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Página 23 - Imitations of Original Drawings, by Hans Holbein, in the Collection of His Majesty, for the Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII., with Biographical Tracts [by Edmund Lodge], published by John Chamberlaine Printed by W.
Página 31 - O'er peaceful freedom's undivided dale; And we, at sober eve, would round thee throng, Hanging enraptured on thy stately song, And greet with smiles the young-eyed Poesy All deftly masked, as hoar antiquity.
Página 20 - An inquiry into the origin and early history of engraving upon copper and in wood, with an account of engravers and their works, from the invention of chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the time of Marc
Página 10 - BONE PRODUCTS AND MANURES: An Account of the most recent Improvements in the Manufacture of Fat, Glue, Animal Charcoal, Size, Gelatine and Manures. By THOMAS LAMBERT, Technical and Consulting Chemist. Illustrated by Twenty-one Plans and Diagrams. 162 pp. Demy 8vo.
Página 5 - Book of the Scientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain and Ireland...
Página 24 - THE ART OF DYEING AND STAINING MARBLE, ARTIFICIAL STONE, BONE, HORN, IVORY AND WOOD, AND OF IMITATING ALL SORTS OF WOOD. A Practical Handbook for the Use of Joiners, Turners, Manufacturers of Fancy Goods, Stick and Umbrella Makers, Comb Makers, etc.
Página 6 - MacCracken, Henry Mitchell: The Hall of Fame : Being the Official Book Authorized by the New York University Senate as a Statement of the Origin and Constitution of the Hall of Fame, and of its History up to the Close of the Year 1900.
Página 21 - Prakrit (Nagari letters), with a glossarial index and an essay on the life and writings of the poet, by STEN KONOW, of the University of Christiania, Norway ; and translated into English with notes by CR LANMAN.
Página 21 - PURE AIR, OZONE AND WATER. A Practical Treatise of their Utilisation and Value in Oil, Grease, Soap, Paint, Glue and other Industries. By WB COWELL. Twelve Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 85 pp.
Página 24 - Official Register of the United States; containing a list of the officers and employees in the civil, military and naval service, together with a list of vessels belonging to the United States, i8i6-date . . . 1816-51, D; 1853-75,0; i877-date, Q.

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