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HE want of a complete Catalogue of the Books and Manuscripts contained in the Library of the MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY has long been felt by the Members and others who have had occasion to consult these works. To supply this deficiency, the following Catalogue — the third published since the institution of the Society has been prepared by the Assistant Librarian, JOHN APPLETON, M.D., under the supervision and direction of the Standing Committee.

It appears from the Records of the Society, that on the 29th of October, 1793, a Catalogue of the Library being reported, the Librarian, Hon. GEORGE RICHARDS MINOT, was authorized to procure a manuscript copy to be made; but no immediate action was taken with regard to its publication. It was, however, printed by SAMUEL HALL, in 1796, in the form of a pamphlet of forty pages octavo; the titles, which are generally very brief, being arranged in single columns, and numbering rather more than one thousand. This Catalogue, as we are informed in a note, " does not include unbound books and pamphlets; nor European publications, except they have some connection with American history; nor a large collection of newspapers."

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