The frugal cook

J.T. Wood, 1851 - 131 páginas

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Página 89 - The above, done with spices, &c. and baked as hunter's beef, is excellent. To collar Beef. Choose the thin end of the flank of fine mellow beef, but not too fat ; lay it into a dish with salt and saltpetre, turn and rub it every day for a week, and keep it cool. Then take out every bone and gristle, remove the skin of the inside part, and cover it thick with the following seasoning cut small: a large handful of parsley, the same of sage, some thyme, marjoram, and pennyroyal, pepper, salt, and allspice.
Página 39 - Boil two feet in two quarts and a pint of water till the feet are broken, and the water half wasted; strain it, and when cold, take off the fat, and remove the jelly from the sediment ; then put it into a saucepan, with sugar, raisin wine, lemon-juice to your taste, and some lemonpeel.
Página 45 - ... and broken ones. Boil the best gently two or three times in a thin syrup, and let them be quite cold each time before you boil them. When they look plump and clear, make a syrup of double-refined sugar, but not too thick ; give your apricots a gentle boil in it, and then put them into your pots or glasses.
Página 66 - When cold, take off the fat very nicely; cut the meat and feet into bits an inch and a half square; remove the bones and coarse parts; and then put the rest on to warm, with a large spoonful of walnut and one of mushroom ketchup, half a pint of sherry or Madeira wine, a little mushroom-powder, and the jelly of the meat.
Página 54 - Put into a very nice boiler ten gallons of water, fifteen pounds of lump sugar, with the whites of six or eight eggs well beaten and strained ; mix all well while cold; when the liquor boils skim it well; put in half a pound of common white ginger bruised, boil it twenty minutes. Have ready the very thin rinds of seven lemons, and pour the liquor on...
Página 56 - Sack Mead. To every gallon of water put four pounds of honey, and boil it three quarters of an hour, taking care to skim it. To every gallon add an ounce of hops ; then boil it half an hour, and let it stand till next day : put it into your cask, and to thirteen gallons of the liquor add a quart of brandy. Let it be lightly stopped till the fermentation is over, and then stop it very close. If you make a large cask, keep it a year in cask.
Página 53 - Raspberry Wine. To every quart of well-picked raspberries put a quart of water ; bruise, and let them stand two days ; strain off the liquor, and to every gallon put three pounds of lump sugar ; when dissolved put the liquor in a barrel, and when fine, which will be in about two months, bottle it, and to each bottle put a spoonful of brandy, or a glass of vrine.
Página 64 - Grate three fine large lemons, with a large piece of double-refined sugar ; then scrape the sugar into a plate, add half a tea-spoonful of flour, mix well, and beat it into a light paste with the white of an egg. Drop it upon white paper, and put them into a moderate oven on a tin plate.
Página 58 - Put a pound of fine fruit into a China bowl, and pour upon it a quart of the best white wine vinegar : next day strain the liquor on a pound of fresh raspberries : and the following day do the same, but do not squeeze the fruit, only drain the liquor as dry as you can from it. The last time pass it through a canvass previously wet with vinegar to prevent waste.
Página 57 - When cold, sweeten with loaf-sugar, and straining it, bottle and cork it tight. This is a very pleasant liquor, and very wholesome ; but from the latter consideration was at one time drunk in such quantities as to become injurious.

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