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an allowance to the Bank of England, for March 23.

receiving the loan anulostery, 23,5621 35.44. The Sicretary at War presented Enti- and incidental exrences, lame as occurred mate of Embodied Millsia of Great Brin during the driwing of former loteries, tin and Ireland, from March 25 to May 1500l. In addition to these articles, he 24, 1802.

1934 three others to pro; ofe. The first was, Mr. Cerry presented severa! E imates to dirharze the Exchequer bills ilsued ly for Mfcellaneous Services in Ireland. the act of thie 41 ft George 1: I. and which

Mr. Tierney moved for Accounts of the hail heeb p ring off in the Rank, amount. 4 and a half per cent. onty: which, altering to the millions, advancex' in 1793:0 foxne observations hy the Chancellor of l be the Bank, for which w Exchequer bills Errhequr, were orderell.

will be itd when the old ones are paid The order of the day being read for the off. 1n con!:q:ence of the peace, it wild second reading of the Coron rs fes Bil, not be necesary to renew the loans. Tie it was oppife by Mr. Dickinfon and Mr. nex! article confitted of the indemrity Ellison, and supported hy Mr. Buller. There which it wie mec-ilary 1 give tu Eart being only 23 Members porfent, an ad. St. Vincent and Lord G;ey, for the claims journment of course took place.

male against them for the detention of

Cer:ain American veftels at Mir iniquie. LORDS

It wuld be recollected, that in 1793, in Macb 24.

consequence of an orier of Council. or. The Roy l Aflent was given, hy Com- dering all American fhips which rhould be miffion, to the Irish Duv, the Muting and found trading with France to he feized, Detertson, the Mrine Forces Rromali''),

the noble Lois quitted this courty por 40.rican Cretervalling Duy, the

That pillipe.

(). Their ar vat in the Felos Tranfportition anvenileri, che fist West Indies pierclaird flie in and to be Miriborough Fietry, the Cle'sy Non

in a tale blockadeund mitte a fe zure refilence, the Pl: month Embankment, of all veil is carrying on tride wille France, and leven other public and private bolls. In 1794 18 syitm c. Paed, and a

Treaty was entered into between this coun. In the Commons, the fime day, Mr. try and America, by which it was it ipuCorry n20 leave to prrlent leveral Pensions laie.', that all the unfiels feized mould he from Patolic Charities, &c. in lieland, riforell, in compenfation mid for the si yang tlie accustomed annual aid of Pai- 108 s, Application was accordingly minde lent

to the Lou's of Anal, wh- dejudged that The House lasing gone into the Cone the pohle Lopile thould make rooi roilie mircee of Suppl., the Chancellor or br Er- Tuft-16's what the chape; and tir y ware cbequer rose 6. move searpintefiderious re- obliged w pły the demande. Avariel specting leveral branches of the public fer- will then maile lorhe Lords of elitian

Tie fir't would he io defray the in- fur, un lie alf or Lord S. Vincent ad tereit on Exch quer bills funded and paid Lord Grey; and the King's Proflor vas

This will amount to the sun d-fire in exa nine the cale; wuch wis of 505.5201, 94, 14. The second would done; and he whole of i: was fully and consize ne fi!!'es and incidental (x- to their Ludhips, who had ventured !O pences of the Office of Communers for recommend ille indemnifications to he naile reduing the Nanonal Debi, amounting to

to Lord St. Vincent and Lord Gier. If 286,cool. 155. The third was for the arry gencieman w:rhed to see the Proctor's purchase of one-third of the Duke of Rich. letter, 14 W. really for their inspection on mund's annuity of 19,000l. The com- the table. 'herum neceffiry to reimnuite mittee were zwire that an Act had paised the expences of the noble Lords would be three years ago, to allot Atock, to as to 45,332 1. 175. 61. The next article was yield sufficient interest to cover one third for the desciency which arose in the cone of the purchase.minev oi that annuity, and voy Juties on iniports and exports. He discharge the demand which the noble mould propose a refoiu'ion for providing Duke had upon his Majesty, in conte- for this deficiency of 1,200,000l. of goods quence of the grans m. d: to the family in imported and exported. He then moved the peign of Charle the Second, The sum the relvations ; which, after several obo necellary to complet the purchase would juctions from Mr. Jones and Mr. Robson, be 144,601.23. The fourth wouki he a were carried without a division. fum.if sool for the exura trouble of the Excheqer Officers in making si Exche.

March 25. quer bills. The filth would be for the Accounts of all G'an and Rice imported discount on prompt payments to tie loan and exported, from 08. 10, 1801, lo Jan, and lottery for the year 1801, anour5145 5,1802, were presented. bu 4:8,5141.85.6 4. TA- fixth was for The Report from the Committee of SupGint Mac. Juie, 1802.

rly, whicha, Parliament was twice called upon be clearly and satisfactorily expluned. In Mr. Fox exprelied his trong desire to the first 60 years of the lost century the support the fplendour which ought to be Civil Litt expenditure amounted attached to each brinch of the Royal Fa- to 794,0001. per annum; and the annual mily, and particularly to the office of Fırst expendiure of the latt 40 years, includios Migittrate. Ii might appear harth, and it all the grants, together with that now apo was painful to liin, to oppose the present plied for, averaged no more than 918,00ol. moiion ; but he felt liinfelt called upon by being at the rate of eight to nine; which, public duty to do so; and he was of opio considering the increaled price of provinion, that it ought to be rejected, and an fiens, &c. and that the value of money Address presented to his Majeity, praying,


last year.

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ply, of the reselution for an indemnity to Lord Pelbam, in movingihe order of the Lords St. Vincen; and Grey, brought on a day for tik og into confideration bis Ma. dehatr, in which Mellrs. Ribjon. Vunjitrart, jesty's Mell ge respelling the Civil List, Neboll., Jones Jobnson, the Cbancellor of Thewel, with much ability, the causes of ke Er bequer, Čaplain Mulcolm, and the the excels, which he stated to have been stuney-General, f;oke ; after which, this unavoidable. His Lordship concluded, by and the othei refolutions were agreed to. moving an Address to his Majesty, exprelio

ing their Lurdships thanks for his Majesty's Mareb 26.

communication, and their difpofition to The House in a Committee of Surnly, adapt any reasonable plan for the discharge Mr. Carry moved a resolution respecting of the debts atfecting the Civil Lift. Ireland;

hich, being onjected to by Mr. Eau Fitzwilliam concurred in the AdBaker and Mr. Robson, was supported by dress; hut movedl, "hat, for the word the Cbancellor of tbe Excłequer, Lord De "speedily," thould befortituted,“thaltheir Bl.aquiere, and Mr. Gorry; the latter of Lordships would proceed to enquire,” &c. whom t'ated, that, by the Act of Union, Lord Hobart conceived that the informa. it was cuven inted that lieland should re- tion before the House rendered furiber in. tain the position of a specific form for quiry needless; added to which, there was particular services; and that the Founuiling no inttance of such a measure haviog bega Itospital, wbich maintained 3500 childien, adopted. required 10col. more this year than sor. Lord Holland fell the neceffity of supportmerly, in confequence of the increased frice ing the ignity of the Crown of a great of provisions. After some furt'ier expla- and powerful country like this; but rated stions, the following retul ons were a- several instance:, which he seemeri to de greed to. The estimarey were for nine min Arile that the infirmation before the Kunths, viz. to the 5th far utry, 1803 : House was materia ly deficient.

Pratique Dublin port, 7261. os. 20 - Ar- Tie Earl of Moira entered into an ani. prehending public oftenders in lielad, maleil cuingium on the superiority of the 173 1.155. 474.- For d'efraying ehrge of British Constitutica; reproba'ed the hackcriminal potciwlon, 17,3651 146. 4.- died attempt of fume writers to impress a For jroclamoris and advertisements in belief,ihat the entire of the Civil Lift was the Duslin Gazelle, &c. 48651. is. 6u- applied to the individual uses of the Suve. Puntig and staticmary for public o'lices, reign; and contended that the allowance to 13,6251. Is. 214.-luciental expeces of the junior branches of the Royal Family, the Teasury, 13341 125 4!-! or build- were greatly inadequate. jug 16es for record, &.41531. 175. Tiic Earl of Carnarvon argued for further Fui Hork ng 10 Wicki ,w gol! mine, enquiry; which was opposed by the Earl 18461. ja pl --Cloish ag the battle xe of \'limorland as unnecessary. 8!111614, 19. ho lhe Dutl:: Society, Luids Peibuire and Hobart generally ex, fuo ;Otperiting !?bandry and oiler uleful plained. arte. 207. 12. 11. - Further grant 10 On a division, the numbers were, for the Duyan Sevgi', 3115!. To the the Address, 60;-againt i!, 4. Farming Sucero Dublin, 13841. 125,40.English Procettant Schools, 13 The Commons, the same day, in a ComFoung Hofpits!, 12.6921 65 314.- Hi- mittee, voted 50,000l. oue of the confolia bernon Marine Nurle fur (ains'chule dated fund, for the improvement of the dsen, 15321. 185 941. -H bere 120 School port of London, tu be puld by the sale of frifold or children, certi in lands. Hospital 4164!. 18s --Put the Conan The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave noCitori Seno.17, 1381 95.4..--For the tice, that he should next Monday bring for Hue of losite in Diin, 13,1691. 35.0dward the account of the Expend surf, and Firthe Swer for discountenancing Vice, of the Ways and Means, for the present and pronio g the knol ledge and practice year; and that, being now jufiified by the of the critia: Rigion, 5531. Ius ugd. peace in doing so, he should move for the For the female Orphan turenear Dubin, Repeal of the Tax on Income. 3.161. 3". -- For filling up and 11027-osting Tielivole in a Committee on the Civil a penitenciany houst for young criminals, Liit, the Chancelise of the Exebequer mi, 38641. 4.715.

nutely detailed its nature and origin, in

order to prove that the subject was mate. LORDS.

rally benefired by the present difpofi:ion, March 29.

the Sovereign having bad the uncontrouled The Earl of Suff-k, in congratulating direction of the national revenue will that their Lordihips on the happy Telurn' of dipohition took place. In the year 1697 Perpc, recommended to the confideration the civil Lift was established at 630,000l. of Winters the nuutilated failors and fol.

per annum In the reign of George I. it eiers, hy u hoti galiai,t services the courry was increased 10 850,000l. ; adele: to 0.d obi cd is


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to make good deficiencies. The Civil List, went largely into the Civil Lift during having been encumbered during te late former reigns, in order to th w the it reign with annuities to the Process Dow. was often incumbered hy larger a unui'ies ager of Wales, the Dueot Cumberland, Uiin during the reign of his prelent Maand Princess Ameliz, amanteil, on the jerly; Gevre II. having paid 100,0-01. a accellia of his prefent M. jefty, to no year to the lite Priuce of Wait, and hamore than 750,000l. ; in Conicquerce of ving pad, berdes other annulles alla ed which, Pauliament found it expedient ! to by the lint (peaker, that to the laté graut 513,100l. in the year 1969, to pay Duke of Cumberland during 15 years ; ott arreats upon this cliahliment, Iotlie whereas his present Majetty paid it for year 1775, 100,0 ol. mine wis granted; five only.

were 618,340 1. in the year 1776 ; The Chancellor of the Excbequer replied ; 60,000l. in the year 1794; and 210,000l. and was followed by M'. Pirt; who, in a in the year 1586; a counting in ill to Itrain of irony perhaps peculiar to mself, 1,501,8irl. The Right Hon. Gentlinan adver'ed to many pris of Mr. Fox's speech, here contended, thit, exclusive of the re- which our limits prevent our noticing. To duced value of money, the increift d price prove that Mr. Burke did not to of every article, &c. there several giants bis bill the meaning n'w given to it, he did not make the Civil Lift, during the stated, that the first excess of Civi! Lift reign of his present Mjelly, amount to so exsend ture, after its ha ing been palled, much as it had done during the time of his was in deye.s 1784, during nine montlis three immediate predeceffors. Upon the of which Mr. Burke, Mr, fox, and Lord pensions at home, there was a decrease of George Cavendith, were in office; and 175 700l.; upon thoseto Foreign Ministers, further, that in the oricuitious wich' took there was an increase of 92,5231. The place in 1786, and at tubsequent periods, prosecutions of offen ders againit the State, when Mutters brought the Civil Litt bien various negotiations with Foreign Powers, fore the House, such a contruction had the increased number of mell-ngers, &c. not ever been attempted to be put upon hadi tended to the establishment of the this bill. The Penfun Lift and the 111.3present deht affecting the Civil List, and ries, Mr. Pitt observed, had be n kept whiclı amounted to 990,0531. Afer ad- within bounds; the excess of expenditure, verting to the future propriety of telling principally under the head of occasionai the Crown lands in the Rest Indies, and payments, to which the foreign meilengers Itrongly enforcing the necesity of difcharge had largely contribuired, was unavoidable : ing the present arreais of the Civil List, and he felt particolar gratification that Mr. Aiddington moved a resolution to that every circumstance before the House could effect.

had varied in the proportion of two to that lie would in future live within his three, he conceived did not warrant the income, and make such a fund out of the observations that had been applied to it. Çivil Lift revenue as would he fufficient to Mr. Fox and Mr. Pire severally explained. liquidate the debis olie.dy contracted. The Mr. Tierney thought it necessary to enCivil Liit bai bien determined hi Parlia- quire whether the Civil List now wade the Bicot after the most ma'are consideration ; same payments as formerly. He said, thac and Ministers were therefore bound to con- the 900,ocol. at which only the Civil List tine the expenditure to its amount; or, if was itated, was considerably increased by they could not do so, ou ascertaining that the four and a half per cent. duties to his to be the fact, to have come to Parliament Maj-ty, and by the faims to the various for instructions; but, of doing ei. branches of the Royal Family out of the ther, they ex; ended 9:0,000 l. 3 year, consolidated fund. After adverting to the when Only 100,0001 granted, and, falling in of annuities, &c. Ms. Tierney taking the legislive power ino cher own faid, that anoiber confurable saving had hands, callca opon Parliameot to make up accrued co the Civil Lift, in the article of the delicienicy. By Mr. Burke's bill, it fecret service inoney, whichi, during former was rendered criminal for the Civil Liit to wars, had heen defrayed out of the funds contract debes ; and each excess of expen- but firs whici. Farbament l'ad, during the diture beyond the som allowed by thie Le- date war, voted near 900,000 l. Mr. **pidature was a milderrcanour, Ms, Fox Tierney concluded by moying, that the

Chairman cule

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Murub 31.

Cairn, n should report progies, and ask ord that the point at iffile should be deluarg tu sit gain).

teinnes ocordiig to it meri's. Dr. «wene vd Mr. Bush vere of Th... Charltos, ofibe. Exchequer hig!ly ex0:1 1.3te. fie of Secciary at toli st":25,1 'y in general canduer of the War: 1. be a te!

im'i dinimit of the question before ite M: Streetry defined the Civil Litex- Heute; Fue mata; peilis, wi ole vp nions Deindir

i culisenacted with that of the hon. !12 o'clock a vivifi in to k place on

Il law bygewozy do !! forward, M: Deny's arennen,

i firerri lyf.olm; and deci elly Silved, 223 11 46 ; aíiri w lich the main 1:e, it is it all PIC!!!! y, until qu ft.on was ca!!), 2:6 10 51.

11 lien fue i te les tas rich to he To wild pof ofie d. !: no al heen

tiny! id, tatle Prince ! ! les llisted The report of the chuviree of Supply, Lilltid well with the profick; **dt at relative to the airersifik Civili

(vicillele mitt be' grit fyng to everyd receiver: inil, for meublei valitsirem

lny munk!o could entertain a Mellis. Nicbills, Rusn, wody.nes, was a- conersy feeling, or a aferent wiih, must greed to.

he voi honour, read to every generous impritlior, and uglio lo he hapued as a

muutter, and held up to the corn of the Mr. Robert Manuni Sultin Mared, that publick." Nor was this fiel: &, henderEswari 111. having c eat His eld it in ible ini'culous „s it was, mer iy perforal Edward (the Blick Prince) Duke of Cm. to le Royal Highnels; it was of high and wall, each fucceeling Prince of Wales had general interest that the Prince frould stard enjoye! that utle, with the enclumenes al- ucil with the publick : it was also dellacled to it, bice the yer 1459, when it hle ha ench branch of lhe Riyat F.Uly was folemnly derived by Parliament, mond be fupported with splendour, a reard acceded in by Henry VI that the fpect to which was rozel in the paure Prince of Wales was enti led to the reve- of man. Under these impreffions, and with nues of the cultc!!y of Corou all tiom the the fer’iments resulting from the declarae moment of lis birth. From tha: period lion of his Royal Hisnofs, that lie would the right of the Prince had not ever heen apply u bilever part of the money in ques dispuled, excepe in the c le of jarres the con le miglt receive to the payment of First, while elden frin, P!nce Henry, ba• his dubis, he felt much re uet ree at oppoa Ving dies, he refused in le revenues io lois sing the application; but hec neived, that second son, afterwards Chaises the First, wherever there was wrong in eii's countiy, in whole favour it was, howeve', deier- there was redress for it; and that, if there mined by Parliament: and so final was was wrong in this case, wlich he could not th:s derilinn held, ihat, in the 3th of his almit, Parliament was not the proper niepre'ent Minj fty, it was deemed expedient dium through which is seek a remedy, cial to pass an Act to enable the Crown 10 it appeared to have been refused elsewhere. grant, during the minority, leales of these He cou.d not admithe jea, ihat the reve. lands, the revenues of which', with the nues of the Du'chy of Cornwall, during the exception of 28,cool, had been paid into mnouity, amounting lO 233,780 1. were che Treasury, and applied to the purposes ever intended to be applied by the Duke, of the Civil List 'Ille quellion at ille what liis maintenance during the like pewas not between the King and the Prince rio!, anwhich cost with 38,000l, of of Wale; (in which cale i would not have that fun, was to be at the charge of the been brought forward), ku heliveen his Sortieign.

Wben the Prince of Wales Roy:11. ghness and the publiek; origina- came of age, lie was allowed a revenue of ting in the defire or his M juiły, anilinde 59,0101 per inuum, which in the year Solicitude of the Prince to it and well with 1787 was augmented to 60,0 old and which the publicli, as he was determined not to has since 'een increased to 120,000l, formreceive any of this mr.oney, but to apply it ing a total of 1,725,7col. fiuce that period; to the pavirent flis debes. And further to from which the money expended on Carl. prove, that, however liber Parliamentid ton house, and other items, ale to be debeen, he still had not obtained his right.. duéted. He was anxious that his Royal Mr. Sutton toiv, tlat, this being a point of Highness thrould he freedily reforrd io che right, he hid 110 doubt that the House ufe of his undiminished revenue; but, de etiwould prevent the neceility of lecking in ing this not to be the proper medium, he another Tribunal cobain it: and con. hould move, S. That the other orders of ciuded hy moving for a Committee to en- the day be now read." quire into the annut nd approrriaco' of Mr. M. Jution repied; and was fola the receipts of the Datchy of Cornwally lowed by Mr. Eithine, who contended that froin the birth of the Prince of Wales lo the usage of centuries had established the Bis becoming of age.

right of the l'rince to the revenues in quela Su R. Milbarike it conded the motion, ia tion; but that, thus point of law being dilft


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cult to de'er mine, a Committee of the tion of Sir W. Pulteney, extended the ope. Houfe became the proper meliam, ard rations of the Parish Apprentice bill to the the rep !! of the Commitree woulu efta. Huules of Induitıy. bith the mode to ha furthopediepied. The Matter of the Rall, land, lieti not

April 2. igue !h.rgt of the Punie of

Mr. Canning, in making his promised Wals; but that a Court of Law was the motion respecting Triwulad, stated, that it proge ce for the que fun to be deter- a peared, the cukivated land in Jamaica, mine. Tis was a claiminght, ich

in the year 1797, Comprised 100,000 acres, its advocatrs stated was clearly eitiklished; and employed 257 000 flives. The cultia bul, till en poin', ulich he drived, was

vat:d did in Trinidad amounted to no made (nt, the House ouch to be cautious more th:2:1 30,000 acres;' wherefore, io hou it excited a jalic lanchouly. equize the culture of the latter with tlie

Mr. Fox did not ca ceive this to be a fitt, would require a fill greater number question flau, but of ct, which did not offlives, whose ir creare he was folicitous Iquire the Ho' e toxircile a judicial to prevent. He concluded by moving for pwer, hu! I make a lupilltive provitiell. Vairus paitis. Tha's Aas oncikeCalenciana 3111 an The Chancelor of the Excbequer d'ouhted and his wir, in silichilie firmner was lia- the pottibility of giving the deared inforble to CC 206 fisi'e vard's; s no mation). accu' C Huh! le dominated fi m the King. General Gafcign expatiated on the imWheu Frederick Ponce of Wale: illi ed portant natis nii advantages reflting from. the n,e of matur!'y, the reveilies of the

the Bure-trade, into which America inad Dichy of Canuali, received during his largely enrere!, for the supply of the Spaminority, y re psia to hn. I WS How nith (tlilements; and contende:!, that ine oserved, that .c cuma dib!. or the only confequence of murio s like the preein.cation of the Prince of W les full be sen: was to enliance the price, wluch liad deducted from his te vepre, although such risen 70 per centum. a mo e hd nochen spielreipeeting the The motion was carried. Duke of York, whoft reverbesserting froin · The House, in a Committee of Sapply, the Bishop of Oin bu g!', curing b! mi- agreed to the full wing rel lations: porty, uere applied in the purchase of That there be g: anted to his Majesty, estates for him in illis comery. The Prica, for repairs at Port Pairick, 4711. 145.; as a pohlıc cri'or, callel opon the H ne preparing abitracts of population, 5001; ter decide a queition of fact; uod he wa d

index to Lords' journals, 651.59.; arc dejly of epinion, th the House ongkit to rangement respecting D.nith colonies, admit or to negat ve ihe chain

2751. 7 S.; cepits of antracts of papalaThe Alierney General Itted, that the tion, 1251. 13$. tl.; clerks in office of Duicly of. Cornwall was granted by E. public accompies, 2044 1. 10 s. 6 d. ; Mr. ward lil. luthe Prince of Wales, for the Colman, Terje it il aims, 3241. 10 s.; exprels purposes of his education during bills (pawn from New South Wales, his nonace, and for his febrequent support; 10,539 1. 45.3 d.; expeces paid by the and that, even adniitting the Prince of Coulul al Algier, 11211.; publishing reWales had a claim in the present liftance,

euros of the price of sugar, 4291. 145.; which liesienied, Aill ine noney Jitbaníed supplies on a voyage from N v South for him before he came of ing more than Wies, 3241. gs. 6 tl.; new settlers in New equalled the revenues of the Dutchly during South Wines, 791.; prosecutins relating that periode

In the com, 2,8241, 45.; cumv.ct, 31,0241.; Lord Huwkesbury, the Solicitor-General, superintendance of aliens, 7,6201. ; bonne 1 Colonel G osvenor, Mr. Jobnfione, and Mii ties on corn, 1,620,2181. 199.610. ; reduc4 Ellis, oppofen the mo‘ion ; wnie was up- tion of national deht, 20,0001.; civil elported by Meilis. Sberidun, Yevery's, Tiro

tablishment of Upper Cinda, 7,950 1.; whill, junes, Deni, Sir F. Burdert, Mr. Nova Scotia, 7,515 1. 8 s. 24 J.; New Tierney, Mr. Fuller, Loru Temple, and Mr. Brunswick, 4.550 1.; Prince Edward's Surron, in a general reply, and fort by the Inand, 2,134.'4: 11 d.; Cipe Bietoo, order of the day, which, on a division, was 3,3931 45 G4U.; Ne vfou d'a), 1,875'. Carried, 160 10 103.

174. 15.; Baham: Inns, 4,100l; Bra

muas, sol.; Dminica, cool.; New April 1.

South Walts, 5,9781. The House in a Committee, on the mos

To be conimut.)

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This raramentas Cucceedled hi a calamity Accounts from Anam ftate, that an im- ftill more aftl Ering; for, thele deiti uctive menle fall of locufts hind keo place in the animals died in lucli quantities as to occafin Soutern Jitricts, and that they had !o., an epide.n.caldułemper, winch had nearly Caliy destroyed all vegetation in ticis cuw.des depopula.ed whole towns and village,


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