The Trial and Life of Eugene Aram: Several of His Letters and Poems, and His Plan and Specimens of an Anglo-Celtic Lexicon : with Copious Notes and Illustrations, an an Engraved Fac-simile of the Handwriting of this Very Ingenious But Ill-fated Scholar


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Página 108 - Also in the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto the LORD seven days: on the first day shall be a sabbath, and on the eighth day shall be a sabbath.
Página 37 - Another particular seems not to claim a little of your Lordship's notice, and that of the gentlemen of the jury, — •which is, that perhaps no example occurs of more than one skeleton being found in one cell ; and in the cell in question was found but one, agreeable in this to the peculiarity of every other known cell in Britain. Not the invention of one skeleton, then, but of two, would have appeared suspicious and uncommon.
Página 34 - But it seems necessary to my case, that others, who have not at all, perhaps, adverted to things of this nature, and may have concern in my trial, should be made acquainted with it. Suffer me, then, my Lord, to produce a few of many evidences that these cells were used as repositories of the dead, and to enumerate a few, in which human bones have been found, as it happened in this in question, lest, to some, that accident might seem extraordinary, and, consequently, occasion prejudice.
Página 44 - Now, my lord, having endeavoured to show that the whole of this process is altogether repugnant to. every part of my life ; that it is inconsistent with my condition of health about that time ; that no rational inference can be drawn that a person is dead who suddenly disappears ; that hermitages were the constant repositories of the bones of the recluse ; that the proofs of this...
Página 30 - First, my lord, the whole tenor of my conduct in life contradicts every particular of this indictment. Yet I had never said this, did not my present circumstances extort it from me, and seem to make it necessary. Permit me here, my lord, to call upon malignity itself, so long and cruelly busied in this prosecution, to charge upon me any immorality, of which prejudice was not the author.
Página 31 - I had been confined to my bed, and suffered under a very long and severe disorder, and was not able, for half a year together, so much as to walk. The distemper left me indeed, yet slowly and in part; but so macerated, so enfeebled, that I was reduced to crutches ; and was so far from being well about the time I am charged with this fact, that I never to this day perfectly recovered.
Página 44 - Coleman, who suffered innocently, though convicted upon positive evidence, and whose children perished for want, because the world uncharitably believed the father guilty ? Why mention the perjury of Smith; incautiously admitted king's evidence, who, to screen himself, equally accused Faircloth and Loveday of the murder of...
Página 36 - What would have been said, what believed, if this had been an accident to the bones in question?
Página 30 - I am altogether incapable of; a fact, to the commission of which there goes far more insensibility of heart, more profligacy of morals, than ever fell to my lot. And nothing possibly could have admitted a presumption of this nature, but a depravity not inferior to that imputed to me. However, as I stand indicted at your lordship's bar, and have heard what is called evidence...
Página 42 - Archbishop of this province, were taken up, by permission, in this cathedral, and the bones of the skull were found broken; yet certainly he died by no violence offered to him alive that could occasion that fracture there.

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