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Downing-fireet, Fune 5. Lient.-gen. Wm. · Whiteball, June 26. Right Rev. Samuel Grinfield, to be commander of all his Ma- Horsley, D.D. bishop of Rochetter; tranda. jesty's land forces serving in the Leeward ted to the see of St. Asaph, vice Dr. Bagot, and Windward Charibbee iflands, and in dec.—Hon. and Rev. Gerald Valerian Wels the idland of Trinidad,

le sey, M A. to be a prebendary of St. Peter, War office, June 12. Gurvi fans. Major the Weitminfter, vice Hoare, dec. Hon. Wm. Grey, of the 17th foot, to be lieutenant-governor of Chefter, vice Gunt,

Civil PROMOTIONS. dec.The under mentioned officers of the East India Company's forces to take rank

EV. James Evans, B.D. master of the R

City-school at Salisbury, to be male by brevet in his Majesty's army in the East ter of the Close-school, vice Dr. Skinner. Indies only: To be major-generals, Colo- Rev. Jihn Griffiths, elected bead-malhels William Gent; and Thomas Nichols; ter of the King's school at Rochester, Kent. to be colonel, Lieut.-col. Jobo Orr; to be Rev. Wm. T'ompson, MA alfitabı heprenant-colonels, Majors Robert Bell, matter in the school of Louth, elected Tredway Clarke, Richard Howley, and head-master of Alfurd schoot, co. Lincoln, Andrew Glass; to be majors, Caplains Jo. vice Ellis, dec. Norris, Thomas Hayes, Walter C. Len Rev. R. S. Skillern, MA. elected fee non, Colin Mackenzie, George Hernyng, cond mae'er of Crype grammar-fchool, and Arthur Foreft.

Glo cefter. Wbireball, June 15. Mary Marchioness Rev. Henry St. John Ballen, M. A, rece of Downthire, widow of Arthur late Martor of Quarrington, co. Lincoln, elected quis of Dowisbire, created a baroness of head' mailer of the free grammar school of the United Kingdom, by the title of Lady Leiceller, vice Heyrick, refigned. Sandys, Baronefs of Omberley, 'co. Wor-' Rev. Edward Coplefton, M.A: fellow of cefter ;-with remainder to Archor Moyses' Oriel college, elected profeffor of poetry in William Hill fcommooly calkd Lord Ar- the University of Oxford, vice Hurdis, dec, thur Moyfex William Hill); fecond son of ***Earl Pitzwilliam, elected hig, steward the said Arthur kte Marquis' of Down. of the borough of Hull. fhire, by the laid Mary his wife ; also, to · The Earl of Effex,-elected high stew. the third, fourth, or fifth fons; and, in de ard of Leominster, vice Lord Bateman, dec. faolt of their iflue; to her eldest son, the Lord Eldonelected a governor of the present-Marquis of Down Thire.

Charter-house, vice Lord Kenyon, déc. Wbireball, June 15. His Grace Hugh Dr.Babington', alħstant-physician to Guy's Doke ter Northumberland, eppointed lord hospital, appointed physician in ordinary, T lieutenant of the county of Northumber- vice Dr. Saunders, resigned ; and Dr. James land, took she oaths appointed to be taken Curry, formerly physician to the North thereupon, at Northumberland-house." ampton hospital, chosen atliftant physician

- St. James's, June 16. William Lu, Low., to Gay's Hospital. Hiery appointed lord-licutenant of the coun. Dr. Richard Powell, elected physician to ties of Cumberland and Weftmotland, vict' the Magdalen hospital, vicé Dr. Latham, the Earl of Lonsdale, dec: took the oaths refighed. appointed to the taken thereupono

Edward Allen;'esq. elected principal of Downing-freel, June 18. Lord Whits the Societyof Clifford'sinn, vice Grégory,dec. worth, appointed bns Majesty's att baffador! "Mr. Smith, one of the matters in Chan.' extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the cery, appointed accomptant-general to the French Republick; and James Talbot, Conrt of Chávcery, vice Walker, dét." efq. to be fecretory to that embally. Thomas Wright Vauglian, esq. appointed

- Wbitcball, June 22: Rev. John Marthall, derk of the peace for the city and liberty Mi At presebied to the rectory of Os feit, of Weftmintter, vice his fathet, refighed. co. Effex, vacant by the tranflation of Dr. Jantes Cobh, esq. the dramatic writer, Besdon, bifhop of Gloucefter, to the fee appomteci amiftant Secretary to the E. Ina of Bash and Wells.

dia Company, vice Maddocks, dec.' War-Office, June 22. Brever. Col. Marcus William Adam, esq. elected coupfel to Beresforo, on the hall-pay of the late 13;th the East India Company, vice Rous, dec. foot, itohe brigadier-general in the Wind- Mr. John Ouen Parr, elected secretary ward and Leeward Charithec ilands. To to the Committee of the Convpany of Met be majors in the army : C*pt. David Duu- clanes (rading to Africa, vice Shoolbred, dec. glas, late of the Socteh brigade; Cast. CoITH Dundas Graham, late of citro; Capt.

ECCLESIÀSTICAL PRESERMENTS. Cameron, fase of dirto; and Carpent. co! Jas. Urquhart; late 'of died, -St, of ieut, Rev. Charles Baillie, M. A. Stiinton in col Genrge Murray, of.. guards, Clevelind V: c. York, vice Cleathing elec. to he adjutant-general'to truff. los ferving Rev. Wm. rcbutt Sales, to be a miin the Leeward inapds and", thal, vice nor canton of Rochester, cathellral. Gledsanes, refigned

Ren Dr. "Birthi, Barle deanrs, SixTx.


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Rev. Morgan Lewis, Great Sampford Rev. Jn. Higgins, Bacton Herefori's with Hempsted V. Etex, vice Halc.

Rev. j c. Leake, Barningham Parva R. Rev. Henry Plimley, M. A. St. Leonard

co. Suffolk. V. Shoreditch.

Rev. George Wafey, M. A. Whittington Rev. Robert Savage, M. A. Hartford V. R. co. Gloucester, vice Thomas, dec. co. Devon.

* Rev. John Turner, Sherston Magna V. Rev. George Wallett, Berrow perpetual with Aldrington curacy annexed, Wilts. curacy, co, Worc. vice Wheeler, resigned. Rev. Dr. Harding, Salthill, to a pre

Rey, Edward Burton Barker, B. A. Bac. bend of Salisbury cathedral, vice Hand, dec. ton R. Suffolk.

Rev. Dr. Knox, master of Tunbridge Rev. Timothy Napleton, M. A. North school, Ramfien Crays R. Effex, vice Bovey R. Devon, vice Lock, dec.

Chamberlayne, riigned. Rev. folio.David Perkins, M. A. St. Rev. J. F. Mucklestone, prebendary of Lawrence R. in Exeter.

Lichfield, Wybunbury V. co. Chester, vice Rev. W. Wacers, curate of Stebhington, Swinnerton, dec. co. Northampton, Dunsby R. co. Lincoln. Rev. Henry Bond Fowler, M. A. Tro.

Rev. Thomas Cule, of Daventry, Long dington perpenal curacy, co. Gloucester, Buckby V. co. Northaminton.

vice Robinson, dec.; and Elmstone-HardRevi Henry-E./mund Hill, B.D. Fenny. wick V. in the same county. Compton R. co. Warwick.

Rev. Richard- Thomas Gough, M. A. Rev. Thomas Boucher, Wythiol-Florey Blakeney with Cokethorpe and Langham R. co. Cornwall,

Parva R. and Cley next the Sea R. Nor. Rev. George Barrington, M. A. to the folk, vice Thomlinson, Jec. eleventh or goldea prebend of Durham, Rev. Martin Nosg, Lítile Shelford R. co. Price Weston, dec.

Cambridge. Rev. T. A. Arwood, elected lecturer of Rev. George Moore, M. A. to a preS:. Margaret's, Wellminster.

bendal-fall in Canterhany cathedral. Rev. Henry Jackson Close, M. A. Bng- Rev. John Williams, M.A. Plaxtul pet. nor R. Siiffex, vice Greenwnod, resigned. petual curacy, Kent.

Rev. Charles Mois, M A. canon of Wells, Rev. Wm Hicks, rector of Little Brax. Whitchurch Canonicorum V. Dorset. ted, EfTex, Greit Marlow V. Bucks.

Rev. W. Huni, M.A. Cattle-Cary living, Rev. Thomas Place, LL.B. Kırklington
and Rev. Mr. Phillott, Wookey V. buth R. c). York.
cw. Somerset, ansi boshi vice Moss.

Rev. Samuel Wix, M. A. Inworth R.
Rev, Samuel lames, Alerton living, co. Eff«x, vice Bull, der..
Somerset, vice Hunc.

Rev. T. 'Bourdillon, M. A. Fenftanton Rev. C. Alhfield, M. A. Stewkley V. cum Hilton V. co. Huntingd. vice Cook, dec. co. Bucks.

Rev. John Fearon, Painswick V. co.
Rev. Launcelot Sharpe, M. A. licensed Glaucester.
to the perpetual curacy of Allallows Rev. Mr. Griffith, West Grinstead and
Stayning, Mark-lane, London.

Platford RR. Wilts.
Rev. Abraham Jobson, M. A. vicar of Rev. Moses Dodd, M.A. appointed mal-
Wymelwoold, co. Leicester, Wilbech St. ter of Chicheiter school, with Emlworth
Peter's living, with S. Mary annexed, in chapelry and a prebend annexed.
the Isle of Ely, vice Rev. Cæsar Morgan, Rev. Rob. Farrington), M.A. SC George
D. D. prom led to Stretham R. co. Cam. in the East R. Middiefex, vice M17 dec.
bridge, vice Swaine, dec.

Rev. John Owen, MA. S1. Benedict and
Rev. fohn Sheepfhanks, M. A. Trinity St. Peter R. Paul's wharf, London,
living, I.eeds, vice Cipos, dec.; and Wy- Rev. E. Northey, Nether Stuwey V. co.
Mswould V. co. Leic. vice Jobfon, refigned. Somerset.

Rev. Charles Stead Hope, B.A. St. Alke Rev. Robert Davers, B. A. Bradfield St. mund V. Derhy, vice Manlove, dec. George R. with Rufbbrooke annexed, co,

Rev. Sherard Becher, M. A. elected a Saffolk, vice Wright, dec.
vicar-choral of the collegiate church of Rev. W. M. Whalley, M. A. Waltham
Southwell, vice Cane, dec.

Abhey donalive, Effex.
Rev. Charles Slurres, M. A. appointed Rev. J. Brown, M. A. flkeston V. co.
clerk in orders of the parish of Chelsea, Derhy.
Middlesex, vice Gardiner, dec.

Rev. John Holt, M. A. vicar of Wraw-
Rev. Thomas Chambers Wilkinson, All by, co. Lincoln, Gringloy on-the-Hill lie
Saints R. and St. Peter's V, confolidated, ving, co N stringhiam.
Stamford, co. Lincoln.

Rev. Edward Vaughan, St. Martin and
Rev. Thomas Thomas, M. A. curate of All Saints VV. Leicester, vice Gregory, dec.
St Mary Redcli&, Bristol, Tidenham V. Rev. John Ramsden, of Don after, Ack.
80. Gloucester, vice Davis, dec. *

worth R.; and the Rev. George Desmeth Rev. Thomas Aubury Howard, Yatten- Kelly, M.A. Ampleforth prebend, is York don R: Berks, vice Bellas, dec,!

cathedral; both vice Newman, dec. SINT. MAG. June, 1802

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580 Preferments, Dispensations.Theatrical Register. [June,

Roy ,

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Rev. Joseph Dixie Chirchill, M. A.

Blickling R Norfolk.

EV, C. Beresford, M. A. rector of
Rev. Marmijoke Wilkinson, B. A.
Nowcon R. Suttolk.

worth R co W .ck.
Rev. Roheit A. Iusgram, B. D. Segrave Rev. Edwarı Wille, M.A. to hold Huish
R. co. Loicester, vice Thwaites, dec. V. with the cha'-!r Laugpire apnex-

Rev. J. Newling, Ditchingham R. Nor- ed, together wit Went C mel R. Som-rfer, folk, vice Malay, dec.

Rev. Charles Fowlir.M. to bold Rol. Rev. 1. P B. Bohun, St. Michael Sonth lefton Vi wiih Easto. V. both co Norts. Elmham perpetual curacy,

Rev. George Croft, D D. lecturer of St.
Rev. 1. L. Warren, M.A. Werdmore V. Martin's, Birmingham, to hold Tuwing Å.
Co, Somerset

with Arnchtte V both co, York.
Rev. James Phelps, M. A. Alderley R.
co. Gloucrftor.

Rey Mathew Sprtees, M. A. rector of Murch DRURY-LANE.
Norih Cerner, 10 a prebendal itall in Glou- 16. A Bold Suroke for a Wife--The Prize
cefter cathedral, vice Dr. White, resigned. 18. The Duenna-The Anatom it.

Rev. Thomas rodd, B D. Brompton. 20. Venic Preserve-Virgi: Vonalk'd. > * Regis V. C. Somerset.

22 Pizarro - The Mock Doctor. Rev. William Cooper, M.A. West Rai. 23. Artaxerxes - Who's the Dupe? fin R. co. Lincoln.

25 The Winter's Tile-Virgin Unmask'd Rev. M. Doud, M. A Highley prehend, 27. The Duenna-The L'ar. in Chichester cathedral, to which is annex- 29 The Winter': Tale--Nly Grandmother. ed the school of Chichester. 30. Ditto-The Mock Drictor.

Rev. Joseph Ruddock, M.A, Ailgarth V. April 1. Artaxerxes—The Humourift, co. York, vice Ellis, dec.

3. The Winter's Tale-The Shipwreck. Rev, Mr. Gra es, aged 37, rector of 5. l'he Country Guitarlega in- Amulet. Claverton, near Bath, Croscombe living, 6. Love in a Village--The Lying Vjet. co. Somerset.

7. Redeription. Rev. Thomas Kidd, M. . fecond mar. 8. The Winter's Tale-The Devil to Pay. ter of Merchant Tailors school, St. James R. 9. Selection of Sacred Musick. [riage. Garlickiche, London.

10. Artaxerxes-Three Weeks after Mär. Rev. Thomas Mills, elected lecturer of 19. The Orphan- Harlequin Amulet. St. Olave, Harl-ftree', London.

20. Pizarro The Spurl's Child. Rev. John Ion, Rutton and Lowthorpe 21. The Winter's Tale-The Anatomir. perpetual curacies, co. York.

22. The Fashionable Friends The Doaf Lover. Rev. Charles-Robert Marshall, B. D. 23. Dirto-- Who's the Dupe ? Hanworth V. co. Lincoln.

24. The Rivals-The Citizen. Rev. D. Everard, M.A. Burnham-Thorpe 26. Artaxerxes-Harlequin-Amulet. R. co. Norfolk, vice Nelson, dec

27. Pizarro - The Ducior and Apothecary. Rev. Edw. Rodd, Ditcitham liv. Devon. 28. The Winter's Tale - The Devil to Pay.

Rev. George Glover, B. A. Waterford- 29. No performance; proclamation of peace. Stratford R, Bucks.

30. AlgorabThree Weeks after Marriage Rev. Charles Turner, M. A. Wendorer May. The West Indian-Virgin Unmalk'. V. co. Bucks.

3. Macheth – The Wedding Day. Hon. and Rev. Edward Rice, M.A.

4. Algonaha-The Mock Doctor. Driffield precentorship and prebend, in 5. The Wioter's Tale-The Sultan. York cathedral, vice Rev. Henry Forster 6. The Clandestine Marriage - The Pannel Mills, appointed chancellor of the said cate 7. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife Adelthedral, on the resignation of the Rev. Geo. 8. Algonah-The Wedding Day. '[morn. Markham, promoted to York deanıy. so. The Way to Keep Him-The Devil to

Rey. Samuel Henshall, M. A. Stratford 11. The Winter's Tale-Adelmoro). [Pay. Bow R. co. Middlesex.

12, She Wou'd and Slie Wou'd No-Ditto. Rey, Wm. Carey, M.A. and Rev. Lam

13. Algonah--The Virgin Unmask'!, plugte Wickham Hird, M.A. to prebendal. 14. As You Like It Irza; or, Tbe Nabeb of falls in York cathedral,

15. Winter's Tale-Wedding Day. [Arcor. Rev. Thomas Pearlon, curate of Upwell, 17. The Tender Hufband - The Old Maid. Norfolk, Brampton V. co. Weltmorland, 18. A Trip to Scarto ough-Adelmorn. Vice Walker, reógned.

19. The Winter's Tale--The Anatomift. Rev. Wm. Hurdman Jane, D. D. Tre- 20. Algonah- The Mock Doctor. Jington R. co. Worcester.

21. The Way to Keep Him-Bon Ton. Rev. Robert Affleck, M.A. installed 22. Much Ado about Nothing-Nosong No prebend of Tockerington, in York cathe- 24. School for Scand l-Adelmorn. [Supper. dral, vice Foord, dec.

25. TheWayto KeepHim--The Shipwreck, Rev, David Hughes, B.D. fellow of Jesus 26. Artaxerxes-Who's the Dupe i college, Oxford, elected principal of that 27. Twelfth Night-Sylvefter Daggerwood Society, vice Hoare, dcc.

-High Life Below Stairs.

1&, The

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8. The Wonder The Deserter.

5. The Man of the World-Brazen Mask. 9. The Dueon --The Old Maid.

6. Ar!. Xerx Dilo. 1 The (ender. Hubund-Ad!morn. 7. The IronlellThe Review. Une 1. ThePanrel-Ro-K charine and 8. The Cihine & zen Mik

2. Pizarrom The Devil to Pay [Perruchio. 10. The Man o t <Wri-D tto. = 3. Artxerxe-Blae Beard.

11. Alfonf-Pulizi yigma 4 Hmlet. Of Age Ty-morrow.

12. The Cabine-B 32 Malk. 7. The C. ft! Sp-ctie-Sylvetier Dagger. 13. The Birth-Dut! Bodou inj---Ditto,

wood-Katharine and Perruchio. 14. Wild Oats - Spigs of Laurel The 8. The Chaprerf Accidents-The Gentle

Spoilil Ch. 9. Couvry Girl - Blue Beauel (Sirepherd. 14. Folly as it Files --Prazeo Misk. 20. Larefa Love Ditto. [The P: (oner. 17. The C. binelDito Il riskijulika (-- Jyle-rDigger voni-- 18. Sneed the long' -lern Antiques. 12 The Chililof Nat.1: The Ram-Don 19. The Icelous Wife - The Review. 14 Te Confed r'cy-- Blue Beird. [luan. 20. The Comet z n Milk 1. The W yin ke pilim--Rofa. 21. Douglslock. Ky. 16. Sage of Begiade-Lovers' Quarrels.

he Birth

DR-Brazen Mik, 17. The lucrutt'intomist-- Don Juan, 24 Wie Man of the Worlu Dile,

% The Recriw ng ibce: -Tne Fl:cen of 25. Love in a Village--Motern Intiques. 79. The WillThe Sultan). [ Baron. 26. The !Vor.d of Honour-Paul d Virginia. 21. (). Three Weeksa't r Mire 27 Tiic Dernilove à-11-Mode. 22. A livico ScarhorougisRofona. (riage. 28. Ronin-Leufte by St.Diviil'sDiy 23 The Countr Gigl--DI'UM'',

29 Venicu Frele, ved-Histford Borge. 24 T •elf • N ght -The Fich of", 31. Love in a Vilag: -Biazen M A is. Tie Pr :91 The Cinid of Nature - June 1. The Word of Honour-t'e farmer, The Werinar,

2. The Candle toho budaluña-Tbe Cuifres; Macbe COVENT-GARDEN.

or, Buried Alive. 13 The Citnet-he Review,

3. T. merlane - The Spoild Chili-[le 1. Sregeot Belgrade-Nu Song No Supper.

Deserier of Naples. 16. a Village lave à-l... Mode. 4

The Cabinet - The Birth-Day. 1, Section of Sacred Mufici.

Ml bell Peref. 3 TuCabu-i-Te Spou'. Cild. 8. ile Ruad ' R .nihe Dife ter of The Creation

Naples-ti vont. 20: T- Dicon Honeft Thieves.

9. Sieeilhe Paglial vid.cani. 22 Di-Pe vie,

10. The Wire of Horor 23 TetabinelH.101 quin's Almanack.

mai-Pul and Vagas 24 Scletin of Saciej Musiik.

II. A Cium for the Heart. 101. Thomas The Burit-Day-Peroute.

and Sully-Peruule. [ 100.0:1. 25. Acis and Galates-- Miscellaneous Aet. 12. The Be.1: Stratagem-Tc Irunuan 27. The Cabinet - The Review: [wanack, 14. The Man of the world--- The Sudan. ,29. K.Henri the FourthHarlequin's Alo 15. Tne Cabul et-Brazen Malk, 30. Love in a Village--Love S-L1-Mode. 16. Inkle and Yarıco-rontit lineves. 31. Selection of Sacred Munck.

17. The P or Gentleman-Love-a-Mode. April 1. The Cabinel--The Prisoner at 18. The Moon aineers-Paul na Virginia. 2. The Mestian.

(Large. 19. Lovers' Von-The Padlock. 3. Artixelxeslhe Review,

23. Portly as it Flies-- The Spoii'u Child. 5. Fully sat Flies-Tbe Bruzen Mask; or, 22. The Cabin !--The Pritonci at Large. Alberto and Rolahella.

23. Spend the Plough The Follies of a 6. The Cabine-D10.

Day-Tlie'Wtórm4n. (Dislu, 7. Selection of Sacred Mufick.

24. Die Jealuvit. -P ( anu Virginia 8. The Duenir-The Brazen Mask. 25. The Buty BuivRma. 9. Selection of Sacred Munck.

26. The Cabio 1-T Sultan. 10. The Man of the World ---Br.zen Milk. 19. King Richard the Toid-Dillo.

P. 187. Harry House, esq. late of Pall 20. The Cabinet-Disto.

Mall, wine and oil merchant, who died 21. The Man of the World - Ditto.

Feb. 1, at the age of anout 85, as : man 22. The Cabinet-Ditto.

of ex'raordinary worth and liberalicy of 23. King Henry the fourth-Mitto.

miod. From the le:d he wa repeatedly 24. The Man of ile WorldDitto.

called to take in Weltminiter elections and 26. Castle of Andalusia-love à la-Mode. other public and political matters for more 27. Art. Xerxes- The Braz-u Valk

than half of the last century, as well as 28. The Merry Wives of Windoi-Dito. from his age and her well-edi ned ho29. Folly as it Élies-Hirlequin's Almanack. nours, he was denominated The Father 30. The Woodman-CrotchetLodge.[nack, of Weltmintter.” He les veu l'ils apprenMay 1. Love in a Vill -Harlequu's Alma ticeship 10 bis moter's brother, Arthur 3. The Man of the World - Brazen Molk. Rowlinson, a celebrated oil-mal in the 4. Poor Gentleman-Modern Antiques. fame Areet, near 100 years ago. He was

a membe

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a member of the Court of Westminster for Ibid, b. Mr. Bell was an eminent attorney a, k ng period; and succeeded to the office in Gray's inn, and a partner with Mr. Roof bighi conftable on the relignation of Mr. bert Dynely. He was from Sunderland, ia Daniel Jones, in 1*32 (ree our vol. II. p. the county of Durham; and, as his origin 1726) An unmarried filter of his, Doro. was rather humbie, tris laudable anplication the Rawlinlon, died a few years ago, at a and steady pursuit in business justifard him very advanced age, and left a confulerable in sying, with Archer in “ i he Braux friune to lier rephew aforesaid, who, ha. Stratagem, “We are the men of superior ving long conducted an extensive and lu- merit, who can bring our fortune ont of crative line of bufinels with success, was ourselves." He come early in life to 100considered very rich. He has left Ivo don, where he spent his first years with Mr. daughters, the elvett of whom is married Charles Ashmell, attorney; and when his to Capt. Corner, in the E.A India trade, master died, le courted his wider', whun and the other to Mr. Rivers, fargeon, in he afterwards mar: led, and lias survived Spring-gardens, Charing-cross.

her 5 years. See our vol. LXVII. p. 572. P. 280. The late Mr. Jolliffe's will has Ibid. for “cure of the ganglions," r. just been proved. Il is accompanied hy six use of the gang!ions." codicils, all of which, except the lait, le- P. 476, k. 19, r.“ After a lingering and gether with t':e will, are wri: ten by himle!f painful illness, aged 67, the re'ct of jucıb upon looft ha!'-theets of paper, or the hacks Hiede, esq. ef Langham. hall, Eliex, who ) of letters. Heb.sleft the bulk of his fortune died Dec. 11, 1780. She was niece and to his elded fon, Hy'ton Jolliffe, esq.; and heiress of Him hry Thayer, efq. drnggift, 10,000!, to his voungest, William. jonn jol. and conimifñower of the excise, who died liffe ; and 300l. for the erection of a mu- Doc. 9, 1737, being second fun of foleum. His eldleft fup is his sole executor. Thyer, efi. druggitt to his Maj fty, who The last cod.cil was made after his acci- left him the maour of Laogham, which he dent; he was only ahle to sign it with his left to his niece." mark, which was for the purpose of add- Thid. I. 32. Mr. Jacob Harmsen, in the ing 500l. to a former legacy of the fame midule part of his life, make two voyages amount to his youngett ron,

to the Indie ; for more than 40 years 'he P. 469, n. for Clanard, read Clonard. worked on the ciiy of Amsterdam mod.

P. 470, b. Maurice Morgan, ef. Was buat ; and four years befire his death he one of the committioners of the Hackney was strong enough to carry water tirough Coach office, and au' bor of an eray on tie the ftreets; and died at the age of 107. character of Falstaff, and formerly private

V secretary to Lord Shelburne.

BIRTHS. Ibid. for Mabew, r. Muyi ew.

May T Exning, Suff the wife of the P. 4-2. Ain Harilton, Counters-Jow. 21 Rev. Cooper Williams, a daigh. ager of Roden, was the eldest d'ughter of 27. The wife of Ju. Dean Pau, esq. a fin. James Earl of Clanb'atti:l; by Lady Hen- 28 in Weymouth-firtel, Portland, place, rietta bertinck, aughter of William Earl the wife of jas.-A. dr. Hefiellin, esq. adia of Portland. She was born 1730, and the 29 The wife of Captain Olway, of the Princess of Orange Itond as fponfo. In royai navy, a daughter. 1752 the married Robert Joculen, Earl of 31. ln York-lace, Portman-square, the Roden, of lielard, by whom fie was em wife of Bieti, esq. a danghier. thiet ut the pretent gallant Earl, who dilo Lately, in Dublin, the lady of Sir Richard ti' guides limftlf in the lat. rehellion. Slecl, bari. a son and heir. On ihr death, of her brother, the latt Esit The wife of Raiph Tew, esq. of Trim, of Clan'athli (who left no llue ny his a daugli!er. di Grace, daurer of Thomas Lind fo- The wife of Alex. Rateliffe, of Blackley, Biron of Kinderminiter), ler lady- leach, in Saldawoth, co. Salop, thulee Hip neinse the repiederlative of the Ha fons, baptized Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ; milions Earls of Cl..nbridi, and in her all, with the mother, likely to do well, rishi L'ord Roden enjoys the eltaics of The mother is die self a twin, and has that famil.

been before delivered of twins, P. +7+, b. for "many claiman's," r. At mallmg buy-plice, Effex, the wife of "every clamant.”

Archer Houblon, esq. a lon, fonce dead. P. 475, a. Dr. James Mackittrick Adair Al his house in Biker-stree, Portman. is recordej :n the fort volume of Philip Square, the wife of Jo. Hawk'os, ety. a son. Thicknelle's Memoirs, 1783, in the front In Cuizon ftreet, Marofvir, the wife of of which are fonie Curious it sits in the belt Samuel Hulmani, efq. two fous. style of this wiler. The respea in jutily June I. In Alderigal--freer, the wife of due to the nanie of Thickneile delerves John Robley, ery a daughter. fome farther sotice of the author of a Ican. 4. At his Lordihip's huse iu Ca endirla. dalous pamphile which seems to reprobare square, the ountess of Catlilis, a foo. Mr. T. of cowtube, a Ci aracter he docs In Park-place, Lady Caroline Stuart not appear to merit.

Wortley, a lon.



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