The Fundamentals of Spanish Grammar

Theclassics Us, 2013 - 24 páginas
This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1917 edition. Excerpt: ...and retranslate each one into Spanish so that the owner will be determined. Do the same with le hablo. 86. Give days of week, time of day, four points of compass, and read numbers of each lesson we have had. 87. Write a letter of 150 words, dated from Spain, and telling what you have learned of the country; use at least five verbs in subjunctive. LESSON XVI 88. A second class of radical-changing verbs belongs only to the third conjugation. The stem vowel e or o is changed to ie and ue as in the first class and to i and u when unaccented before any syllable containing another vowel than i alone. Sentir, sintiendo, sentido (to feel, regret) Fres. Ind. siento, sientes, siente, sentimos, sentis, sienten Pres. Imper. siente, sentid Pres. Subj. sienta, sientas, sienta, sintamos, sintais, sientan Past Dese, sentia, (regular) Past Abs. senti, sentiste, sintio, sentimos, sentisteis, sintieron Past Subj. sintiera, and sintiese, (with regular endings) Fut. Ind. sentire, (regular) Past Fut. sentiria, (regular) The gerund belongs to the past absolute system. Why is e retained in the past descriptive before ia while it is changed to i in the past absolute before io? Dormir, durmiendo, dormido (to sleep) Fres. Ind. duermo, duermes, duerme, dormimos, dormis, duermen Pres. Imper. duerme, dormid Pres. Subj. duerma, duermas, duerma, durmamos, durmais, duerman Past Dese, dormia, (regular) Past Abs. dormi, dormiste, durmio, dormimos, dormisteis, durmieron Past Subj. durmiera, and durmiese, (with regular endings) Fut. Ind. dormire, (regular) Past Fut. dormiria, (regular) To which system does the gerund belong? 89. Unaccented i cannot stand between two vowels, so verbs like creer, leer change...

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