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Sessions Feb. 9, 10, and 11, 1859.

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On Wednesday, Feb. 9, the Houses of Convocation assembled in the Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster, in obedience to the Archbishop's Writ of prorogation of Feb. 4.* After prayers, the members of the Upper House adjourned to the Bounty-office, where their deliberations were proceeded with. The members of the Lower House remained in the Jerusalem Chamber.

The following members from the various dioceses which constitute the Province, took part in the Synod, although they were not all present at any one session:

CANTERBURY.—The Archbishop (Dr. J. B. Sumner); the Dean of Canterbury (Dr. Alford). ProctorMr. Oxendon, for the Clergy.

LONDON.—The Bishop (Dr. Tait); the Dean of Westminster (Dr. Trench). Proctors-Dr. Wordsworth, for the Chapter of Westminster; Dr. McCaul, for the Clergy.

WINCHESTER.—The Bishop (Dr. C. R. Sumner). Proctors—The Hon. W. S. Best and Mr. J. H. Randolph, for the Clergy.

BANGOR. — Proctors-Mr. J. W. Trevor, for the Chapter ; Messrs. J. Vincent and C. Williams, for the Clergy.

BATH AND WELLS. — The Archdeacon of Bath and Taunton (Messrs. W. Gunning and G. A. Denison). Proctors—Messrs. Horper and Ommanney, for the Clergy.

CHICHESTER.— Proctors, Mr. C. Pilkington, for the Chapter ; Sir H. Thompson and Mr. F. Vincent, for the Clergy.

ELY.-The Dean (Dr. Goodwin); the Archdeacon of Ely (Mr. J. H. Browne). Proctors-Mr. W. Selwyn, for the Chapter ; Messrs. J. P. Clanghton and J. Fendali, for the Clergy.

EXETER.—The Bishop (Dr. Phillpotts); the Archdeacon of Barnstaple (Mr. Bartholomew). Proctors--Chancellor Martin, for the Chapter ; Messrs. Acland and H. Browne, for the Clergy.

GLOUCESTER AND BRISTOL.— The Bishop (Dr. Baring); the Dean of Bristol (Dr. Elliot); the Archdeacon of Bristol (Mr. Thorp). Proctors—Mr. E. Banckes, for the Chapter of Bristol ; Sir G. Prevost and Mr. Copleston, for the Clergy.

HEREFORD. Proctors-Lord Saye and Sele, for the Chapter ; Messrs. J. W. Joyce and J. Jebb, for the Clergy.

* There were five formal sessions held between the last business session of Feb. 12, 1858, and the sessions commencing Feb. 9, 1859-namely, on the 20th August, 20th October, November 19, January 14, and the 4th of February, 1859.

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