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continually employed in various re- ftri&tly true. If such a character searches, tendmg equally to the en- were given of any other book, with largement of knowledge and to the what eagerneis and curivlity would improvement of virtue. by a judi- that book be fought after by all, cious management of his time he' who have any pretensions to literary was enabled to traverle over the tatie! And what are the matters greater part of the circle of human contained in the Holy Scriptures? science, of wbich the volumes which Are they not oi the most interesting he has bequeathed to pofterity ex- nature, inaruch as they relate to hibit an illustrious monument. In man, his duties, and expectancies, thore volumes he appears in the dif: If any otberinducement to the liudy ferent and teemingly irreconcileable of them were wanting, here it is characters of an bittorian, phil). This is the look of God, which cons sopher, lawyer, antiquary, and tains the uorils of eternal life! poet; each of which he luitained

Yours, di,

R.II, with a degree of excellence almost peculiar to himself. Well therefore Mr. UREAN, has a celebrated writer applied to N the eulogium on the late Sir him, what Platotaidot Socrates, 'H de William Jones, inserted vol. À TEXVT9; TS iraigs TAUN 19:!TO, audzas, LXXI. P. 1191, as an extract from m; M:605@copsvæv, warta" w ET eięce bruty, the Afiatic Annual Regifer, I was πολυμαθεσιτέ, και μαλισα καλά και forry to see an intermixture of crror ayaló. Froni pursuits of this na- aud fable. The cditor of the Allture, however, his mind was not nual Regitter tells us, that Sir Wiunfrequently averted to the invigo- Jiam, after having made a tour rating and retrethingfiudy of Divine of several months in France, was Revelation ; which, as it is in it- at Piris introduced at court to felf the most important enquiry that the French king; who was much can engage the thoughts of mail, pleated with his convertation, and and moti beneficial in its effets, to made many enquiries relpecting it eminently tends, far beyond all fome of the provinces he had traother pursuits, to enlarge and velled through; to all. wlich Sir strengthen the human understand. William antwered in the particular ing, and enables it patiently to en- diakut of each province. On this dure toil in the acquirement of every I beg to remark, that there was 110 other science. I his trait in the French court at Paris : foreigners character of Sir William Jones will were introduced to the king at be respected, I am sure, and, I Vertailles, who niude a point of hope, it will be imitated by thote never exchanging a word with who are emulous of running the them, the late Dule of Norfolk same profeflional career, and of fol- being the only exception, upon the lowing his footticps in the paths of hing's being informed that he was honour. Of this iroth let them be the tirsi Peer of Great Britain, and ailured by his example, that a ftri& a Catholic. As to Sir William's attention to religion will render a acquiring the particular dialects of man better qualitied to perform the different provinces in a tour of a most complicated duties of active few months, the abfurdity of that life; and that the nintt active life is its own refutation, will always afford tutücient leiture for the public and private exercise Our friend - Tup. ARCHITECT of religious duties.

having declined giving a drawing of What is here faid of the excel. ABERGAVENNY GAT! WAY, we have lency, the beauty, and the cor- availed ourlelves of a very excellentier fifiency, to b: found in the facred of the name fent to us from another volume, is in its fullest extent quarter. (Ske Plute II. p. 124.)



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Feb. 6. miles from Dublin, in the barony of
F you insert the view of Ere Bridge, Rathdown. It consists of six liones

Tiverton (Plate I.), you will greatly placed perpendicularly, and on these an oblige your numerous readers in its vi- enormous one is laid in an inclined cinity. This antient bridge has for two polition, which is in length 154 feet, ages with stood the impetuous current

in breadth 12 feet, and in thickness of the River Exe when rose to an ama- from 2 10 5. It is computed to weigh zing height by the melting of the snow. 20 tons. It has lately been considerably widen- If you

deem it worthy of a corner ed, and the wall on one side removed to in your next Miscellaneous Place, it is give room for a raised causeway railing, wbolly at your service. which projects some feet over the water. The temple which is seen on the Mr. URBAN,

Feb. 1. Th

HE inclosed view in Hyde Park, grounds, belongs to Thomas Phillips, fq. 4, the production of a young, esq. of Colliprieit

, a beautiful and plea- lady, Turnishes a pleasing profpect of fant situation near the banks of the the Serpentine river; and of that very river.

C. S. useful building on its Nurthern bank,

the Receiving-houfe of the Roval Hus Mr. URBAN,

Feb. 8. mane Society. The building in the SEND you (fig. 2) a drawmg of a back-ground is the Cake-houlé, an opcakes, in the potlession of Thomas LXXI. p. 401.

JSLINGTONIENSIS. Beckwith, of the city of York, painter, and F.A.S. 1785. The outer circle is THE PROJECTOR, No. II. 114 inches diameter, on a square fone “ Verte omnes tete in FACIES; et contrahs about two inches thick ; the hollow quicquid parts sunk about I of an inch.

Sive animis, five arte vales.” Viro. It hath been long a custom in York- “Get all the HEADS you can, no matter

how." shire to give a fori of light swectened This cake the guests put in their pocket IF fecrecy has its advantages, it has who its disadvantages likewise.

If he or in their handkerchief, to carry home who determines to carry on his bulinels and share among the family. Besides incog. escapes fome dangers to which this, they had given at the house of the profeflion of Author as well as the deceased hot ale sweetened, and Projector is exposed, he is at the same fpices in it, and the fame fort of cake time the continual prey of fufpicions in picces. But if at the funeral of the and fears, and may be said to enjoy richer fort, instead of hot ale they had the fmugness rather than the security of burnt wine and Savoy biscuits, and a a private station. He is apt to fancy paper with two Naples biscuits fealed that he is discovered by those who are up to carry home for their families. thinking on other fubjects, and w take The paper in which these biscuits were to himlélf casual hints and expressions sealed was printed on one side with a which are not levelled at him. He cotin, crols-bones, skulls, hacks, consequently often endeavours to escape fpades, hour-glass, &c.; but this cul- when there is nothing to fly from, and tom is now, I think, left off, and they guards anxioully against detection bewrap them only in a sheet of clean wri- fore he has even excited curiolity. ting-paper sealed with black wax. It It

may. be thought that one who is is cultomary allo to set a plate or dilh sensible of allthis would be proof against in the room where the company are such vain fears and imaginations ; hut with sprigs of rosemary; and every one I know by experience that Philosophy takes a prig, which they carry in their is a much better thing to write about hand to ihe grave, and, as foon as the than to practise; and, therefore, withceremony is ended, every one throws out boalling of fuperior resolution and their rosemary into the grave. T. B. firmness, I mult humbly take the lia

berty to shelter myself under the auMr. Urban,

Feb.9. thority of a learned Divine, who assures "HE inclosed (fig. 3) is a repre- his readers, that “the best of men are in the glen of Bryanfiown, about seven A few days ago I met with an inciGent. Mag. February, 1802



THE PROJECTOR, No II. [Feb. dent which certainly tried my courage, animate objects of the better fort. For and which, I hope, it will be allowed example, if a man is to lose his money was somewhat disheartening to a Pro- on Hounslow-heath or Shooter's hill, JEctor in the commencement of his how much more agreeable to part with public labours. As I was walking it to a highwayıvan genteely mounted through the Strand, I happened to than to a low-bred footpad, to poor and orertake a man and woman, evidently miserably furnished for his trade, that of the lower order, in close convertä- he is, perhaps, all the while frightention. Wliat the subject was I had no ing you with a brass candlestick And business to enquire, and no anxiety to if I were to meet with an accident in discover ; and I thonght indeed that I the street, I should certainly prefer a had heard quite enough, when, on my patrician to a plebeian catualty. I nepalling them, the woman exclaimei, ver pats by a chcesemonger's, when

Ay, he had always too many projelts they aru popping their cheeses from a in his head to do any good.”

cart into the ibop, without fhuddering! Now, although it may


al- at the disgraceful end of that man who lowable in my literary friends to give thould be killed by one of them. What me their advice, cantion me againt a pretty figure a Cheshire cheese would precipitation, and exhort me to weigh make in an Obituary, or a few dealwell

board's on a marble monument! Who ** Quid ferre recufen', would not prefer dying under the Lord Quid valeant humeri,"

Chancellor's coach, or even that of the the pride of authorihip disdains to Speaker, to the best dray Mr. Whitsubmit to the fneers and discourage- bread ever fent out? And then, with ment of the vulgar, wbo can be r:o respect to the dangers of the sea, who judges, or very indifferent ones, of the would not rather go to the bottom in a weighty matters of the quill. We are 74 than in a coaliing vellel ? As to difless ashamed to be conquered by the cases too, I think there are distinctions Jion than by an animal of more ig- to be made. There is something benoble breed. It is the kick of the ais coming in a fever or gout; but I am at which aggravates the injury, and turns this moinent tormented with the toothmisfortune into infult. It may be said, ach, which I tell yon between ourhowever, that the ominous words felves. There is a dignity, Mr. Proabove recorded were not addresled to jector, there is a dignity to be confulted me. Perhaps not, although of that I in our misfortunes; and no man ouglit have no proof; yet I conte's I could to be so miferable as not to study the not help feeling their force, as a man Graces. You never heard me grumble will not be less hurt by a fione thrown about the thousand pounds 1 loft by at random than if it had been pointed. Jack Ilumbug's bankruptcy; and why? The incident afforded me inany grave because I knew he never was worth a and dejecting reflections on the inlage I groat, and broke for half a million.” may expect, unless I can contrive to My friend was running on in this rescue the name of Projector from strain, in which probably few of my the disrepute into which it has fallen, readers will be dilposed to follow him, and give a fort of consequence to those when the servant brought me the folwho confefledly have no oljećt in view lowing letter, which operated as a more but the good of mankind.

refreshing cordial than all he had adOn my arrival at home, I could not vanced on proud lolles, fpirited robhelp imparing the circunliance to a beries, gentecl accidents, and rightconfidential friend who was waiting honourable fractures. I cannot relle for me, and whole opinions seemed in to give a preference in a writer who has perfect uviton with my own.

" I honoured me with fo early an applivinpathize cordially with you," faid cation. he, cand can enter into your feelings.

“ To the AUTHOR of the PROJECTOR. There is nothing hurts me fo much as to fuffer by those whom we think our inferiors. For my part, I carry this being the firit to address you on the com

" I mell make no apology for, perhaps, doétrine rather fariber than yourself, or than moal men.' If I am doomed to

mencement of your paper. I have no receive injuries of any kind, I own I yet of consequence to 'give and cake' in

compliments to pay, for neither of us is Nould prefer them at the hands of per-' that was. I can foresee all you were amour tons of fuperior ranks, or even from in- to say in your second Number; your mo

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desty, your humility, and the usefuil train their principles in a Dictionary, or Eney. of ingratating preliminaries which your clopeedia: it is not difficult to see through predecellors have advanced, in order to such tricks. The late Earl of Orford, bet deprecate critical severity. Perhaps you ter known by the name of Horace Walwere abous to give us an account of your- pole, was a distinguished partizan of this felf, your family, or your club, for Pro- fta, and contributed more 19 bebeadings jecters, of all people, ought to keep one than any man in our times. It is incredible anoler in crunten wice hy i ciation; but how many persins of note he brought to thele mullers, let me tell you, will come the block; and so hardened was he in this out hereafter with more proprie.y. in my wickedness, that, when he publithed what epon, you thoul iritate the dramatic he had done, he called the work Anecdotes: satber than the historic form, and begin in I could also mention a Mr. Cracherode, the middle of the pl f, reserving the denoue- ltely deceased, of whom it was said, that ment for the last act, in which we are ge- no money could stand between him and nerally told who and who are related. any man's bsad he took a fancy to. And

“ My busness is vigent-1 h ve «isco. I might point out some of the left who are veries to make of great importance, and living, and, what is very extraordinary, wbich cannot be longer coi.cealed; and ! hold valuable and lucrative offices under know no better vehicle for the disclosure Government, and yet are notorioully adthan that you have chosen for the exhi- dicted to the principles of the Illuftrantes. bition of your projects. Most of M. Ur- < But I wave ihe mention of indivi. ban's readers are very much concerned ia duals, some of whom, we must in charity what I am to bring forward; and there- believe, may have been artfuily seduced fore, without farther preface, I hope you into the notion that detruncation is neces. will give this letter a place in your next sary to human happiness, and that an Eng paper.

lith gentleman is valued, like an Indian ." Your readers have, doubtless, heard warrior, for the number of foolps he can of the miseries created in Europe by a fect produce. I say, I wave this, and pass to called the Illuminés, os Illuminali, whose ob- one GRANGER, whom I take to be the ject was to throw every kingdom and state Robespierre of the faction, the bydra. into curfufion, and to take off the beads of beaded monster, whom nothing could sae all per fons of worth and distinction. I tify, wlio devoured innumerable ranks need not say how well they succeeded. and clafles, and fixed their beads in his re. But you may be juftly alarmed when I in- pofitories, as the Turks are said to deco. form you, that a party has been gradually rate their palaces with the heads of their forming in this country, whose designs are prisoners. To this man, who, ftrange to no less aimed at the beads of the heiter part say! was a clergy man of the Church of of the community than those of the Illumin England, we are to look, if not for the rati, and who imitate them in many partirise, certainly for the extensive spread of culars. They assume, for instance, the the feet of Iuftrators; and it is wonderful name of Illufirantes, or Illuftrators, which, to me that he Thould have been so long unI think, will be allowed to signify much noticed, and be permitted to die quie:ly in the same with Illuminuti; and to eager his bed, alihough, I make no doubt, he are they to take off the heads of persons must in his last days have been bunted hy eminent for rank, talents, wildum, and the beadless corpora, opera umnia, Syftemata, &c. piety, that they care not what risks they which he had to cruelly mutilated. Be that run, of what depredations they commit, as it may, he wrote four volumes explain. to attain the desired object. Hisving been ing the doctrines of the sect, offering rules a considerable sutferer by them, although and mixins, and pointing out where bends my own bead be too insignificant for their may be got let them be ever so privale of Botice, I truit I am qualified to explain this work I am sorry to record the success, , their hiftory, and I hall not be scrupulous but my library furnithes me with fo many in my narrative.

melancholy proofs, that I cannot be filent'; “Al wliat time this confpiracy was for and if this thould be though a matter which med I have not been able to learn; but the personally cincerns myself, I appeal to more early conspirators betrayed their de- thore Itanding evidences, the book-italls of signs as far back as the rth century. I London and Weitminster, where the have been able to recover the names of trunks of all the eminent men of the last Evelyn, Almole, and repys, who left three ceaturies lie expored without a bead large collections wf beads severed from the among them, and are sold as mere trash bodies of the most distinguished characters and rubbish; for, alas ! in the opinion of of their «ay. The Earl of Oxford, in the mott men, what is a body without a bead) beginning of the last century, was another “ I have stated some degrees of compaof the fame fchool. One Ames, in later rison between the Illuminati and the Illufo times, wrote a book expressly in favour of .trators; but I must now explain wherein their doétrines, which he called a Catalogue, they difter, and wherein, in my opinion, as the French Iluminati chole lo dispeçse the former are the more consistent charac



fers. The Illuminati bad for their obje&t exchanged for'a bairy quemar playing on ebe the destruction of monarchy and religiou. barpficbord,' and the veneranle head of Thus far we know; they scarcely effected Calvin balely bartered for dumb Jack; nay, to disguise it, for the object pervad-s all if Tiddy Doll could be purchased by the their undertakings. But the Illuftrators Long Parliament, there

are many who cannot be accused of aiming their weapons would think it an excellent bargain. The at the beads of kings and clergy so much as moit learned of our Prelates cannot fomeat confounding all ranks, orders, and de- times ftand in competition with Hugb Pe. grees, jambling together peers, gentry, ters; and those illufirators will often prefer clergy, lawyers, foldiers, au: hors, artits, conspirators to loyal subjects, for no reason and women, without any distinction arising that I can conceive unless that they are from profeffional merit, wisdom, valour, ready bebeaded to their hand. One of them, wit, or beauty ; often indeed preferring by way of a great f.vour, shewed me the deformity to symmetry, a Hunchback to other day a head of Ejop of Eton, ibe an Adonis, a fool in a Newton, and setting drunken, funking, rhyming cobler.

And a value on some beads for no reason that I what do ynu suppole, Mi. Projector, had can discover hut because the parties they he given for this worlliy personage? I belonged to happened to be hanged. The treinble while I write it-shut the price of object of the fer, therefore, you may this drurken, funking, rhyming cobler, perceive, Mr. PROJECTOR, is sheer an- was three of Queen Mary's Martyrs, two archy, as may be farlier elucidated by Geneva Rofurmers, Archbishop Cranmer, and a mentioning some of their well-known head that once belonged to Charles I. practices.

" Such are some of the practices of this “ And here, I must fiy, they discover an sect. And now I leave it to be determined uncommon artfulness. You know not ex- by your readers, whether they do not de. actly where to bate them. If from their serve to be taken into very serious conficruel practices on the bodies of Kings (and deration. I have furnished you with the they have actually cut off the heads of some data, and I hope you will make a proper from their monuments *), you accuse them ure of them. I am, Sir, your humble ferof antimonarchical principles, they smile,

ANTI-GUILLOTINE." talk of their impartiality, and thew you The length of my correspondent's that they have done the same thing to Free- letter will necessarily prevent my ofthinkers and Philosophers. In truth, if fering many remarks on the subject of the subject were not too serious, one

it in this paper; but it has not escaped would be induced to think they were a fpecies of humourults who indulged in cda correspondent terms a téct and a con:

my observation, although, what my fancies for the amusement of mankind. I have known one of them exchange ebe se piracy; I am rather inclined to think ven Bisoops for a scarce Chimney sweeper, and felt have not been without some finart

is a discafe; and I freely confess I mybarter the family of Sienart for a gang of attacks of it, however I may have en conspirators. So little taste and gallantry have they, that I have iden Anne Boleyne deavoured to keep it down. The dirand Mary Queen of Scots given for Moll Cut. ease is very well known, principally purse; and it is not above a month ago that under the name of a Granger ; it is a one of the sect, in a public shop in West- vast gathering, and the characteristic minster, in the presence of several clergy: fymptom is a reluctance in the patient men, offered Bishop Latiner, Sir John to have it dispersed. I know a very More, and fire Gresham Profeffors, for Celly worthy' young man who was seized Molly Puff. A gay youth may be of opi- with it a few months ago, and is a denion, that the exchange of a fuperannuated plorable infance of its power. I shall, judge for a wife virgin is not very injuperhaps, relate his unhappy case in a dicious; but it is intolerable to think that an old fexton should be pitted against a whole dean and chapter, and Morber Loule

MEMOIRS OF THE take precedence of Queen Elizabeth. Yet such anarchy of taste and estimation is pe

Rev. Mr. Joseph ROBERTSON; culiar to the bigots of this sect, who respect [Found among his papers, directed to Mr. none of those qualities which the rest of

John Nichols, Fleet-street; and evidenta mankind have agreed to reverence. Prin

ly intended for the Gentleman's Magaciples, political or religious, are nothing in

zine, to which Mr. R. was a frequent and their reckoning. The Reformation, the

valuable Correspondent, principally unRestoration, and the Revolution, are with

der the signature of EUSEBIUS.) them mere dates, and nothing else. I have THIS biographical Iketch was writknown a whole series of Arminian Divines


tain his genuine publications, to pre* One Rapin, who is now standing by vent misrepresentations in some partime, can atteit this.

cular circumstances, and such false, in


future paper.

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