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them to the regiment. The First Conful , formation received by me previous to my Spoke thus: - Officers and Sub-Officers of departure was personally 'favourable to itse it regiment. It was in your ranks, I him; and, in Thort, that if he was willing received the first letfons of the military ari. to place himself at my discretion, he would I have always observed your regiment pe- · have reason to be satisfied.--He still here culiarly sensible to the lensiments of her tated. Several columns marched in par: Now," &c. &c. No pimies could be more fuit of pm, and some fighe encounters warmly or handsomely bettowed; and the loisk place. Ai length, Christophe apFuit Coniul in the fterility of news, cers. prijed me that I had voly to lend tainly lo k the best move of rendering iucha orders. Thule I sent were that he thoaid a ceremony oferesting to a valt concour le repair alone to the Cape, dismiss all the of five et cors.

working negroes whom he had fill with The core of Public Instruction, pro- him, and collect all the troups under his poled by the Gwernment, thus beun agreed coinmand. Every thing was ponctually to by the began ve Bud.

More than 2000 inhibitants of The orginal names of all the public the Cape, who were in me mist dittant hofp-tals in France have been reitores, id mornes, have recurned. His inig-zines and the whole of the revolutionary appellations arollery are in our hands, and abron 1200 abuluhet.

troops of the line, whom he had still real Amvog the Artles of the French Re- maming, joineu our troops. A part of pubiic, we find ouc, which obliges mere them have been disarmed and sent to work chant-vetiels failing for the Cuiones. Cu at the plantations. The rett i retain in take vo-hour passengers tent to inem by order tu he incorporated with the national the Government. They are to provide troops; the submission of Christophe combirths for patlongers in the proportion of pleted the confternaciou.of Touffiint. He two for every 100 tons.

cmployed every means lo acquaint me wiih Paris, June 13. The following letter the ficting filuation in which he was was alus day received from the General i

places, and with what pain he faw hoilie Chief :

lities continued without an object, and St. Domingo." Head Quarters al without an end. He added, that very wi

ibe Cape, May 8. foriu ate circumstances had already occau Citizen Minister, -I lake the cirliest foncu many calamities; but ihal, however opportuonty of culpatchwg Cuizen Bruyeres, great the force of the French army, he my Aid-de-Cami, 10 acqusiut you with thould itill remam fufficieuly Atring and this happy events which have re-estabhthed powerful to barri, ravage, and icll dearly 44119wllity throughout this func and im a life, which had once been ufeful to the rucnis couny. You must have rece ved mother countiy, All chele communicathe vispaichics by which I informeal you of wins, frequency repealed, give nie to prothe military occurrences which look place found refcctis. Threc-funnels of the in the most of Germinal (March 22, Colony balttili escaped the rivages of fire; Apr 1 201. Bealen and dispersed in every and and the Black, lhragh they direction, terror filled lise camps of the hrad Joue much mitchief, and conulu "ted the rebels. Desti ute of stones, anu dimint war with extrenie bar busily, had never Wabout powder, livey wcie reduced to B.. leen Fiancr, and, for twelve years, had bananas. The arrival of the iquand on received oudytasie irnpreilions of our force from Fioshing mu Hivre gave me to thing aid our churcter. I caused Tirol101010 blow. Christoplie leni lu inform me inal he istorical, what he was only su rep.sis lo he nd always been a friend to the whites, the Cape, and thus the hour of pardon' whole functai qualues and information he aught itide reurn. Touflant did not fait hid citecnica sorangniy than any other ki) prufit by the permalion I had given. pin of clans -tha aid me Eu spedits He came to lcc me, entreated to be fcitored wo had deco, in > Domingo con me.. w tavour, and Lix k aus Outll of fidelity to lestimony Lohus principiesaus luis c.muat ; France. I accepled his fubmittion, and but that was perious curcumitance, wNCH wilesed hun ir repair to a plantation near govern and frequeutly decide the cins. vet Gmaiven, .d never to leve it withou. mg of a public charactér, had not left hun perruition. Thave placed Dellalines at a poser w act as he could inave withali 10 planilivs near St. MÅNC. All the plants, a word, what he was anxious I, KIJOW wins bsad heeu carrıca orf, are returned. I wherver there itill remained any nope of ihall ancorporac with the colonial troops Sultry for tum. ' I returned, in antwet, faut part of the trained blacks as I thill that will the French people the dogruf wuk fu ww be entrusted with arms. Tlie Terexauce was lw.ys Icfi so;en; Lisad the Itures and pieces of istillery which they cuartani batue of the First Contui wapd.) au dragged 10 tie top of precipices, or weigh the actions of me.., and thus fugle fuucea.out in the woods, are Jaily brought muluced, whatever were its contequerces, in. Tuey had dild more than a hundred. never eftaceu llie remembuat poden vices new æra comniences.' from all the formerly rendered i blanding 1, labai greies and Oldures Exhave Lakens ythi


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will perceive that we are busily occupied be fufficient for the demands of St. Dowith the internal adavini@ration of the mingo,'ks'a happy day for myletf and the corntry. Thc bad season bas commenced; armiy; inasmuch as a colonial war fhould bus the repole which the troops, enjoy will have for its result the triumph of comenable us to pass it with the least pullible merce. I have sent General Dugua to the loss. la consequence of your attentioa, Southern nait. Gen. Rinchambeau is in we are ahundartly supplied with pravihons. the distr&t of St. Marc. The whole of the Health and respect. (Signed). LECLERC. army js entitled to my praise ; but l'ought

From abe fami, at ibe Cape, Mar 8. to notice, in a more particular manner, the " The rebuilding of the Cape proxeeds zert, the firmness, and the services af Gen. with a degree of activity which it is diffia. Rochambeau. The activity of Daure, the cult to conceive. Tlus, city nils out of its Chief Commary ordannateur, is also entialhes, I do not cnceal the mischief which tled to eulogium.--Health and respect, has been done in m ny diftricts of the Co. (Signed)

I'I LECLERC." looy; but from the different official reports Extract of a Letter from ebe Cape. which I am now receiving, I am convinced “ The news of the Peace has brought that more than three-fourths of the Colony Touflaint to reason; the whole ifand is are entire. The distriots of Artobonire, pacified. The Chiefs have submitted to and all those of the South, the Mole, and the laws of the Republick. I yesterday Fort Liherté, are completely preserved. faw Toussaint at the house of Gto. Leclerc, American yerlels croud our barbours with and I saw a mon. All that he faid was cargoes of four, çeal, and other materials' well considered; he has good sense, genius, for building, Ciiizen Pichon ecqunipis me and a great babio of command. This man. that the Americans have thewo much difa", is very superi to all others of colour satisfaction with the measures taken by me whom I have seen. They have formed a og my arrival; but, in my opinion, they very wiong idea of him in Europe." are wrong to speaks of the past. There In a letier from Gen. Leclerc to Toof-* were fonie agents of the American Go- · saint, the tells him, that á veit of oblivion vernment with Toulains, and they did not all be thrown- wer every thiog that has always give him the heft advice. Muikersy pulled prior to his arrival at St. Domingo. guns, any powder, were furujlhed from ....ith regarů to yourself, ihe observes, ile Unised Siates with increased activiwy: " you defire répole, and you deserve it. this moment the Peelinmarios of Peace. After a man tras furtta ned for several years were known. It was thuesote nalonaithe burthen of the government of St. Dothat I fheud fake meafures to pre: entiis mingo, I apprehend he needs repose. I communication with the rebeis. Our Com- leave you at liberty to retire to wtrichever millioners in America do not feel very of your habitations you please. I rely so muc!) for the intereit of tbe puislic Trea- much ou the attachment you lear to the fury; a paltry ole brig, which you sent colony of St. Domingo,' as to believe that out, has coft 28,000 francs for repairs. you will employ the moments of leisure Çiruzen Pichon, hou ever, ought to know you may have in your retreat, in commithat the brig, was not worth half tha sum. nicating to me your views respecting the The national trade allo begins to lend me means to be taken to make agriculture and a few veltels. I have given orders for re. commerce again fourith." foring the operation of the colonial sittem To chis letter is fubjoined a decree, which as far as poffible. All veilels coming from repeals the oujlawry of Toussaint and his France are exampled from every kind of colleagues. import duty. They pay 10 per cent. on exportation : it would, perhaps, be ad

COUNTRY NEws. y leavle to demine five only; but I thall Dr. A. Foihergill, of Bath, has heert wait for infiructions from you on this lately presepted by the Board of Agriculpoint. Tbis can no wife injure commerco, inre with a very elegant Snuff-box, accom because you can, in the me.n time, dimi- pinied by an unanimous vote of Thanks, in a like proportion the Julies uport for his Effay on an important (object in the trade from the Welt Indies. The Cos: Agriculture. louy is also in a fruation to receive such'a commercial system of regulation as you DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. may biyok proper. Sbould og large com

Thursday, June 3. mercial towns take means for fupplying About 2' this afternoon, a tremendous our demands, we may in a short time re- fire broke out at a warehouse in Great fore the operation of the ediêts of 1784, Ahe-ftreet, Goodmans Fields.; fuppoted relative to the Customs.... I have father to to be occafioned by a candle being left requft, that you wil allure. the Fire Con- burning near some' ftraw, while the laful that I have not for a moment lott right bourers were gone to their dinner. Seveaf he diseat ofta y étions he gave).mr, as ral of the disbanded Tower Hamlet Militia well in a polisi cal as in a commercial point attended;'' with an officer, to clear the of view, and that shall Tegard the day place of improper persons. The Alaves maherche nacional commerce alone will were early subdued by five o'clock, with


out spreading any further ; but the damage might go down, and examine the date of foftajoed is very great.-- This was "the this wonderful cavity. This enquiry takes old, for it founded hy., ac Odel place every seven years, as may be seen by 1928, re-built, in an expensive manner, the date of the last opening, visible as you by Giffard 1737, hut supprelled by the go down, wbich was on the same day in excellent act for licensmg places of dra- 1795. This improvement on Bridge Armalic entertainment. It was fupported a clit Aure was the work of the learned few years by an evasion; during which Dr. Slukeley, and conducted by Mr. Jell, time Mr. Garrick entered himself of the tbe A chitect of that beautitul huisge. Af Company, and drew a crowd of wobiliey fer the Commitee had palled their report and gentry, whose carriages filled the on the exterior and uterior, the inquisitive whole space from Temple-bar to White- and curious paffungers were permilles to chapel." Pennani's London, page 250.

Jesce id the ladder, (o gratify the mind, og After it fell into disule, it was converted paying the workmen fix pence. A Corinto warehouses, and as filled with cotton respondent, who went down, says, he when it was thus completely destroyed. was most agreeably surprized with the Monday, May 24.

unexpected size of the arch, its dignity and A most splendid entertainment was this grandeur. The flat ipace on which you day given at the Mansion-house by the ftand, is the centre of the pier ; on each Lord Mayor to his Royal Highness the hand are the rising crowns of the two Prince of Wales, and the Brethren of the arches relting on this pier, wbich is the Britannic Lodge of Freemasons. After fifth from the Westminster shore ; and the Lodge had been opened in the Ægyplian' about 18 feet above where you itand, is . Hall by the Prince, as Grand Maiter, at- the crown or fofit of the great arch, ritended by the greater part of its Memhers, fing from the centre of the adjoining two, the company were conducted by a band of and carrying this bridge from the fourth to music into an aljoining apartment, where the sixth pier; so that, by this arch of Dr. dinner was ferved up, confisting of the Scukeley, the fifth may be removed, and greatest delicacies of the season, and deco- not injure the bridge in any degree. The rared with many appropriate emblems of hexagonal angles of the two ends of this Mafoory, tastefully designed, and correctly chamber, which is 15 yards wide, are also execured. On each' end and rides of the hollow; and, indeed, it is in the South ancable were six ornamental, dishes, formed gle or recess in which the ladder is fixed of a variety of Nasonic Hieroglyphicks. la to descend; near the botiom of wbich is a the centre was placed a large Masonic iem- small opening, to permit freth air to pass ple of white and gold, fix feet ligh, raised through this chamber, lo fan and ventilate upon cight elegant pillars, supporting a its por derous walls and roof, The worklighe dome, and Glory, with Masonic arms. meu reckoned this the seventh time this Adjoining to it, were iwo large globes in large for las been remswed from the top a line with four marble pillars, upon which of the archa since the bridge was built. In were the letters ( and B furpended. On cale of necessary repairs, the North recess their base were figures representing Faith, orangle may aifo be openedl : bul, from Hope, and Charity, with the Sun, Moon, oue opening, there was no want of light and Stars, and other emblems of Mary, after a thort Itay. There is a description connected together, with the Prince's piume, of this mode of conftructig arches, acas Grand Master; the arms of die sritan- companied by a plate, in our vol. XXX. nic Lodge, and a scroll, recording its motiu, p. 364. This paper was presented to the " Nil desperaudum-Auspice Teacro." Royal Society, and writen by Dr. SlukeThe smaller and other ornaments were ley, wherein he recommends ibis, which

equally well arranged, and not only grati- he calls interlaced arcb, to form all tlie I

fied those who were most learned in the arches of bridges; so that, should one pier craft, but also others, who were unac. fouk, or give way, the iwo next adjoining quainted with its myfterics, and had been will render the whole fife. permitted to see the cables. Among the

Monday, June 28. noble Personages wlio parlook of this Ma- This day lois Majetty wens, in the usual fonic feart, were the Swedith Ambassador, itate, loche House of Peers; where, in a Earls Harringtone, Moira, Mountnorris, hurt: ut excellent Speech (which will be Sirs 'Hyde Parkur, Hayes Macuumara, s. giveo in due cuorse in a fu' ure number) he Lumington, L. Darell, Colonels Stewart, was pleased to prorogue the Parliament. Porter, Haroage; the two Sherifts; Mellrs. The Speaker allo addressed an admiras Hesletine, Mail, Meyrick, Harrison, ble Speech to the Sovereign; which we Om manez, Shum, Wilkinson, Dawes, Gal. mall not fail to preserve hereafier. loway, Grenfell, Caflell, Blackman, Bar

Tuesday, June 29. pard, &c.

This day was iflued the Royal Procla Thursday, June 10.

mation for diffolving the Parliament, This day the arch over the finking pier * This bridge was opered on the montiof Weltminter Bridge was openeil, that a ing of Sunday, Nov. 18, 1750.Cummitles of Surveyors and Architects


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GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. general of foreign corps in his Majesty's Warg Eur office, INVALIDS. Ensign Francis Service, vice Couper:

White, from the invalids at Wbireball, Marcb 16 George Lord Rio Plymouth, to be enfign in Capt. Rogers's vers, created Birou Rivers, of Sudeley inile pendent company of invalids in ihe culle, co. Głopcefter, will remainders to Tower of London, vice Móiregor, ex- Gen. Sir William.Auguflus Pitt (nrother

changer. Enlign John M'Gregor, froin of Lord Rivers), anu mus nurs-male, and The invaliels in the Tower of London, to to the intue-male fucceffively of Peter be enlign in the late M jor Butkeley's) Reck fori', 'f Stapleron, co. Dorset, ela by imulependent company of invalids at Fly. Loft Beckfooral, his late wite, decealed mouth, vice. White, exchanged.-Brevet, (etirup hter or he laid Lord Rivera). Cape. Alex. Bryce, vf the royal engineers,

War office, March 20. Brevet. Cál. Pierre to be major in the arıny.

Frederick Cim de Meuron, to be major- War-office, Jan 16. Barracks. fn. Flynn, general in the armv. eq. late captain-lieutenant in the Royals, Whitebull, March 20. Rev. James Micto be barrack-maller of Snelbourne, in queen, presented to the church ani parish Nova Scotia, vice Ogden, retired.

of North Virt, in the presbytery and War-office, Jan. 26. Hospital-paff

. Apo. iftand of Unit, vice Alları Macuueen, vec. thecary Wm. Warcup, to ne gar nilon-for. Rev. Jono Macqueen, to the church asid fony in the ifland of Mariique, vice paruth of Gairloch, in the presbyrert of Thempfoi, promoted. Surgeon W. A. Lochcartını, and county of Ruf, pria M Borke, from the 37th foot, to be apothe- Ininth, dec. Rev. James South, to the cary, tu the forces, vice Warcup.

church and parish of Eymouth, in the - War-office, Feb. 6 Seaff Coi. Alexayiler presbytery of Chrnfide, and County of Mackenzie, uf the 3611 fnot, to be trga. Berwick, vice T dil, wiec Rev. Pinck dier-general in the army serving in the Millac, to the church and pirit of ComMediterranean only. Thomas Afeur Cof.' rie, la tre pretbyrery of Auchserarver, and tin, efq. to he commiflary of accompts in con ey of Perin, vice M.Diarmid, dec. Brith North-America. Helpital-ftaff. Al- Web:ll, Marco 23. Rev. Kenbastant-intpector Alex. Roheition io be de. neciy, presented to inic Chirch and puruh ur puty-infpector of hospitals to the forces. Applecrits, in the presbytery of LochcarSorgeon Adair Blackwell, from the son ron, and county of Rob, vice "Rev John foot, to the surgeon to the forces; vice Macqiteen, (ranslucent to the church and Webb, promoted. To be apothecaries to paruti of Gau loch. the forces: Surgeon Thomas Ross, from St. Jimes's, March 24. George Earl of: the 54th furot, vice Findlay, dec. ; Surgeon Ettex," appointed loru licul nant of the Michael Egan, from the 79th tout; Sur. county of Hereford, vice Viscount Bale. geon Fletcher Wells, from the 2d fool.- man, dec. Barracks. Robert Collier, elq. Jate captain War office, Munch 24. General his Royal in the Scotch brigade, to be barrack-main Highuels Eilward Duke of Kent, K. G. ter in Great Britain, vice Marshal, retired. appointed governor of Gibraltar, vice Gen.

War-office, Feb.9. brevet. Capt. fo. Tay. O'Hara, dcc. lor, of the 2 gun fi. co ne major in the army. Downing-fareet, March 27. Sir James

War-office, Feb. 16. Stuff Burnet Bruce, Cranfural, balto appointed his Majeity's enje ef4. advocate, to be depu.y-ja...e-advocats voy-rxuduturo: and minister p eiipon anck clerk of the couts marvind in North cenua y lo the King of De mark i Frane Britan, vice Tyller, appointed to a seat in cıs Hill, ely. to be his Mjestv's secretly. the Court of Setlion.--- Hospital aff. Gare of legution at the same court; Charles niton-turgeon · M'Dou..ll, of the Band Fenwick, ery. to be his Msjerty's coniul af of St. Lucia, (che gt'rifon-surgeon of E fincur.-A. powitnient of Andrew Col. Antigua, vice Matilebury, temoved to the par Giele, tly, to be bis Pruffian Majelty's home statt.

vice cuinuulai London, approved, St. James's, Feb. 24. Henry Bentinck, ! Harustfice, March 27. Hufpiral-faff. W. efy. appointed caplain general and gover- Mrvone, M.D. inipector of orpcals, to be por in chief of the plands of St. Vincent, pro cipal medical officer of ihe hospitals in Bequia, and such oldier of lleiflunds cuma the ine of wigil, vice facklun, religned. monly calied the Grenadines, as lie to tire Whirebult, April 6. Rt. George Mork. Norihwary of the inand of Criaçon, in ham, M. A. octomaeded by his Majetty America, took the ulwal oils aprouted lo he chalen dean of the metropolitical to be taken by the gover nuts of bis M.;- church of York, vice Fountayne, dec.jesty's plantations.

Rev. Jofeph Whire, D.D. appointed HeWbiteball, Feb. 27. Ameton Baron Cor- frew "profeffor in the University of Oxzon, crea cu Viscount Corzon, of Penn, ford, with the prebend of Christ Church .co. Buckingham.

anbh.exed, vice Blayney, dec. -Rev. Charles War otice, Murcb 9. Stuff. Lient-col. Alcock, LLib. preieilleu to the auchdeaKeincli. Alexander, of the Colde conry of Circleftir, vice Dr. Josh Bucko Hrean tove-guards, tu be deputy-ulpecture ner, promoted to the tec ut Chichetter,


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War office, April 6. Brever Capt. Wm. War-office, May 11. Staff. Cola the Hon. Bray, of the fin West India regiment, to Alexander Hope, adjutant-general ia from be major in the army.

land, to be deputy-quarter-matter-generad Sr. James's, April 7. His Grace George. In the forces, vice Auftruther. Lieut-colo William-Frelerick, Duke of Leeds, ap- Robert Anftruther, to be adjntant-generat pornted lord-lieutenant of the North riding to the tarees in Lelang, vice Hope. of the crunty of York, wice ine Eird of Whirebull, May 12. Right Rev. Dr. Rik Fauc nb.rg, jo ķ the oatlas appointed to chard Braden, hubnp of Gloucefier, unang be taken thereupon. the Ice of Bacha anui Wellsy vice Carlson-boufe, ripril 11. Hon. Thomas Mils, dec. Erikwe, akounted, by the Prince of St. James'ı, May 13. William Rawlias, Willes, chaicelsor and ket per of tus Royal el. knighted. Highnes great fral.

Doruning-glicer, May. 14. Hon. George War pries, cipril 13 Stafi John De Vere Hunhart, apported Helicoant-govern Lancey, 64. laie' a captaria, in the both nor of the inland of Gçenada, and its de femit, to be paymatter of the, uvalids at pengesucies, tuce Houston, rengoed.. T Gueinley, vice c llen, fuperfideu." Tu he Wbiishall, May 15. Rupert George. Ama haşrick masters: W. Bowater, ely. (on broile Serle, and willhani Albany Orways ha't pay as

, captain of mannes), wice. De elqrs. appointed xcommeaittioners tus) CIM Lancev; Ralpi Gleüftanes, el4. klaje harducting the transport feryice, &c toya bo rack -- master at New fundland), uịce Wur office, Map 15. Brevet. Majorigea. Bioke. --Hufpiral-puff Apothecary Jolin, Chades-D miel Comt de Meuron, to be Lindlay so be garruon-surgeon in the si), nd heulemanı general in the army. Pot ferof St. Lucia, vice M‘Dowall removedlo donand Baten Hompesch, to be major-get whe. in and of Antigua

neral in the army. To be Wbileball

, April 17. Sir Edward Low, lonels in the army : Major Sir James Burma knt. chief justice of the Court of King's ten, bart, og hill-pay of the late Kella Beveh, cicated Baron Ellerborupgh, of reg ment ; Major William Bray, of iht Acha Ellenborough, co. Cumberland,

West India regiment ; and Major Charles St. James's, April 21. Ļord Ellenborough Auriot, of the 14th lighe dragoons. To be sworn of the prive council.

major in the army: Cape John Ruts, of Wbilebull, April 24. Right Hon. Francis the Colditream guards.-Staff. Licui. cold Lord Napier, apponia his Maj. Atv's bigh Francis-William Farquhar, of the 1912 Committiinner the General Allembly of foch, to be depuxyrintpoctor-general of the the Church of Scotlard.

rell recruiting-service. Lieat-col. James TayOrdnance iffree, 26. Garrifoms, Rev. lor, of the 12th foot,, lo be John Weslierad, chaplain to the gasrilou of spector-geijeral of the recruiting-fervice in Halifax, to be chaplain to the grifon of Irelanda Gibraltar, vice Chalmers, rehgned. Rev. Downing-freet, May 19. Charles Are Jofiah Pike, to be chaplain to the garruou builinoi, cly appointed envoy-extraordiof Halifax, in Nova Scova, vice Wetherall.. nary to the Court of Sweden, Barracks. Carles Andrews, eiq, ale cap., St. James's, May 19. Thomas Mannes tain tu ile 24th foot, to be barrack matter Settem, ety, folicitur-general to his Majelly. a Newfoundland, vice Gledita' es, appoint and fun Pinhorn, efq. of Nyngwon ed barrack-maller iy Grea Bricain. Jas. boule, in the Isle of Wiglu, knighed. Slunt, efq. Die lieutenant in the 420 fout, War-effu, May 29. Capt. Charles Store, to be a hartack-malfer in Great Britan, of the 16th light oragoons, to be paymas. vice Scoli, vec,

ter of the Ruya! Milicary collegere Brenda Admiralty-office, April 29 James Pigt, Mejor gen. George Nugent, to be leuceesq and William Loru Randtock, vice-ad., nant.general in the idland of Jamaica and | mirals of ine Road, lo he wourais, lof the iis dependencies only. Major Robert Han

Blue. Alexandrs Gizme, and George nyman, on half-pay of the late Yoxk tu Keppel, ciyrs. vicc-adiorals of the White, zileers, to be a lieutenant-colunci ia the to be vice admirals of the Real. Coaries army. Chamherjayne, Dil Peer Rainies, elyrs. War-office, June 1. Brevet. Caple Duncan Vicemissis of the Blur, bu be vice aal. J. Cameroo, of the late Shekield regiment, mirals of the White, S. George Honic, and Cape. Edward Letherland, of the dane and Sir Charles Cortou, baris. rexr-admo. 12 :d foot, to be majors in the achay.-rals of the Ree', to ne vice-admirals of the Staff Col. Wm. Dyoli, of the 25th fuoc lo Blue. John Wille't Payoc, fly. and Sir be sidue-camp to his Majetty, viar Majur. Robert Calci, hart, rear-admirals of the sen. Cyrtwright, promuced.. White, to be re--dmirals of the Reu. W birchall, June 5. Rev. George-Blaac

Cuplian-boufe, May 10. Wm. Adam, erq. Hanimglously D D. recommended, by congé one of his Majelly's countel, appomies, l'enc, to be elected buhop of Gloucener, by the Prince of Wales, lis Ruyal Higlio vice Bead: U. -- Rev. Williaru Busby, M. A nels's lolicilur-general, vise thomas Man., appoined a caqun of Canterbury callico vers Sutton, efq, appuintes . Alajesty's dral, vice Dewg, des, korzeneral.


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