Soviet Russia and Tibet: The Debarcle of Secret Diplomacy, 1918-1930s

BRILL, 1 ene. 2003 - 433 páginas
This is the first investigation into the little-known Bolshevik foreign ministry's strenuous efforts to win Lhasa over to the Soviet cause in the 1920s. Examining the history of relations between Russia (tsarist, Soviet and post-Soviet) and Tibet from the 17th century to the 1990s, the author puts at the core of his narrative the previously unknown story of clandestine negotiations between the Soviet government and the 13th Dalai Lama, forming part of Moscow's bitter struggle against British imperialism in Asia. The book provides insight into Soviet secret diplomacy and draws important conclusions relating to the history of Anglo-Russian competition for Tibet and Tibet's status prior to 1951.

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An Unwelcome
Chapter Two The Bolsheviks enter the scene
Chapter Three Moscows first Encounter with Lhasa
The Borisov
Chapter Six Nicholas Roerich and his Western
Chapter Seven The final efforts to win Tibet over
Conclusions Tibet between Britain and two Russias
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Alexandre I. Andreyev, Ph.D. (1998) in History, St Petersburg University, is Senior Research Associate at the Institute for the History of Science & Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg. He has published extensively on Buddhism in Russia and Russian exploration in Central Asia including The Buddhist Shrine of Petrograd (1992) and From Lake Baikal to Sacred Lhasa (1997).

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