Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture

T. Fisher Unwin, 1912 - 350 páginas

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Página 138 - Lord. and manifold were the blessings, most dread -Sovereign, which Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, bestowed upon us the people of England, when first he sent Your Majesty's Royal Person to rule and reign over us.
Página 74 - We wanted no brawn nor souse, When this old cap was new. We took not such delight In cups of silver fine ; None under the degree of a knight In plate drank beer or wine : Now each mechanical man Hath a cupboard of plate for a show ; Which was a rare thing then, When this old cap was new.
Página 77 - At Enfield, hardly out of sight of the smoke of the capital, was a region of five and twenty miles in circumference, which contained only three houses and scarcely any enclosed fields. Deer, as free as in an American forest, wandered there by thousands.
Página 74 - Christmas, in each hall, Good fires to curb the cold, And meat for great and small: The neighbours were friendly bidden, And all had welcome true, The poor from the gates were not chidden, When this old cap was new.
Página 139 - His big head, his slobbering tongue, his quilted clothes, his rickety legs stood out in as grotesque a contrast with all that men recalled of Henry or Elizabeth as his gabble and rhodomontade, his want of personal dignity, his buffoonery, his coarseness of speech, his pedantry, his personal cowardice.
Página 138 - ... have overshadowed this land that men should have been in doubt which way they were to walk, and that it should hardly be known who was to direct the unsettled state; the appearance of your Majesty, as of the sun in his strength, instantly dispelled those supposed and surmised mists and gave unto all that were well affected exceeding cause of comfort; especially when we beheld the government established in your Highness, and your hopeful seed, by an undoubted title, and this also accompanied with...
Página 225 - Workman, though some of the Profession have been diligent enough to represent them (especially those after the Gothic and Chinese Manner) as so many specious Drawings, impossible to be worked off by any Mechanic whatsoever. I will not scruple to attribute this to Malice, Ignorance, and Inability; and I am confident I can convince all Noblemen, Gentlemen, or others, who will honour me with their Commands, that every Design in the Book can be improved, both as to Beauty and Enrichment, in the Execution...
Página 190 - But the woollen manufacture was fast becoming an important element in the national •wealth. England no longer sent her fleeces to be woven in Flanders and to be dyed at Florence. The spinning of yarn, the weaving, fulling, and dyeing of cloth, were spreading rapidly from the towns over the countryside. The worsted trade, of which Norwich was the centre, extended over the whole of the Eastern counties. Farmers...
Página 225 - Chinese manner) as so many specious drawings, impossible to be work'd off by any mechanic whatsoever. I will not scruple to attribute this to malice, ignorance and inability: And I am confident I can convince all Noblemen, Gentlemen, or others, who will honour me with their commands, that every design in the book can be improved, both as to beauty and enrichment...
Página 166 - Coffee," 1674, they complained that "it made men as unfruitful as the deserts whence that unhappy berryis said to be brought; that the offspring 'of our mighty ancestors would dwindle into a succession of apes and pigmies; and on a domestic message, a husband would stop by the way to drink a couple of cups of coffee.

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