable for llie written by himself, in answer to the illa rapidity with which it was written (in less grounded Insinuations of the Right Rev. than eight hours), than the point of ani- Dr. Woodward, Bifhop of Cloyne, 1788," madversion which pervaded the whole. 8vo. Tlie Bifhor, in his controversy with His other productions were of a various Mr. O'Leary, acknowledges that he reprd. and miscellaneous nature; and several ef- sents milies frongly and eloquenily; and fusions are supposed to have come from his that, Sbakspeare like, be is will acquainted pen which he did not think it neceilary or with the uvennes 10 tbe beart; and perhaps prudent to fatiser. He was a man Mr. Wellty calls bim an arcb ad livery Sigularly gifted with natural bumour, and writer. poffelled great acquirements. He wrote on Hisslyle was voluble, bold, and figurative; polemical subjects without acrimony, and but deficient in grace, manliness, perfpi. on politicks with an unprecedented degree cuitv, and sometimes grammar; but he was of conciliation. To an Irish bishop, who distinguished as a friend to freedom, libe. challenged him to prove !he existence of fality, and toleration; and was highly counPurgatory, he meekly answered, “The plimented on this account by Mictls. Grace question is not capable of demonftrative tan, Flood, and other members of the Truth proof. Let the affair remain as it is. Your parliament, in their public speeches. lordship may go farther and fare worse.!" On the evening of the 13th the remains About 18 years since, when a considerable of this amiable and much-regreted clergynumber of noclurnal insurgents, or the Ro- man were removed to St. Patrick's chapel, mida persuasion, commitied great excelles Solo, a place founded by his zeal, and in the county of Cork, piticularly towards confeciated by his talents and virtues. Nox the tithe-proclors of the Protestant c!erry, morning the chapel was bung with black; he rendered himself extremely usefu', by and on the pall, spread over the cotiin), his various literary a 'drelle's to the deluded were fewn the einblens of the Roman Ca. people, in bringing them to a proper tense tholic faitt, with the cap and her inligof their error any iniunurdiration. This nia of the religious order (1) villich the duo laudable conduct did not escape the atien- ce fud had hiciongela Higli mis w s celction of the Irish Government; and indu- brated by the chaplains with bec ming 10ced thein, when he gonitedd lieland, to see Temui'yi and the G: md Dryo wis percommend him to m n of power in this formed in the mori lubdime il; ie of facied Courtry. For many years lie has been re- utick by Mr. We's, who prended at the sident in London, ás principal of the Roa 0:, ani, acompanied by an orcieitrı filled man Catholic chapelin Sohu-!quare, where with ibe forft vocal performers of the Cdhe was highly etilmented by people of this tho do perímacion in London; an!ong wnon religion, and pronuncer', u'a yeiss Brce, were particulat ly noticed Mr. Kelly, Mr. the funeral oralien on Piu: 11. before tie Dignon, Mr. I'an!y, and Mr. Vins. But, Duchess of Deve ofhire and a great con- wwwever inprctive the funeral-fe: vice course of the Eighifi Mobility. This ve- was, and though every eant trongly via Perable clessyru u mingled irde piely with

brated to the plaintive role", yt! the triconvivial talents, which to many would umph of elegacnce carne lait, and forced appear rather inconsistent. He was always frein every eye the Euthug test niony of cheerful, gay, svorkling with wit, full of real forrow : the Rev. Mi. D'Arcy, from anecdole and merry stories; and never, in Dublin, a'cended the pulpit, and delivered company, fuffered ho avocation to operate bmreli in a train of truly pathetic or churhuibly ou the litarity of cory, of wlich we cannot speak in terms those around him. Int'elargue of his cf warmer praile thin by laying that it own Church, let us kny, Regmie,walt in face! Wis wority of the very revered character

i His works are,

which he troie to pourtray. He enlarge Scut Ajuriidus to the Catholicks of on the memorabic events of a life devoted liela::d.

tu thie cau.c of Religion and Humanity, to


national services and private beneficence. At Stourbridge, aged 90, Mr. Iddins, It would be injuring such a master-piece formerly an eminent timber-merchant, of composition to enter into decails from Mr. E.Cox, auctioneer, of Northampton. memory, or describe it otherwise than by

Aged 89, Mrs. Elizabeth Rudkin, wie its effects. The strong emotions of the dow, of Uffington, near Stamford. speaker were felt by the whole audience; The body of Henry Bailey, labourer, he alternately melted them into tears for aged 73, was taken out of the river Mole, the dead, and elevated their souls to hea- near Cobham mill, Surrey, drowned. Al. ven. The reporter of this affecting Scene ter the coroner's inquelt, his remains were will not relate, in the usual language of buried in Cobham churchyard, fupereal but empty panegyrick, how ma- 10. At Cobham-hall, Kent, of a fever, ny mourning-coaches attended the corpse the Hon. Lady Catharine Bligh, eldest dau. to the grave; he can say, with the fullest of John Earl of Darnley. The loss of a conviction of its truth, that a congregation molt amiable and accomplished child, pofof nearly 2000 real mourvers concurred in felling, with the sportive tenderness of this tribute of regret for the loss of so years, many pleasing qualities and talents great and so good a man. He is gone to in a Itate of unusual malurity, can only be receive the reward of his admirable exer- appreciated by her aMicted parents, whe tions; and may the bright example of his have lo many reasons to lanient it. virtues direct and animate others in the The wife of Mr. Brathwaite, hofier, of famc career! It is imponible to give a lift Nottingham. of the Roman Catholic clergy who attend. In bis 31st year, Mr. Robert Verden, ated on this occation ; but it would be an torney, of Long Sution, co. Lincoln. unpardonable omission to leave out the Al her mother's house in Percy-ftreet, námes of the Bishops Douglas and Hussey, Miss Elizabeth Rose, youngest daughter of and of the Rey. Mr. Gaffey, the Rev. Mr. the late Dr. Wm. R. of Chiswick. D'Arcy, the Rev. Mr. Lee, the Rev. Mr. Mrs. Beaumont, wife of Mr. B. apotheCoghan, and the Rev. Mr. Devereux, who cary, Villiers-street, York-buildings. were among the chief mourners. We must At his house in Markulane, aged 61, also add the names of Col. O'Kelly, Dr. John Shoolbred, esq. Kennedy, Messrs. Keatin, Mr. D. O'Con- The son of Mr. Smith, proprietor of a nor, Mr. Harley, and Mr. D. O'Leary, folk-manufactory at Homertun, unfortuwho took a diftinguitbed part in the pro. nately perished while skaiting. He was ceflion to St. Pancras, where the body was only 7 years of age.-When we consider interred. He bad lately been in France for how little caution the repeated accidents the recovery of his health, and returned by cloaths catching fire and incautious only two days previous to his death. skaiting inspire the upper ranks with, we

Aged 81, Mr. Tilbury, linen-draper, cor. . do not wonder the lower continue to be ner of Albemaile-treet.

duped by ring-droppers, &c. &c. ; or that At Woolwich, in bis 8gth year, John the numerous fatal accidents of every kind Cockburn, elg. 67 years in the fervice of do not make parents and others more Government. He was paymaster-general guarded against such dangerous aniusement, of his Majesty's forces at the hattle of Det- II. 'At Knightsbridge, Mr. John March, tingen, and upwards of so years Atore. the celebrated dentift. He was born in keeper of the ordnance at Woolwich. Sweden, of humble parents. It is probable

At Paddington, John Colburn, esq. fire that bis address and courage oblained for clerk of the Army Pay-office, Whitehall. him the commission which he held many

At Walworth, Mr. Jolin Cruikshanks, years in the French army, during which merchant and stock-broker, Birchin-lane. service he was wouoded in his foot. He

Ai Heckfield, Hauts, the daughter of Sir afterwards went through a regular course John Harringu.n, bart.

of anatomical and chirurgical ftudies; and, Al Saffron Walden, aged 78, Mr. John having chosen for himself that branch of Parker, land-steward to leveral genılenien. Surgery to which be ever afierwards devo

Aged 95, Mr. Harper, of Thorp-Wil- teil his life, he went first to Ireland, and loughby, near Selby.

thence to England, in both which countries Ac Allborne, Robert Longden, esq. in hc cftablished an unrivaled and unprecethe commision of the peace for the county Jented reputation. Some of the most emiof Derby.

nent profellional men, among whom were 9. Ai Greenwich, Kent, aged 77, Tho- Mr. Sharp, the late Mr. Potr, and John mis Dunnage, clq.

Hunter, bore repeated testimony !o his acAL Tunbridge, in her 2 3d year, Miss complished ikill. Of its importance he Lcarmouth, eldest daughter of Alexander was fully aware, and is faid to have occa-, L. etq. of Parliament-itreet.

sionally received from the nobiliry, on Al Croydon, Surrey, aged 42, Mrs. whom he placed his chief reliance, greater lotte Matthews, relië of Wm. M. e!4. of payments than were ever before made to Green Lettuce-lane, Cannon- ftreet.

any one in his line of practice. To ali Al Beverly, Mr. Edward Hobson, of the those whose circumstances would other Dus and Duck inn there,


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wife have precluded them from his afint. Aged 57, Wm. Baugh, ground bailiff to ance, and particularly to artists and profef- Sir George Beaumont's colliery at Coleor fional men, of whatever kind, his house, con; a man much respected and greatly reheart, and hand, were at all times open, gretted by the workmen. and his abilities always gratuitonly at their In Great George-street, Bath, the widow command. He pofféffed a capacity of ex. of W. Lewis, esq. of Alderley, co. Glouc. traordinary comprehension, and a temper In Southwark, in his 420 year, Mr. J. of equal 'firmness. He had, by mature Neawood, an eminent furgeon. study, imbibed the principles of the most After a long and painful illness, Mrs. ). celebrated philsophers of pait ages, and he G. Weft, of Albion-fr. Blackfriers-road. incorporated them with his opinions and At Kirkhill, in the goth year of his age, his life. His manners were polite, but, and 29th of his miniftry, Dr. Alexander like his afpe&t, commanding; and bis dií. Frazer, minister of that parith. course was that of a Spartan. He carried 14. A: Colchester, aged 61, Mrs. Round, to an extreme of rigour his eftimate of wife of John R. esq. of that place. Those vice and virtue. He neither forgot an in- who were favoured with her friendship jury or a benefit ; the latter he repaid by will most cheerfully bear testimony to the unbounded exertions of liberal friendfhip, urbanity of her manners; and the numeu hich no length of time could abate or di- rous poor, who have so freqnently experie mioith ; the former he punished by ceaf- enced her bounty, to the benevolence and ing from all communication with the per- generosity of ber disposition. fon from whom it arose. In reading the Al Ipswich, in bis 68th year, Lieut. Jn. characters of men, Pufillanimity met his Barker, of the E. Suffolk militia, in which he contempt, Fraud his ahhorrence, Talents his had borne a commiffion more than 20 years protection, and Virtue alone, in u hatever Aged 69, Mr. Alderman Rayment, who ftation, his respect.

served the office of mayor of Stamford, co. By a fall from his horse, within a quar- Lincolo, in 1784. ter of a mile from his own house, the Rev. Aged 80, Mr. Thomas Hawkins, a reMr. Rydge, son of the late Mr. R. of King- specable grazier, of Burton-Lazars, ca. Iton, near Portsmouth.

Leicetter. He was taken suddenly ill in Aged 87, the relict of John Fremantle, the evening, and died before midnight. esq. formerly secretary of the cultoms. 15. In the prime of life, Major Henry

At Hallings, the relict of Thomas Blin. Vaughan Lane, formerly of the 84th font, hall, esq. of Clarendon, Jamaica.

and late of Cork, in Ireland. After dans At Edinburgh, in an advanced age, Mr. cing some time at the ball at GloucesterAnthony Woodhead, præses of the society of house, Hutwells, on the 12ti instant, he Solicitors at Law in that city.

complained to bis partner that he was faAt Duddington-house, David Dundas, esq. tigued, and sat downs; when he was im• At Fulstow, near Louth, aged 31, Mr. mediately seized with a paralytic stroke, Wm. Lojlham, a respectable farmer, &c. and conveyed to his lodgings, 'where every

Al Ripley, Surrey, in his 58th year, Mr. medical assistance was rendered without ef. William Rocket.

feet, and he expired this morning. Mr. Northman, a young geotlemen of At Bath, after a lingering illness, Tha. Bond-Street, while ikaiting on the Serpen- Caldecot, efq. of Holton-lodge, Wragby. fine river, about 6 this evening, unfortu- At Col. M'Kenzie's house, in Queennately advanced on a part of the ice which street, Edinburgh, Mrs. M'Kenzie, wife was yielding to the thaw, when both he. of Col. Alex. M. commander of the 78tta and his companion fell in. The latter ex- foot, and Glier to Lord Seaforth. tricated himself with some dilticulty ; but At Barji, in her 324 year, Lady Charlotte Mr. N. lunk, and perished under the ice. Nires, wile of the Rev. Edward N. rector His body could not be found od dragged of Biddenden, in Kent (to whom the was for, and, as soon as brought to land, was married at Henley March 16, 1797), and immediately placed in a warm bath, where third dauglit. of the Duke of Marlborough, every mode used in similar cales by the 16. Aged 85, Mrs. Oakley, of ExelerRoyal Humane Society was adopted by Mir. row, Biriningisan, aunt to Sir Charles O. Doratt, a very skilful and intelligent gen- of Shrewsbury. tleman, but, we are sorry to say, in vain. In his 75th year, Mr. John Walford, of

12. In Ruflell-place, the third son of Garlick-lill, apothecary, and 22 years a Wyndham Knatchbull, cít.

member of the Court of Common Council The wife of Mr. Morris, of Northum- for Vintry ward. berland-fireet, Strand.

Mrs. Lucy Tims, late of the Black Horse In her 62d year, the wife of Mr. Storks, in Goodman's-fields, London, and daughter gent. of Nottingham.

of the late Mr. Lord, of Loughborough. 13. At Gaiofborough, Mr. John Beau- 17. Mr. James Slarck, master of the moot, mufician. Allo, aged 83, Mr. A- Gloucester hotel in Piccadilly. lexander Blyth, baker.

The wife of Mr. Savager of the Red Aged 7%, Mr. John John on, sen. of Hart inn, Fetter-lane.



formerly of Welton.

In Downing-ftreet, in her 8zd year, 20. At his house in Southampton-row, Mrs. Elizabeth Ancell, relict of Mr. Tho- in his 634 year, of a bloody flux, in conmas A. of the Secretary of State's office. sequence of a cold caken at the last anniver

In St. George's-place, Surrey, in her fary-dinner at the Charter-house, the Rev. 85th year, Mrs. Cuckow.

and learned Samrel Berdire, D.D late Aged nearly 72, George Hutton, esq. the mufter of the Charter-house school. He oldest merchant in Liverpool, it being a picided over tirat illastrious fuminary 22 greater number of years since he commen- years, and resigned his office in 1791. The ced merchant there than any otler.

muy eminent scholars wito derived their At her apartments in Kensington palace, intruction froin niin afford the most uneMrs. Stephenson.

quivocal proofs of his great erudition and In his gotlı year, Mr. John Freeman, of el g11t taste. The writer of this flort acStanford court, co. Hercfurd.

count can bear the most honourable tefti. Mr. Thomas Bellirs, of Langtofi, near mony to the spirit and energy with which Market Deeping. He was seized with the he illustrate the writients; he felt their prevalent fever a few days before, and had beauties in a manner peculiar to himself. been married only a few months, On the As a remuneration of tris public services, 19th, Mits Nide, eldest daught, of the late be lookcit forward to the important office Mr. John N. of Gedney, co. Lincoln (who of matter of the house; but Diis aliter vidied in November lan), and piece to the fum eft. above Mr. Bellars. Allo, lately, Mr. Bel- His mihi dile&tum nomen, manfyue verendos, Jars, of Gedney, uncle to the above; all of His faltem accumulem donis, et fungar amico the same epidemic disorder.

Munete. Non totus, raptus licet, optime Duftorg At Louth, aged 58, Mr. Jn. Pemberton. Eriperis: reditos placidum, muiesque benigri;

At Breadfall, co. Derby, in his 85th yeur, Er venit ante oculos, et pectore vivit imago. Mr. Page, formerly of some celebrity for his He had just published "Specimens of limedicine in the cure of consumptions. terary Resemblance in the Works of Pope,

lo her 53d year, the wife of Richard Gray, and other celebrated Writers, with Bower, esq. of Welham, co. York. critical Observation, in a series of Letters'

At Broughion, near Edinburgh, in a very [to the Rev. Peter Forster, rector of Headvanced age, Mr. Robert Thomson, cou. cenham, Norfulk], firit publithed in the fin of the immorial Scouifh Bard, the au- European Magazine, and one in our Mire thor of “The Seasons,”' &c. He followed cuilany, 1793. His remains were interred the profesiion of a gardener, and was a man in the Charter-house on the zoth. of great integrity and primitive fimplicity At her apartments in St. James's palace, of manners.

after excruc atirg sufferings from a cancer In North Ccorge-street, Dublin, Samuel in her mou!!), the Hon. Miss Eliz. Jeffreysg Dick, ef4. an eminent merchant, one of one of the maids of honour to the Queen. the oldest directors, and lately a governor, Major Winter, of the artillery, who had of the Bank of Ireland, whole property is come to town from Woolwich, to appear at estimated at upwards of 400,000!.

the Old Bailey as a witness in behalf of Gov. · 18. This afternoon, about 4 o'clock, an Wall, just as he had leppes!rom his carelderly woman, of the name o! Powell, was. riage, and was ascending the steps leading accidentally burnt to death, by her civati.s to the court, Iuddenly dropped down in a calching fire, at hier lodging in Walden's- fit, and was taken to the Role coffee house, court, Cherry-lireet, Birmingham.

whe.e he expired in iwo or three minutes. Ai her brother's houle, in Harley - Atreet, He was married to a sister of Mr. Dudman, the Hon. Miss Primrose Elphinfione, dau, of Deptford, and has left ro children. of the late Lord Charles E.

21. At Ah, near Wrottam, aged 92, a In the prime of life, Thomas Plummer, m.1 113.ned C. Hard, who was born and exefy of Gray's-inn-square.

pired in the fame houle, from which be bad At Ulloxetes, the peliet of Ricli. Hayne, not pulled me night during luis long life. esq. of Athborne-green-hall, co. Derby. 22. Ai Chertsey, Surrey, Laurence Por

Aged 38, the wife of Capt. Wowy, o che ter, víq. a considerable brewer, Egginton, of Hull.

23 AC Elvington, cn. Yuk, aged 85, Very suddenly, aged 64, Mr. Christopher Mrs. Sanderton, whow of Mr. James S. Rheam, of Bilton, near Hull. He had been and moitier of the late Sir Jimes S. bart. from Bilton io Hull in the morning. who serves the office of lord mayor of 19. At Birmingham, aged 100, Mr.

Londo. in 1791. Spozzi, father of the late Mr. C. S.

25. A: Air Coutts's, in Piccadilly, of a In Fruce's-Itreet, Edinburgh, Mary, drupay in the bravi, aged 2 years, Lord Clara Lary Elibank.

No:"h, the only ion of the Guldbord. Buried, al Rotherhithe, in the family- Mr. Cox, a very emment and respectie vault in which were deposited the remains ble coppi paleojetter in Bicam's-buildof Prince Lee Boo, of the Pelew inlands, ings, Chancery-lane, the wife of Capt. Wilson, of the Warley Ail.wcaiter, 11's. Wunswick, wife of Ef Indiaman.

Thomas W. cly. baker,


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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending Jan. 16, 1802.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barley Vats Beans. f. d. s. d. d. s. d. S. d. s. d. d. s.

d. Middler 82 42 42

5128 441
6 Eflex



026 4132 6 Sorrey 041 627 839 Rent

75 238

2 38 4 Hertford 73 10 46 644 0126 641 6 Sulsex


0140 625
Bedford 78
445 5123 64; Suffolk

77 Toloo
0 44

933 9 042 619 2}33

Cambrid. 75


037 10 18 11 35 6 Northam. 74 6100 41 4 20 444 9

74 339
6:0 11 23

7337 Rutlanu 78

0145 620
Lincoln 74 900.0141

5:56 042 419 945 10


45 6 40 120 5 43 Nong $1


70 7100 040 019 Derbe;


1 52

61 Northon. 65 11 4° 836 020 500 Stafford 0:52 9124 8150 5

Cumberl. 85

651 10:42

423 400 Salup 81 9164 0 54 2125

Weftmo. So 156 045 9123 cfco Herelord 73 6,43 624 1043 8 Lancast.

77 5:00 0151 1026 cest 83 043 045 8130 11145 il Chester SU

0 54 625 500 Wyrwick 82 0.47 226 3:51 5


o o oloo
67 8100

6 26
058 0
Denbigh 84

0157 923 343 Berks 73 40 035 9,26

7 Angleita og

0.72 Oxford

74 CICO 039 01123 39 8 Carnarv 85 41 049 4:31 ooo Bicks 77 7124 042 11 Merione! h 82 800

0148 026 oloo Montgo. 76 1000 OS1

0,co o Cardigan 73 10,00 036 0'16 Breton 75 2 52 841 10:20

OCO oll Pen biok 62 7100 033 617 Radnor sloo 0,45 0125 3ico o Curma: t. 68


6;.8 4.00 Glamoig. 76


044 020 1100 Glouceft. 70

100 Average of England and Wales, per quarter.

044 1125 1144

Somei set 71 loo 0+3 9:22 043 76 943 9144 1123 4143 Moum. 8! 1100 050 000 O oo


72 5100 040 4:20 Average of Scotland, per quarter. Cornwall 75

4 0 36 11117 oo 0130 0.00 oloo ooo


75 310

၁၁ C+3 734 10,48 6

Hauts 73 900 642 1027 1146 10 AVERAGE PRICES, by which Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated. Wivealj Rye Barley Oats , Beans

Whey Rye Birley Cats Beans. Diarits d. s. dels dos d. so.d.Districts

d. s. d. $ do 3 43 043

9 69 5:43 9129 818

C3 4 2 77 2143 9142

9124 4


73 518 9 46 1 23 11 44 10 3 74 339 612 123

7133 7

73 543 938 7113 8:48 0 72 1143 9140 1020 4135


91+3 2131 5,47 5 68 340 836 719 10+3 4 13

co 00) cloo

83 8.53
2113 623
4 14

78 643 9152 11 26 3:43 0 15 Oo Ooo

olos -100 8 84 0143 9151 0:4 1143 o 16

co low cloo doo 0,00 PRICES OF FLOUR, Jan. 25.

655, to 705. Middling Oos. to pos. ; Horse Pollard 275. od, roos, Seconds 655. to 655. Fine Pollard 209. to 225


85. od. to oos. Thirds cos. to cos. Common ditto

175. to 13s. OATMEAL, per Roll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, 46, 5d.

PRICE OF HOPS. Kent Pockers 41. 105. to) 51. 145. Sursex Pockets 1

41. 85. to sl. 105, sl. O. Ditto Bags

31. jos. to 4!. 165, Farnham Pockets 51. 55. 10l. 105 Ellex B.185

3h 1os. 1951. 8s, PRICE OF MAY AND STRAW. St. James's Play 31. os. Cu to sl. gs. od. Aver. 41. 25.

Straw il, TIS. oil. 10 il. 198. old. Aver. 11. 155. 3d. Å Price of SUGAR, corpuled tion the returis made in the week ending Jan 20,

1202, is 425. Id per cui, exclusive of the duty of Customs paid or payablc thcieon on the importation thereof into Greai-Britain.

SMITHFIELD, Dec. 28. To fink the offal.mper stone of 8ih. Beel 4. éd. to 55. 8d. Pork

55. 81. to 6. 8d. 5s, odd. to 7$. od. Lamb

os. od. to os. od. 6s. od. to 75. 60.

Tullow, per fone of 816. 4s. 1d. COALS,

Newcastle 43s. od. 10 Os. ej. Sunderland, 40s. 60. to oos. od.

SOAP, Yellow, 725.-Mottled, 80s.--Curd, 845.

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