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Jan. 12.

say," and " Alk 'me no more where TH THE poems enquired after, vol. Jove bettoves ;" the lniter was LXXI.

p. 1095, and which printed in the first edition of Cahave probably been overlooked from rew's poems, 1640.

T.P. their situation, are appended to an edition of “ Poems, written by Wil.


S you frequently oblige your

Jan. 14.

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page to which appears in some co- their literary enquiries; pernit an pies without a date, and in others old Alfociate to announce, that he with that of 1640. The volume is is committing to the press, after a curious, froin containing several confideration of 20 years, a new ediencomiastic tributes to the memory tion of the Anecdotes of Mr. of our" adınirable dramatic poet ;" Betryer;" the outlines of whicli one of which, as it is not given by firit appeared in your vol. XLVIII. his editors or commentators, I will pp. 409, 449, 513 ; and which, to transcribe:

tay no more, was received by the Of Mr. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

publick with a flattering indulWHAT ,lofty Shakespeare, art againe reviv'!? gence (vol. LII. pp. 348, 592);

. . ) And, Verbius * like, now show'u thy felfe and had the approbation of Dr;

twile liv'd. 'Tis (Benfon': 1) love that this to thee is Johnfon (vol. LIV. p. 893).-The +]

p Showne;


difficulties and the expence attend: The labour's his, the glory it thine ing such a compilation are so well These learned poems amongit thine af er. illustrated by your Reviewers it? birth,

(earth vol. LII. p. 554, that it must be That makes thy natre immortall on the evident pecuniary emolument, in Will make the learned ftill admire to fie The Muses' gifts to fly i fusid on thee.

publishing the former volume, was Ler carping Momus bark and bite his fill,

wholly out of siglit. If it displayed And ignorant Darus Night ty learned akut!; the Compiler’s gratitude to an early Yet those who know the worth of thy de- and excellent friend, and added to sert,

(art, the stock of useful cntertainment, And with true judgement can disserne thy Will be admirers of thy liig!ı-tun'd Itrainc,

his withes were fully answered. Amongst whose number let me ftill re

As the intended new edition maine. JOHN WARNEN.

will of course be considerably augThe additional pieces by other mented, and, it is hoped, proporgentlemen, printed after those of tionably improved; the principal

renowned Shakespeare," are thus reason of troubling you with this intituled and fignatured :

address is, to request your many Ilis Mistrere drawne. B. I.

critical and biographical readers to Her Minde. B. I.

furnith me with such particulars as To Bev Jonson. F. B.

may lead to its correction, and exHis Misiris Shade.

tend its utility. Hints in particular Lavinia walking in a frosty morning of any valuable work, printed by

A Sigh sent to his Misireisc. either of the BOWYERS, whichi

An allegorical Allution of melan- have escaped my notice, with any choly Thoughts to Bees. I. G. authentic anecdotes of the authors,

The Primrose (printed in the Poems of Carew and Herrick.]

or lists of their writings, will be A Sigh.

particularly acceptable; as will also A Blush.

any parts of the epistolary correo Orpheus' Lute.

spondence of Mr. Bowyer, which Upon a Gentlewoman walking on was frequent and valuable; it beitig the Grafie.

my principal desire to render the On his Love going to Sca.

work, in a considerable degree, a Two others, without titles, begin History of the LITERATURE of with “ Am I despised because you the EignTEENTH CENTURY. * Quali bis, vir. Vide Met. Ovid.

Yours, &c. J. Nichols The publishers




Dec. 3. be owned I am not behind any of my I

SEND you a sketch (Plate 1.) of predecessors. He that called himmfell á

the North side of Bodiam castle in Tatler, a Rambler, or an Idler, might Suflex. It is situated on the bank of naturally expect support from that the Rother, a small river which party whose qualities and pursuits were empties itfelf into the sea at Rye, implied in his title, and which was about twelve or fifteen miles below neither few in numbers or in confethe castle; it is very perfect in many quence, although he confefTedly exof its parts, but uninhabitable except cluded himfelf from the favour of at some periods, when a cottager has every other class of mankind. But in been permitted to reside within its owning myself a PROJECTOR, without walls.' It is the property of the Web- inviting the aid of any, I have alarmed fter family; the late Sir Godfrey hav- the fulpicions and the contempt of all; ing a considerable estate in the parish and my downfall, when it comes, will of Bodiam, and the patronage of the be fo much in the natural course of rectory, if I am not mistaken. Accu- things as to occasion neitier wonder rate accounts of the castle may be nor pily, for “it is what we mult all found in the topographical accounts come io,” and “ who could expect of Sussex, some of which I happen to any thing else from a PROJECTOR?" have immediately at hand. From its In truth, whether fuccefsful or unJow situation it could never command successful, a PROJECTOR has in all the country; but I am inclined 10 ages been a character held in


low think it might be used as a defence ettimation. Pope ranks them in against an attack from any invading mighty forry company. enemy, for, from a view of the coun

Astrologers that future fates foreshew, try, it appears as if the sea had gradu- PROJECTORS, quacks, and lawyers not a ally declined from that spot. J.


Steele himself, who may be suppoTHE PROJECTOR. N° 1.

fed much better acquainted with the “Quod magis ad nos

subject, as he is the Arch-PROJECTOR Pertinet, et nescire malum eft, agitamus: of this nation, and once conceived the Utrumne

stupendous plan of reforming its moDivitiis homines, an fint virtute beati?

rals, which we have all been nibbling Quidve ad amicitias, usus reclumne, tra- at since, says, There cannot be a hat nos?

more ridiculous animal than one who Es quæ fit natura boni, fammumque quid seems to regard the good of others. He ejus?


in civil life, whose thoughts turn upon nearly exhausted to illustrate the nelit, without further reflection, is difficulties with which he is sur called a Projector.” By the imfounded who makes his first appeare portant words , “ further reflection." ance as a periodical writer, that I shall ihis author undoubtedly means, with omit any attempt to conciliate the fa

out any advantage to themselves, vour or furprize the fancy of my rea- which is said to be too frequently the ders with a lucky liit of the kind. cale with the tribe of projectors, al.. It may be sufficient, I hope, in order though I have known many of them to preserve the accustomed shew of whote schemes were, to tay the least, modesty in writers, that I have ranked as beneficial to themselves as to any myfelf, by name, among a race of one elte. This would, perhaps, be men the most despised of all liuman oftener the case, if there were a good beings, and generally the most unfor- under landing between the party offertunate ; that I claim no other than ing the tcheine and the party acceptthatattention, almost worn out, which ing it. is ufually bestowed on PROJECTORS, Mr. Addison, who likewise ought to and thai I acknowledge myself por- have mentioned men of my unfortunate selled of no better chance for success name with more respect and commif. in my schemes, than they have had in eration, asserts that, at a coffeehouse, theirs.

he found out a man to be a PROJECIn such an act of voluntary humi- TOR “ by the shabbiness of his drets, lity, which some are welcome to con- the extravagance of his conceptions, fider as disguised vanity, I trust it will and the hurry of his speech.” Features GET. MAG. January, 1802.


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Height of Fähreulicit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermorreter.
Barom. Weather

Barom. Weatlier in. pts. in Jan. 1802.

vu. Jan. 1801.

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Jan 27 39 40 29,48 fair

29 38

23 129,53 fair
42 45 47 ,50 cloudy

13 17
26 26

150 cloudy
29 43 | 46
39 151 cloudy

14 24 30 25 ,86 fair 3036 39 35 ,28 fair

15 24 23 21 30.25 toggy 3.1 30 33 28 ,76 fair


37 35 3.1

,40 Fair
27 30 26 30,01 fair

17 36 38
35 35 29,72 rain


27 26
30,01 'fair

19 42

46 40 129,67 rain 31 28 ,10 cloudy

36 43 40 ,82 fair 30 32 32 29,50 Inow

45 43 39 ,32 fail & windy 32 34 30 ,56 rain and snow

37 42

40 30,11 fsir 21:34 33 33 175 cloudy

23 29 40 40 35 37 31 ,80 fuggy

43 37

,26 fair 9 34 34

,80 Cloudy

34 42 39 10 24 29


23 31

W. CARY, Optician, No. 182, near Norfolk Street, S.rand.


27. Kiing Henry the Fourt -Dicio, 1. King John-Don Juan.

28. The Mourning Bride-Ditto. 2. The Duenna-Katharine and Petruch. 29. Cymbelive-Dillo, 4. Douglas-The Fevival of Baccbus - The Analomift.

Jan. COVENT-GARDEN. 5. Rule a Wife and have a Wife-Ditto 1. Chains of the Heart-Harlequin's All My Grindmother.

manack. 6. The Distress'd Mother-Ditto--Virgin 2. As You Like It-Ditt. Unmalk'd.

4. The Revenge Ditin. 7. Artaxerxes-Katharine anul Petruchio. 5. Love in a Village-The Review. 8. The Stranger-Festival of Bacchus- 6. Folly as it Flies--Harlequin's The Mock Doctor.

7. Chains of the Heart - Ditw. 9. The Beggar's Opera--Don Juan. 8. King Lear--Drio. 11. King Henry the Fourth-Harlequin. 9. Chains of the Heart --The Review. Amulet,

11. Tlie Revenge-Harlequin's Almanack. 12. Ditto Festivalof BacchHS--Anatomift. 12. Folly as it Flies-- Dicio. 13. The Gamefter-Of Age To-morrow. 13. King Richard the Third--Ditto. 14. Inkle and Yarico.Don Juap.

14. Sperd the Plough-Ditto. 15. Venice Freferv’d-Festival of Bacchus 15. Aljo»fo, King of Culle-Ditto. -The Citizen.

16. Ditto-Dillo. 76. King Henry the Fourth-The Doctor 18. Dirto---Dilte. and the Apolliecary.

19. Folly as it Flies---Ditto. 18. George Barnwell-Harlequin-Amulet. 20. Chaios of the Heart-Dito. 19. Venice Preserv'd-The Doctor and the 21. Alfoolo-Dillo. Apothecary.

22. Folly as it Flies-- Ditto. 20. Deaf and Dumb--Harlequin-Antlet. 23. Chains of the Heart--Ditto. 21. King Henry the Fourth The Deterter. 25. Alfonso-Drito. 22. The Regent-Urania; or, T be Illuminé. 26. Merchant of Venice-Love à - 13-Mode. 23. The Wheel of Fortune-Diclo.

27. Folly asit Flies-- Harlequiu's Almanack. 25. Othello-Ditio.

28. Chains of the leart---Love à -13- Mode. 26. Venice Presery'd-Ditto.

29. Alfonso-The Review.

2 and

BILL of MORTALITY, from Jan. S, to Jaw. a6, 1802.

5 204 | 50 and 60 767 Males Males 8592

5 and 10 81 Go and 70 146 Females 661) 1390

to and 20 srl 70 and 80 102 Wiercof have died under two years old 489 20 and 30 119 / 80 and 90 38 Salt, 145. per bushel; 311.4 per pound.

30 and 40 171

90 and 15% 7.4 Peck Loal 45. Id. ; 46. I.; 45. Id. ; 45. 40 and 50 192 100


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1 802.

Mr. URBax, Clofe of Sarum,

others where they may meet with a Jan. 1.

like relief. 1, Thomas Ivle, Gen. *****IDALIS, vol. LXXI. tleman, was lately afflicted with a long p. 1070, calls upon fuel as lots of deep, apperite, &c. at

train of complicated nervous disorders, me ir terms fo fiat leuded with a great dearce of indo

tering and fo polite, lence, latlitude, and enui, &c. I had ***** seem contemptuous

that it may, perhaps, read in the Newspapers of any infalli老婆

contemptuous ble remedies in luch cafes, but cannot to remain entirely, with truth, that I tried them all in the hint which he is pleated, by vain ; for, Providence having been grayour means, to throw out to me. cioutly pleated to prelerve to me the The little eflay to which he al.

utfe or my tentes, I never touched any Judes, vol. LXXI. p 4, was merely

one of them.

“ In this situation, renderel uneasy au occasional etfution adapted to

enough by the pains and anxiety of the the auspicious leafun at which it diliate, and the will more dreadful ap; was written. If it had any inerit, prebention of the tormenting process of it must be derived fronı its presage. cure, I was visited by an old friend ment of that Plenty and Peace (a great finatterer in phylick, thongh he which in the interim hath been 10 never takes any), who thought he happily realized. As, however, the could do me tërvice by a medicine, blessings even of Peace and Plenty which, if it did me no good, thould at

lcast do no harm. may fail of their ultimate enjoy. circunstance is fo feldon known to

This fortunate ment, unattended by that comum. Jrappen, that I did not liften to hitu mation of all sublunary enjoyment, without some degree of ditlicence; but,

“ A round mind in a found body," however, out of civility I begged he I have upon this occafion taken up femafon.' Rite, tays he, moderately early

would proceed. It was ihen the spring a new lubject; which, to Fidal:s in the inorning; and, when the wea(who proteiles himself an invalid), 'ther will at any rate permit, either in. and to many others of your valetu

yoor kitchen or flower garden, avail tudinarian readers, may poflibly yourlief of the following prefeription : prore falutary and important; and Recipe. Your Spade, "Rake, Hoe, I have thrown it into füch a for- and tuch like infiruinents of culture : mula as to render it perfectly in- pursue the use of them, at proper intertelligible to all such who may, un

vals, as long and in such a degree as der the various complaints to which your firength will pernit. No partimy prescription is adapted, have cular regimen is necellary, but to avoid

the bane of repletion. recourse to it; and to the efficacy

I ventured 'to follow the old gentleof which I beg to subscribe my

man's advice; and thongh the mediown prolatum eft. BENEVOLUS. 'cinc was fo rough that I could bear but " ADVERTISEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. a very small dole of it at first, I foon

" To the Rheumaticibe Gouty becanie better reconciled to it, and the Billious---ihe Nervous--the Ilipo found myself every day enabled 10 take chondriac--she Splenetic--the Volup- it in a dill larger proportion. To be tuons--the Perulant-and the Proud. fhort; I continued the course from

Emeticum, Catharticum, Catholic that time to this. By the blefling of cum, et omne quod cxit in uin præler, God, my complainıs, both real and Remcdiun.

imaginary, are all vanilhed. I can cat " When the discared find a cure, it like a greyhound ; my nerves and fpifeems, want of gratitude not to inform rits are in excellent order ; and, as for


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sleep, should the sceping mania fucceed tenance. - About that time, he to that, of walhing, you may if you happened to see in the Newspaper a please, Mr. Urban, maich we azainst caution to young men not to trust any

of yous readers, even the moli le- top much to a gaod conftitution, thargic.

My conscience would not be at res left, by neglečt of rules, they till I had communica ed this extraordi- Should contract some latent incurapary cure for the benetit.. of all fuch ble disease. This led the poor lad whom it may in any wieconcerli; and seriously to enquire, whether he I Mall beg leave to illuftrate this lühject had not already lowed the seeds by an api squotation from our Dryden. of tome dreadful malady, which By coil otur strong forefatliers earn'd their might cnt him off in the tower of food,

: Etiood; his youth. Toil arung their nerves, and purified their Being thus dreadfully alarmed, But we their fons, a pamper'd race of men, he thought it could do bim ng Are dwindled down to threescore years harm to take a few of the preserva

and ten). Better to seek for health in fields unbought, tive lozenges. A few days after Iban fee the doctor foi a nauseous draugnt. taking this medicine, he føund himT'ie wile for health on exercise depend ; felf pale, weak; and out of spirits. God never made his work for min to rend.". This put the matter beyond ali

N. B. The publick may be fupplied doubt; and both he and his mother with the leveral'articles of the above in- Mircetly concluded, that he had valuable prefeription, not at the Che- been ill for a long time without mists, but at most of the Ironmongers' knowing it. Occupied with noThops in the United Kingdom."? thing but the thouglits of effecting

liis cure, he immediately entered Mr. URBAN,

into a course of physic; and bas S I was walking the other day had a Imack of every potion, that

in one of the suburbs, I was has been advertited for thele last ten niuch Bruck with a new tomb

years During the latter part of stone, the inscription on which his life, though he was never able anded thus :

to go out of the house, and was Obiit fecundum artem,

fometimes confined for weeks toalatis suæ XXVI.

gether in his bed, yet he always I found upon enquiry that the llaitered himselt lie was growing epitaph had been written by a better. Juit as he was waggith curate on the death of a point of recovering, he was, by a very unhappy young man, in order most unfortunatė miscarriage kept to contole his aillicted mother, who, two whole days without a fresh when it was explained to her, took supply of the cordial syrup. His

great complimient. In thort, nuoiber verily believed that his death the poor youth had belonged to that was occafioned by this circummelancholy tribe of mortals who are fiance; and the nurle who attended coinmonly called Valetudinarians. liim exclaimed, what a pity it He was one who had phylicked was that a Christian man fhould die himself into illness, and ruined his for want of phyfick ! constitution by art medical. The The case of this young man is person who wrote the epitaphi, niclancholy, but not fingular. He from whom I had this account, has left behind him a numerous told me that the unhappy gentle- tribe, who are dying as fast as they man lid takon preventatives for a . can, by taking too niuch pains to fore throat till he could no longer preferve their lives. E. E. 1 wallow, and lived upon itrengthening medicines till be was badly Mr. URBAN,

Jan. 8. able to walk. Til the age of lix- THE laie edition of “ A Çatatcen, lr was a comcly youtil, witlr logue of all Graduates, who a chcertul heart, and a tiorid cuun-' have regwarly proceeded or been


on the

it as



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