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the several Islands adjacent thereto, between winter hemp (or female hemp bearing seed) on the 1st of January, 1801, and the 1st of Ja- the ground until the seed is ripe ; the gold incnuary, 1802, the greatest number of bread- dal, or one hundred dollars. fruit-trees, not fewer than one hundred, and 157. To the person who shall sow with hemp properly fenced and secured the same, in order the next greatest quantity of land in the same to supply the fruit to the inhabitants; the gold province of Upper Canada, not less than five medal, or thirty guincas. Proper accounts and arpents, in the year 1802, in the manner above. certificates, signed by the governor, or com- mentioned; the silver medal, or eighty dollars. mander in chief, of the methods made use of 158. For the next greatest quantity of land, in cultivating the plants and securing the in the same province, and in a similar manner, plantation, and that the trees are in a growing not less than four arpents; sixty dollars. and thriving state at the time of signing such 159. For the next greatest quantity of land, certificates, to be produced to the Society, with in the same province, and in a sinilar manner, samples of the fruit, on or before the first Tues- not less than three arpents; forty dollars, day in January, 1803.

160. For the next greatest quantity of land, 152. Kali For BARILLA. To the person in the same province, and in a similar manper, who shall have cultivated, in the Bahama- not less than onc arpent ; twenty dollars. Cera Islands, or any other part of his Majesty's do- tificates of the number of arpents, the method minions in the West Indies, or any of the Bri- of culture, of the plucking of the hemp, with tish settlements on the coast of Africa, or the a general account whether sown broad-cast or in several islands adjacent thereto, in the rear drills, the expense, svil, cultivation, and pro1801, the greatest quantity of land, not less duce to be transmitted to the Society, certified than two acres, with Spanish kali, fit for the under the hand and scal of the governor or lieu. purpose of making barilla; the gold medal, or tenant-governor, together with 28 lb. of the thirty guineas.

hemp, and two quarts of the seed, on or before 153. For the next greatest quantity, not less the tirst Tuesday in November, 1803. than one acre, the silver medal, or fifteen gui- 161, 162, 163, 164, 165. The same preneas. Certificates, signed by the governor, or miums are extended one year farther. Certifie commander in chief, for the time being, of the cates, &c. as before-mentioned, to be transmitquantity of land so cultivated, and of the state ted to the Society, on or before the last Tuesday of the plants, at the time of signing such cer- in February, 1804. tificates, to be delivered to the Sociсty, with 166 to 176. Premiums exactly similar in all samples of the kali, on or before the second respects to those held out for the province of Tuesday in January, 1803.

Upper Canada, are also offered for the province 154. The same premium is extended one of Lower Canada, and are extended to the year farther. Certificates to be produced on ur same period. before the second Tuesday in January, 1804. 177. IMPORTATION OF HEMP FROM CA

155. DESTROYING THE INSECT COM- NADA. To the master of that vessel, which MONLY CALLED THE BORER. To the per- shall bring to this country the greatest quantity son who shall discover to the Society an effec- of marketable hemp, not less than one huntual method of destroying the insect commonly dred tons, in the year 1803, the produce of called the borer, which has, of late ycars, been Upper or lower Canada; the gold medal. so destructive to the sugar-canes in the West 178. To the master of that vessel which shall India islands, the British settlements on the bring the next quantity, not less than fifty tons; coast of Africa, and the several islands adja. the silver medal. Certificates satisfactory to the cent thereto ; the gold medal, or fifty guineas. Society to be produced by the master of the The discovery to be ascertained hy satisfacrory vessel on or before the first Tuesday in Febru. certificates, under the hand and scal of the gun ary, 1804, to testify that such hemp was grown vernor, or commander-in-chief, for the time be- and prepared in Canada. ing, and of some other respectable persons, inhabitants of the islands, or other place, in

PREMIUMS OFFERED FOR THE ADwhich the remedy has been successfully ap

VANTAGE OF THE BRITISH SET. plied ; such certificates to be delivered to the

TLEMENTS IN THE EAST INDIES. Society on or before the first Tuesday in Ja

179. BHAV GULPORE-COTTON. To the per156. CULTIVATION OF HEMP IN UPPER son who shall import into the port of London, AND LOWER CANADA. To the person who in the ycar 1802, the greatest quantity, not less shall sow with hemp the greatest quantity of than one ton, of the Bhaugu pore cotton, trom land in the province of Upper Canada, not less which clothes are made in imitation of nane than six arpents (each four-fifths of a statute keen, without dying ; the gold medal. A quanacres, in the year 1802, and shall at the proper tity of the cotten, not less than five pounds scasou cause to be plucked the summer hemp (or weight in the pod, and five pounds carried, to male hemp bearing no secd) and continue the be produced to the Society, with proper certia

nuary, 1803.

ficates, signed hy the secretary to the board of 181. TRUE COCHINE AL. To the person trade of Bengal or Bumbay, on or before the who, in the year 1802, shall import into the last Tuesday in February, 150s.

port of London, from any part of the British 180. ANNA179. To the person who, in settlements in the East Indies, the greatest the year 1802, shall import into the port of quantity of true cochineal, not less than five London, from any part of the British settle- hundred weight; the gold medal. A quantity ments in the East Indics, the greatest quantity of the cochineal, not less than ten pounds of annatto, not less than five hundred weight; weight, with proper certificares, signed the the gold medal. A quantity of the annatto, secretary of the board of trade of the respective not less than ten pounds weight, to be producó settlement, that the cochincal is the produce of ed to the Society, with proper eertificates, sign- such settlement, to be produced to the Society ed by the secretary of the board of trade of the on or before the first Tuesday in February, respective settlenient, that the annatto is the 1803. produce of such settlement, on or before the last Tuesday in February, 1803.

CONDITIONS FOR THE POLITE ARTS. No person who has gained the first premium in any class shall be admitted a candidate in a class of an inferior age; and no candidate shall receive more than one premium in one year ; nor shall they, who for two successive years have gained the first premium in one class, be again admitted as candidates in that class.

No person shall be admitted a candidate in any class, who has three times obtained the first premium in that class.

No more than one performance in any class shall be received from the same candidate. All performances (to which premiums or bounties are adjudged) shall remain with the Society till after the public distribution of rewards in May, when they will be re-delivered unless mentioned in the premiums to the contrary.

No performance shall be admitted, that has obtained a premium, reward, or gratification, froni any other society, academy, or school, or been offered for that purpose.

All performances tha: obtain premiums in the Polite Arts must have been begun after the publication of such premiums, except line engravings.

Tuencourage real merit, and prevent attempts to impose on the Society, hy producing draw. ings made or retouched by any other person than the candidate, the Society require a specimen of the abilities of cach successful candidate in classes 97 to 120 inclusive, under the inspection of the Committee of Pulite Arts, in every instance where such proof may appear necessary.

All candidates in the Polite Arts are required to sigmfy, on their drawings, their age; and whether the performances are originals or copies; and if copics, whence they were taken.



That the several Candidates and Claimants to whom the Society shall adjudge Premiums or Bounties, do attend at the Society's Office in the Adelphi, on the last Tuesday in May 1803, at Twelve o'Clock a: Noon precisely, to receive the same; that Day being appointed by the ciety for the Distribution of their Rewards: sind before that Time no Premium or Bounty will be delivered, excepting to those who are about 10 leave the kingdom.

In Cases where the Society may think fit to admit Excuses for not attending in Person, Deputies may be substituted to receive the Rewards, provided such Deputies are either Members of the Society, or the superior Officers thereof.


As the great object of the Society in rewarding individuals is to draw furth and give currency to those inventions and improvements, which are likely to benefit the public at large, candidates are requested to observe, that if the means, by which the respective objects are effected, do require an expense or trouble too great for general purposes, the Society will not consider itself as bound to give the offered reward; but, though it thus reserves the power of giving in all cases such part only of any premium as the performance shall be adjudged to deserve, or of withholding the whole if there be no merit, yet the candidates may be assured the Society will always judge liberally of their ses eral claims.

It is required that the matters for which premiums are offered, be delivered in without names or any intimation to whom they belong; that each particular thing be marked in what manner cach claimant thinks ht, such claimant sending with it a paper sealed up, having on the outside a corresponding mark, and, on the inside, the claimant's name and address; and all candidates are to take notice, that no claim for a premium will be attended to, unless the conditions of the adi vertisement are fully complied with.

No papers shall be opened, but such as shall gain premiums, unless where it appears to the Society absolutely necessary for the determination of the claim; all the rest shall be returned uns opened with the matters to which they belong, if inquired after by the mark, within two years ; after which time, if not demanded, they shall be publicly burnt, unopened, at some mceting of the Society.

All models of machines, which obtain premiums or bounties, shall be the property of the Society; and, where a premium or bounty is given for any machine, a perfect model thereof shali be given to the Society.

All the premiums of this Society are designed for Great Britain and Ireland, unless expressly mentioned to the contrary.

The claims shall be determined as soon as possible after the delivery of the specimens.

No person shall receive any premium, bounty, or encouragement, from the Society, for any matter for which he has obtained, or purposes to obtain, a patent.

A candidate for a premium, or a persons applying for a bounty, being detected in any disingenuous methort to impose on the Society, shall forseit such bounty, and be deemed incapable of obtaining any for the future.

The performances which each ycar obtain premiums or bounties are to remain with the society until after the public distribution of rewards.

No member of this Society shall be a candidate for, or entitled to receive, any premium, bounty, or reward, whatsoever, except the honorary medal of the Society. The candidates are, in all cases, expected to furnish a particular account of the subject of their claims ; and, where certificates are required to be produced in claim of premiums, they should be expressed, as nearly as possible, in the words of the respective advertisements, and be signed by persons who have a positive knowledge of the facts stated.

Where premiums or bounties are obtained in consequence of specimens produced, the Society mcan to retain such part of those specimens as they may judge necessary, making a reasonable allowance for the same.

No candidates shall be present at any meetings of the Society or committees, or admitted at the Society's rooms, after they have delivered in their claims, until such claims are adjudged, una less summoned by the committee.

N. B. The Society farther invite the communications of scientific and practical men upon any of the subjects for which premiums are offered, although their experiments may have been conducted upon a smaller scale than the terms of cach require, as they may afford ground for more extensive application, and thus materially forward the views of the Society and contribute to the advantage of the public. Such communications to be made by letter, addressed to the Society, and directed to Mr. CHARLES TAYLOR, the Secretary, at the Society's Office, in the ridelnh, London,

The models required by the Society should be upon the scale of one inch to a foot. The Winchester bushel is the measure referred to for grain; and, as the acres of different districts vary in extent, it is necessary to observe, that the Suciety mean Statute Acres, of five and a half yards to the rod or pole, when acres are mentioned in their list of premiums; and thcy request that all communications to them may be made agreeably thereto.

The Society desire that the Papers on different subjects sent to them may be full, clear, explicit, fic for publication, and rather in the form of Ësays than of Letters.

* To persons inclined to leave a sum of money to this Society by will, the following form is offered for that purpose : Item. I give and bequeath to A. B. and C. D. the sum of

upon condition and the intent that they, or one of them, do pay the same to the collector for the time being, of a Socicey in London, who now call themselves the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce; which said sum of I will and desire may be paid out of my personal estate, and applied towards the carrying on the laudable designs of the Society,

By Order of the Society,


Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce.

ADELPHI, June 21st, 1800.

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N Wednesday, the 22 Inst. the Society held the last Meeting of that Session, and ad

journed to the fourth Wednesday in October next. On Tuesday the 25th of May last, agreeably to the Resolutions of the Society, the Premiums and Bounties which had been then adjudged during the Session, were delivered to the Claimanes from the Chair, by his Grace the Duke of Norfolk, the President, in presence of a very numerous and respectable Assembly. The Business was begun by an appropriate Speech from the Secretary, noticing the Objects of the Society from its Institution, in the year 1754, to the preseni Time, and particularising the Rewards which had been then adjudged this Session.

The Rewards awarded, are arranged under the following Classes :

Street, Holborn, for a Chalk Drawing of the IN AGRICULTURE.

Virgin and Child, the Gold Medal, Cl. 91. To John Huntcr, esq. of Gubbins, in Hert- To Miss Winifred Barrett, of Stockwell, in fordshire, for having planted 40,000 Oaks, the Surry, for a Drawing ota Landscape, the Silver Gold Medal.

Medal. CI. 91*. To Thomas Johnes, esq. of Hafod, in Care To Miss Jacksun, of Hanover Street, Hanodiganshire, for having planted 400,000 Forest ver Square, for a Drawing in Black Chalk, al. Trees, the Gold Medal.

ter an Engraving by Bartolozzi, the Silver Me. To John Christian Curwen, esq. of Work- dal. ington Hall, in Cumberland, for having planted To Miss Blackburne, of Park Street, West84,900 Larch Trees, the Gold Medai.

minster, for a Drawing of Demosthenes from a Tollenry Vernon, esq. of Hilton Park, near Bust, the Silver Medal. Wolveriiampton, for planting 10,000 Silver To Miss Mary Anne Gilbert, of Devonshire Fire, the Gold Medal.

Street, Portland Place, for a Miniature Drau'. To Jimes Beech, esq. of Shaw, near Chea- ing of an old Woman, alter Nature, the Silver dle, in Staffordshire, for his plantation of Tim- Medal. ber Trees, the Silver Medal.

To Miss Emma Farhill, of Mortimer Street, To the Rev. Richard Yates, of Chelsea, for Cavendish Square, for a Drawing of Peasants his Essay on raising and promoting the growth in a Storm, the Silver Medal. of Oaks, the Silver Medal.

To William Stone Lewis, esq. of High To Charles Gibson, esq. of Quermore Park, Holborn, for a Drawing of Outlines of the lau. near Lancaster, for planting 6,000 Elms, the coon, from a Cast, the larger Silver Pallet. Silver Medal.

CI. 92. To William Fairman, esq. of Miller's House, To George Jones, esq. of Great Portland near Sittingbourn, in Kent, for his Experiments Street, Mary-le-hone, for a Drawing of Ome. on Extreme Branch Gralling of Fruit Tiees, the lines of Hercules and Antxus, from a Cast, the Silver Medal,

les er Silver Pallet Cl. 93. To Robert Brown, esq, of Markle, near Had- To Richard Speare, esq. of Dean Street, dington, in Scoiland, for his Cuiture of Beans Scho, for a Drawing, a View at Eltham, in and Wheat in one year on the same Land, the Kent, the greater Silver Pallet. Cl. 9.4. Silver Medal.

To Mr. Richard Cook, of Upper Charlotte To Mr. Frederic Cliford Cherry, of New Street, Fitzroy Square, for a Drawing of MuWood Farm, near Stoke d’Aubenton, in Surry, tius Seævola, belore Porsenna, the Gold Palles, for planting 60 Acres with Osiers, the Sum of Cl. 96. Thirty Guineas.

To Mr. John Summerfield, of Packington, To Mr. Seth Bull, of Ely, in Cambridgeshire, Coventry, for a Stroke Engraving, the subject for planting 8 Acres with Osiers, the Sum of Rubens and his Wife, it-Gold Medal, Cl.99. Ten Guineas.

To Mr. C. Nesbitt, of Feiter Lane, for krie IN CHEMISTRY.

gravings on Wood, the Silver Medal. Cl. 103. To Mr. Thomas Willis, of Lime Street, To Mr. Richard Austin, of Paul's Alley, London, for his preparation of the Bulbs of the Barbican, for Engravings on Wood, the Silve Hyacinthus non scriptus, or commun Field Medal. Blue Bells, as a substitute for Gum Arabic, the To Mrs. Elizabeth Coppins, of St. Stephen's, Silver Medal.

Norwich, for a Drawing in Crayons of Belie IN POLITE ARTS.

sarius, copied from a Painting of Salvator Rosa, To George William Gent, esit. of Upper the greater Silver Pallet. Guildford Strett, for a Drawing of Lewes Cas. To Miss Frances Talbot, of W'ymondham, de, in Essex, the Gold Medal. CI. 89.

Norfolk, for a Painting of an Herb Girl, from To Miss Elizabeth Mac Dowall, of Brook Nature, the Silver Medal.

C. Mio. June, 1802.


To Miss B auchamp, of Langley Park, near Gosling, ef. Alexander Scott, esq. Mr. WilBeccles, in Suffolk, for a Painting of a Land- liam Woodbuin, Mr. Vaughan Griffiths, scape, copied from Both, the Silver Micdal. Charles Tufton Blicke, esq. Mr. John Francis

To Dr. John Evans, of Shrewsbury, for two Desanges, William living, esq. Lieut. Col. Maps of North Wales, the Sum of Forty-five Francis John Wilder, James Anderson, esq. Guincas.

LL. D. Daniel Mooic, esq. Solomon Levien, IN MANUFACTURES.

esą. W. H. Pepys, jun. James Green, csq. Mr. To Mr. Thomas Clulow, of Shoreditch, for John Fuller, David Pikč Watts, esq. William his Invention of weaving Purses, Puckets, and Bridgman, esq. William Phillips, csq. Richard Sacks, in a Loon, and improving the Con- Sykes, esq. Mr. John Dutton, Henry Leader, struction of Looms in general, Twenty-five esq. Rev. Mr. J. Clay, Josiah Robert Harrison, Guineas.

eq. John Gold, esq. Richard Varal, esq. RiIN MECHANICS.

chard Godwin, esq. Thomas Edwards, esq. To Mr. Henry Greathead, of South Shields, William Butler, esq. Mr. William Peter Whyte, in the Bishoprick of Dunhin, for his Cor- Mr. Thomas Bish, Henry Decort, esq. Valenstruction of a Cork Boat, by which the Lives tine Green, csq. Martin Bice, esq. James Kenof many Persons shipwrecked have been pre- drick, csq. Henry Gore Clough, esq. Mr. Wilserved, the Gold Medal and Fifty Guineas. Jiam Woodthorp, Charles Win-tanley, esq. Jo

Tu William Hall Timbrel, esq. of Streatly, seph Ablett, esq. Dr. Clough, William Tooke, in the County of Berks, for an improved her- esq. William Coles, esq. Mr. William March, niary Truss and new invented Calico Cushion, Mr. William Chapman, Joseph Williams, esq. the Gold Medal.

Samuel Lovat, esq. Walter Bracebridge, esą. To Mr. Richard Kniglit, of Fuster Lane, Henry Winstanley, jun. esq. Daniel Llewellin, Cheapside, for his Method of clearing Land esq. John M'Arthur, esq. William Minnitt, from Stumps of Trees, and rendering them in csq. Mr. Thomas Jones, David Forbes, esq. proper State for Fuel, the Silver Medal. Joseph Martin, esq. William Lechmer, esq.

To Mr. James Brownhill, of Alloa Mills, Ambrose Pitman, esq. Mr. George Samuci, ncar Stirling, in Scotland, for his Discovery of Col. William Tatham, J. S. Munnings, esq. a Quarry of Stone, proper for making Mill Mr. Edward Vennor, George Lockett, esq. Stones, the Sum of One Hundred Pounds. William Green, esq. Christopher Fowler, esq.

To Mr. Jolin Webb, of Dorrington Street, Mr. Samuel John Ncal, William Nethersole, for an Invention in Gun Locks, to prevent ac- esq. William Pierrie, esq. George Banastre Pix, cidents in using Guns or Pistols, and to guard esq. Jobin Hunter, csq. Mr. Alexander Sheafe against their being improperly fired, the Sum Birkett, Mı. Joseph Bunnell, Mr. Willian's of Twenty Guineas.

Marston, Mr. James Little, Stephcu Scarbrow, To Mr. James Woart, of Fulham, for secur- csq. Col. William Gent, Dr. Ogilvie, William ing Beams of Timber decayed by Time, or in- Breton, esq. Thomas Cartwright Slack, esq. jured by Accidents, in Buildings, the Sum of John Watkin Phipps, esq. Mr. Thomas CourtTon Guineas.

ney Devcnish, Mr. William Benncii, Major IN COLONIES AND TRADE.

Henry Eustace, William James, esq. Thomas To Dr. Alexander Anderson, of St. Vin- Poynder, jun. esq. Henry Michele, esq. Sacent, for the Culture of Cloves and Cinna- Rev. William Phillips, Thomas Leys, esq.

muel Gunnel, esq. Drewhurst Bilsborow, esq. mon, the Gold Medal.

To the Hon. Joseph Roblcy, of Tobago, for James St. Aubyn, esq. William Henry Cheek, a Plantation of Bread Fruit Trees, the Guld csą. Thomas Stackhouse, csq. George Clark, Mcdal.

esq. Philip Neill, esq. William Wills, esq. John Maud, esq. Thomas Windus, esq. Lewis

Bucklc, esq. Ralph Dodd, csq. Mr. Thomas An Account of the Number of Noblemen and Gene Wilson, Charles Browning, esq. Mr. Hent

ilenen elécord members since Ocrober last, Grcathead, Mr. Richard Rueve, Join Rowe whose Titles and Vumes are as follow: esq. Thomas Andrews, esq. Mr. Gilson Recve,

Edward Biven, esq. John Barnwell Murphy, The Most Noble the Marquis of Exeter, esq. Peter Green, Esq. John Abearn Palmer, F. R. S. and S. A. the Righi Hon. Lord Visa esq. Juhn Flamank, csq. Joseph Ivart Hara count Barrington, the Right Hon. Lord Car- wood, esq. Mr. William Godge, John Jones, rington, Sir Geo. Presco, Bart. Hon. John esq. Robert Bovil, esq. Mr. John Fletcher, Hroniker Major, John Rubinson, esq. M. P. Robert Blake, csq. Capt. H. L. Frezill, Mr. Col. Peachy, M. P. Rowland Burdon, esq. Joseph Cooper, Benjamin Hall, cs4. Cuthbert M. P. Lieut. Gen, John Watson, James Brog- Sharp, esq. Robert Diury, csq. Captain F. M,

M. P. Mr. Sheruif William Rawiins, Keith, Ni. Gcorge Arnoldi.
Thomas Myers, esq. Joseph Nollekins, esq.
R. A. John Dixon, esq. George Prescott, esq.

By Order,
Thomas Calverly, esq. Thomas Taylor, esq.
I'r. John Sowerby, Johp Scott, esg. William


den, esq.

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