Open Brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World, The

Peachpit Press, 7 abr 2010 - 99998 páginas
Many of the best brands today are of geek pedigree, powered by the technologies, traits and trends of the ascendant digital channel. Amidst the decline of mass marketing, push marketing tactics have been superseded by new forms of influence. These include the creating, sharing and influencing behaviors of an online population no longer content merely to consume, and the potent pairing of digital notoriety and network effects, which has given rise to the icitizenry.

From these sociocultural forces emerges a radical business imperative: to open up to consumer involvement in a brand's messages and offerings. Published under Peachpit's New Riders imprint in partnership with AIGA Design Press, The O pen Bran d illuminates both the risks and immense rewards of doing so, and describes the essential consumer experiences that are requisite for cultural relevance—On-demand, Personal, Engaging, and Networked experiences, representing the chief values of the web-made world.

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Eye Opening Ideas to Change the Way We Market

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The world is changing rapidly, and those who fail to realize it will be left in the dust. However, those who open their brand and see the value of allowing their best customers to participate in the ... Leer reseña completa

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Kelly Moone y has been a consumer-centric marketing innovator for 20 years, and is the President of Resource Interactive. She co-authored The Ten Demandments: Rules to Live by in the Age of t he Demanding Co nsumer, one of the first marketing books to showcase the consumer's perspective. A popular blogger, frequent keynote speaker and expert commentator, her perspectives have been covered by media outlets including Th e Wall Street Journa l, Business Wee k, Fortune, Inc., Fast Compan y, USA Toda y, Time Digita l, Peopl e, CNN, CNBC, CNET, CBS's "The Early Show," Nikkei Busi ness (Japan), Vente a Dist ance (France), and Capit al (Dubai).

Nita Rollins, Ph. D is a multidisciplinary thinker and Innovation Consultant in the Resource Interactive R&D Lab. She is the author of Cinaesthetics: The Beautiful, the Ugly, the Subl ime and the Kitsch in Post-Metaphysical F ilm (2008), and of articles for Design Management J ournal, New Desig n (UK), Innovation: The IDSA Quarterly, Internet Retailer, Cinema Journal and Wide Angle. She earned her Ph.D. in Critical Studies from UCLA’s Department of Theater, Film & TV, and has served as Research Fellow at the University of California Humanities Research Institute and the University of Paris III.

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