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Princeton (April 1870






TERMS.-TWO OR THREE DOLLARS PER ANNUM, according to the ability or liberality of the subscriber, payable



The "BOSTON INVESTIGATOR" was established as a free, liberal paper, in 1830, by ABNER KNEELAND and others. It was designed as a medium for the discussion of many questions closely related to human progress-questions which received only an ex parte examination from the religious, priest-ridden world. It has shared, in many respects, the fate of all Reform journals; and has struggled with desperate perseverance against obstacles and difficulties that have crushed innumerable stronger establishments. It is now, emphatically, a FREE PAPER, being open to "Church, State, and Laity," upon all questions coming within its professed range.

Our past course must be a guaranty for the future, and we shall, to the best of our ability and means, seek to open the public mind to the discussion of those vital questions of reform which affect the welfare of man.

We hold that religious bondage is unworthy of the human mind, and in place of it we shall strive to substitute the empire of reason and enlightened self-interest.


We hold religious fear to be a base, degrading restraint upon the human will; and in place of it would substitute the true, manly motive, - the love of virtue and right, for their own merits.

We hold the present wanton expenditure of capital in religious fanaticism and profligacy to be inconsistent, criminal, worse than useless; and in place of it would substitute a systematic course of benevolence and universal education.

We hold that LABOR should be emancipated from its degrading vassalage to Capital; that all Legislation in favor of Capital and against LABOR should be immediately rescinded.

We hold that the present systems of Banking and Landholding constitute two of the most accursed monopolies that were ever invented to defraud the laboring classes of "wealth, liberty, and life."

We hold that the Bible, being the source of religious faiths, is also the source of social abuses, which now hang like a millstone upon the neck of society; and that there will be no social concord, no true principle of fraternity in society, while one class are set up as God's elect, and another set down as God's vilest reprobates.

We hold that society can never be entirely purged of its abuses, of its monopolies, of its cruel and despotic customs, until the Bible and its slave-holding, man-debasing, rum-distilling, war-sanctioning, and its gallows-blessing churches, are cast together into the sea of -oblivion.

For all that pertains to the welfare of humanity; for all that tends to alleviate the burdens of labor; for all that tends to enlighten and reform; for all that tends to increase happiness and lessen misery; to promote good and discourage evil; and, above all, for FREE DISCUSSION, tempered with brotherly love, the INVESTIGATOR shall ever continue the unflinching advocate. And in our war upon abuses, of whatever nature, we shall uniformly endeavor to make the proper distinction between error and the erring-between the sin and the sinner; always regarding our own conviction of right and wrong as the only guide, and measuring that right and wrong by the utility and happiness they produce or prevent.

As a friend and champion of freedom, in its most beneficent application, the INVESTIGATOR has received the eulogium of friends and the respect of its religious opponents. And its friends may rest



O assured that no pains will be spared to render it in future all that they can desire, and, as in times past, much more than its comparatively limited patronage will justify.

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A great many Liberals do not know even yet that such a paper is in existence, and others who do know, but have not seen it, know it only by the slanderous reports of its enemies. We wish to place the INVESTIGATOR before these two classes, that they may examine it for themselves; but, as we can of course know only a very few of them, we must mainly depend upon our friends to do this work for us. Some are in the habit of doing this, and obtain thereby a number of new subscribers. We appreciate such kindness most sensibly, for we know by experience, that in our unpopular movement the man who lends us a helping hand is no summer soldier nor sunshine patriot," but a brother who stands to his post, blow high or low, and looks the tempest in the teeth. We have many such men on our list, and we are proud to be in such company. To them and to all other Liberals, whether old friends or new, we would say, that it will be our constant and earnest endeavor to render the INVESTIGATOR as good as it has been, and as much better as we can possibly make it. Connected with the Investigator Office is a Book Publishing Office, from whence are issued the works of many of the masters of the antiChurch organizations of the past three centuries. Here may be found the works of PAINE, VOLTAIRE, HUME, VOLNEY, &c., with many minor publications of interest to all liberal minds.

The importance of such an office and organ for the use and advance of anti-Church opinions will be perceived by all; but it is a subject of deep regret that this perception of its vital necessity is not of so practical a nature as its merits demand. The financial connection of the paper and the book publishing department has alone enabled the publisher to keep his flag in the field; anxiously waiting for a more advanced state of public opinion to obtain that patronage which is the just reward of sincere efforts to emancipate MIND and LABOR from all oppressive thraldoms.

Orders for Books, Papers, Pamphlets, etc., received by mail, and forwarded with despatch, on application to J. P. MENDUM, Boston, Mass.; or by letter, post paid.

All orders must be accompanied with the cash.

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