Dermatotoxicology, Sixth Edition

Hongbo Zhai, Howard I. Maibach
Taylor & Francis, 25 feb 2004 - 1232 páginas
For twenty-five years, Dermatotoxicology has stood as the definitive reference book in the field. A generation of toxicologists and dermatologists has consulted this volume throughout their careers, finding within it a wealth of theoretical and practical guidance.

Updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in skin toxicology, Dermatotoxicology, Sixth Edition includes fundamental information on the mechanisms of action of toxic substances on the skin, as well as practical information on the various methods to evaluating dermal toxicity. It is unparalleled in its coverage, and this new edition broadens its scope to include chapters on:

* Barrier Creams
* Cosmetic Reactions
* UV Radiation Exposure
* Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
* Powdered Human Stratum Corneum
* Iontophoresis
* Permeability of Skin for Metal Compounds
* Current Trends in Skin Cancer Research
* Tape Stripping Method v. Stratum Corneum
* Hazardous Substances from Soil and Water
* Isolated Perfused Porcine Skin Flap
* Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Models

This completely revised and reworked edition constitutes a major contribution to the field of dermatotoxicology. Presenting the most modern concepts and methods in use today, researchers and clinicians will find this an invaluable resource time and time again.

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