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The vile reproaches unjustly cast upon you and your doctrine, by the Rev. Rowland Hill, have long grieved the minds of many simple and godly

puls, and served as a stumblingblock to many of Zion's feeble travellers.

The unchristian-like disposition he manifested against you, when he refused to preach in the same place with you at Greenwich; but more especially, his offering to preach in opposition, whenever you should be given out for the new place at Deptford; has further evidenced his rooted malignity, and not a little added to the astonishment of those who wish for the peace and prosperity of Zion.

Hearing he was to preach on Tuesday last, in opposition to you, at Deptford, I, with some friends, attended, for the purpose of taking the sermon in shorthand, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word might be established, or overthrown.

As the occasion of Mr. Hill's preaching was so generally known, I presume, notwithstanding your name is not literally mentioned in it, that you will need no apology, either to the church or to the world, for considering it as addressed to yourself, and, consequently, giving it a full answer, so far as truth is concerned. For that purpose, sir, we herewith commit it to your perusal and custody; sincerely wishing and praying the Lord may direct your heart and hand for the good of his chosen, and his own glory.

Reverend Sir,

Yours, for the Truth's sake,







AVING been repeatedly informed of the many public cautions and warnings that you have given to various congregations against me and my doctrine, which have all been drawn from the fifth chapter of Matthew's gospel; I have therefore presumed to shew mine opinion of every text in that chapter which you have either opened, brought forth, or mentioned: and, having published them, I send the first copy


your perusal, and the rest to the church at large, that our brethren may judge, Gen. xxxi. 37.

The sermon that you delivered against me at Deptford, I have got in my hand, and have deliberately considered it. I did not treat it with that contempt with which you treated a book of mine, which you took up with a pair of tongs, and ordered your servant to take it down stairs, and do what she would with it. A testimony of divine truth is not fit fuel for fire.

No small degree of anger has burnt in your heart against me, for the space of almost seven years, ever since I published my Tidings from Walliugford; which so exasperated you in the company of Mr. Carnal at Woburn, that you said, you cared not what I might have said or written against you, but the great offence was writing against your friend. They are the best friends, sir, who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth. The gentleman whom I opposed, either does preach the doctrines of the Church of England, which he subscribed, or he does not. If he does, why do you not vindicate his doctrine? But, if he does not, and my Tidings are true, why am I become your enemy for telling you the truth? Gal. iv. 16. Are we not commanded by God himself to stop the mouths of subverters? Certainly we


Your warning your society almost three years, I will not say day and night with tears, Acts xx. 31; not to read my books, or even to hear me preach, was needless; for I have no desire to take one sheep out of your fold, or he-goat out of your stall.

Your digging into all the follies of my youth, and bringing them forth at your church-meeting before an hundred people, concerning my name, child, &c. &c. which I had published to the world at large, can never be called fulfilling the royal law, James ii. 8. Yea, yourself had some doubts whether this would bear the light, because you

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