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Naples and Sardinia, 101_every cratic liberty, 236-of democratic
fresh conquest affords the French consistency, 237-on fa&tious de-
fresh means for continuing the war magogues, 238-on the Whig Cluh,
that is neceffary to the existence of 239-Thoughts on the Will of the
the directorial government, 106 People, 240-general character of
the Emperor of Ruffia prepared to act the work, 241.
with vigour, 107--march of his
troops endeavoured to be stopped by

the Directory, 108–recommended
to the King of Prussia to accede to Lines by an officer of a troop of Volun-
ihe confederacy, ib. diftreffed ftate teers, 456.
of French finance, ib._dreadful Lloyd's Lines on the Faft, reviewed, 428.
tyranny of the French government, London, citizens of, address to, review-
109. See Union. Views and con.

ed, 397.
duet of the French Directory, 128~ Lucas's sermon before the Guildhall
reduction of Naples, 230-French

Volunteer Corps, reviewed, 156-ob-
declaration of war against the Em-

servations juft and sound though not
peror and Grand Duke of Tuscany,

nicw, ib.
344-object of the French plunder

through conqueft and revolution, ib.
-professions of the Directory, 345– Mackintosh's Discourse on the Law of
practice of, 316—characterized by Narure and Nations reviewed, 140-
Carnot, 347-reflections on the Se. subject worthy of the learning, ge-
cret Committee, 350-proposed re nius, and philosophy, of the author,
gulations in consequence of the dif. ib.-reasons for undertaking the
covery, 351 — commencement of work, 141-history of the subject,
hoftilities, 457 --- heroic conduct and ib. 142-character of Grotius, 143-
Success of Prince Charles, ib.-luc of Puffendorff, 141-plan and ar-
.cess of the Auftrians in Italy, 458 rangement, 275-rescues metaphy-
the victories of the Austrians inspire fics from the odium it has incurred
the Swiss with confidence, 459 through falte pretenders, 279-ap-
the Italians, ditto, ib.--alarm the peals to experience in analyzing the
Directory, 460-propose measures in human mind, 278--deduces the rela.
confequence of the report of the Se tive duties of life from the inftitu-
cret Committee, 402.

tions of marriage and property, 279-
Hutton's Strictures on the Reviewers, duties of subject and fovereign, 388
beviewed, 433.

--does not speculate on the origin of

government, ib.--extracts from, 350,

390, 391--general character of the

work, 393.
Irish Boy, a ballad, reviewed, 286.

Mackintosh, J. Esq. letter to, 222.

Metaphyfies defined, 277---true mera-

physics, general principles formed

from oblervation and experience, ib.
Jamieson's (Dr.) Eternity, a poem, re-

-- the ravings of Paine, Godwin,'
viewed, 394---defcription of the

Holcroft, &c.—not metaphysics but
Death-bed of Voltaire, ib,

fictions, ib.
Milne's Dr.) sermon beforethe Deptford

Afiüciation reviewed, 155--general

character of his cloquence, 10.-

1peaks forcibly to the heart through'
Knox's Essays on the polizical Circum the understanding, ib.---inerit of his

stances of Ireland, reviewed, 233 fermon, ib.
traces the conspiracy of the United Milner's Civil and Eccloiafticii litorv
Irishinen from the beginning, ib. - of Winchester reviewed, 122-re !!
religious differences by no means the stores of antiquarian knowledge, 13.3
cause of treasonable combination, mättacks Hume, ib.-- xtraits iron,
231-an analytis of Mr. Gratian's 125--well acquainted with the chrome
Address to the Citizens of Dublin, niclers und mankih bittorians, 98
23 i--remarks on Lord liszwilliam's in minuliatore accuratebal Da-
conduct, ib. illustratiya of denio vid Burne, 250.


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Miscellanies. Observations on tythes, ib.--diffuaded from proceeding is

90---attempt to justity the Diflenters, Tumbuctoo, 256-relides for several
97-remarks on Dr. Geddes, 100 months among the negroes, ib.
the Beauties of the Anti-Jacobin, or account of their manners, &c. ib.
Weekly Examiner, 302---Beauties of Patriot, a poem, reviewed, 286–cele
Burke, 301--Carey's Balnea, 305 brates the praises of Lord Stanhope,
Thoughts upon the State Lotteries, ib.
ib-Tax upon lacome, 306-Mar- Pinkerton's Hiftory of Scotland, te.
foin's Falsehood detected, 307– viewed, 113–subject of well cholen,
Cullyer's Gentleman's and Farmer's ib.-exhibits the progress of man
Aliiftant, 309--Votney's Answer to from barbarism towards civilization,
Priestley, 331 - Defence of the 114-character of Robert II. con-
Quakers, (concluded) 33;—Hewitt's fidered, 115-faulty arrangement,
Strictures on the Reviewers, 337 116-juft view of James I. character,
llenthall's Reply,. continued,) ib.-deals too much in abftraft ob-
339--Report of the Secret Coni servations, some of them corious
mittee reviewed, 413--Instructions and frivolous, 117--affects figurative
for the Drill, reviewed, 419-Gwil. language, ib. faulty metaphors, 118
lim's Charge to the Grand Jury of -account of the subjugation of the
Fly, reviewed, 420- Volney's An Houfe of Douglas, 203—an unjust
fwer to Priestley, (concludurl,) 413— implied cenfure on the illuftrious Die
Sirietuses on Iffentors, 446--Hints Robertson, 266--Mr. Pinkerton's
on the Tax on Income, 445--The opinion on female modesty, 267.
Quakers, 419–Childrens Books, and Plumtree's consecration fermon, refice.
1, I, I, 451.

ed, 324.
Monthly Review exposedl, 200. Polyfyllables, essay on, 219.
Mowbray, Geoficy's, remarks on the Pope, Shade of, reviewed, 240-jufly

conduct of opposition reviewed, 71 levere ftriétures on Grattan, 281–
-conduct of the new Whigs con proper exposure of Godwin's philo-
fidered, ib.-juft and able accoun: of fophism, 282~-deserved animadvei,
thic Whig Club, 72-Crown and An lions on Jacobinical writers, 283.
chor Whigs often recrui ed by vanity, Prince's sermon reviewed, 299
73-general character of the work,

Munkhouse's (Dr.) Thanksgiving Ser.

mon, reviewed, 123—merits of, 424— Quixote, Political, reviewed, 133—-er.
Iccomends the expulsion of demo-

plains the sources of Jacobinism, iD.
cratic publications from news-rooms -story of, 134-character of, 136.
2nd book-clubs.


Renne!'s sermon before the University
Nelson, Lord,, odc on his conquest in of Cambridge, reviewed, 68mproves
Fgypt reviewed, 50.

atheism, faction, and superütion to
Veibris fermon on public fafts, 66. arise from ignorance, ib.--extracts
Now or Never, reviewed, 399.

from, 69.

Rivers's pamphlet, defence of, 215–

sermon, at Highgate, reviewed, 200.

Robinson's View of the Caufos and
Park, Mungo, abftract of his travels, Consequences of Engliih Wars, 3-

reviewed, 2:2--Well qualified by vi opinion on resistance dícuffed, ib.
gour of constitution and understand on insurrection, 4-praises Walter Tv-
ing for this undertaking, i0.-lite ler, ib.-Jack Cade, ib. attacks the
rence between the Moors and Man. Christian religion, 5--erroneous ac-
dingoes in Africa, similar to that be count of the revolution, 7-repto-
twixt the Mahometans and Gentoos bates Ireland for loyalty, 8-work, a
in India, 2.3---taken prisoner by the text book of Jacobinism. 9.
1?2005, 231 --favageness of thote Ma- Robinson's Thankigiving Sermon re-
homeans, ib.-ehe nuptial benedi&ion viewed, 411.
for a bride, 25.;---cícapes from con Roscoe's translation of the Nurse, an
enement, ib. arrives at the Niger, Italian poem, reviewed, 272-anu'l-


ful and imprefsive work, ib.--well dalized by a connc&tion with the
translated 273-recommended to vur English, ib.forgets what he pro-
fair country-women, 274.

pofas to write upon till be comes to
Rofe, George, on the revenues the appendix, 162----second part

reviewed, 585-his authentic alterts Bricons to be brutes, 165–
official communications highly fa by Charles Ball, 165–Ball writo
tisfactory to the friends of their like a gentlenian, ib.--and with good
country, ib.—fair criterion by which Sense and information, 167-Price's
to estimate the merits of a statelman, Answer to Mr. Cooke, 165--luperfi.
ib.-proof of his just statements cial and palery, ib.--an Irish Lagiciai's
from authentic documents, 386 Antwer to Mr. C. 169---abute of the
general refalt of his ftatements, 387. Minister and government not inten.

tional, ib.--the logician does not

know what he means to prove, ib.-

by a Student at Trinity College, 170
Smith's Discourse on the Tax upon

-a kin in information and reasoning
Income, 408.

to the logician, ib.-by Pemberin
Soliloquy on the Poll Tax, 456.

Rudd, 171-Mr. R. is afraid that
Somerville's Reign of Queen Ann se.' residence in London may contaminate

viewed, 353--importance of that Irish morality, 172-by a friend to
period of British history, ib.-view Ireland, 174_not deficient in ability,
of the state of Europe during the ib.-by an Aitorney for the Cnion,
fucceffes of Louis XIV.354-Dr. S.'s 075-lensible and judicious, 170-
accurate fources of authentic infor by M'Kenna, for the Union, 176m
mation, 355-fate affairs of the ably written, ib. reply to ditta,
acceflion of Queen Anne, 357-in 18c-Remarks by a farmer, 182---on
fluence of the Counters of Marlbom Irish independence, 193--by Sir J.
Tough, 358-the Eari appointed Jervis, ib.--allerts the necetlity of
Captain General, 359--first cam knowing a subject before we discuss

it, but proceeds to discuss it without
Sotheby's Battle of the Nile reviewed, that knowledge, 18.t--the Baronet's

151-high character of, 152-ex dreadful apprehensions from
tracts from, 153, 154.

Union, 185 -- having declaimed
Stewart's Collection of Trifles reviewed, against it, proceeds to bring argu-

146--Critical Trifies reviewed, 149. ments for it, 186-by an Irish Catho-
Still's Sermon on Lord Nelson's Victory, lic, on the independence of Ireland,
reviewed, 412.

with high praises on the French,

186-by a Barrister at Law, on ditto,

189—an Irishman against the Union,

190——arguments against it, taken
Taaffe. See Union.

from the Roman history, question
Taxation of Property, Observations on, and antwer, ib.-by an officer, shew.

reviewed, 401–Taxation, Testof, ib. ing the beneficial effects to Scotland
Taylor's Thanksgiving Sermon, review-

from the Union, 191-an able Letter
ed, 407.

to Joshua Spencer, Esq. ib.--A Loyal
Thomas's Association Sermon reviewed, Subject's Thoughts on the Union,

193---probable consequences of an
Tooke's Diversions of Purley, reviewed,

Union, 194-Reasons on the Union,
37-analyzed, 38-etymology of

ib.--Letter from a Barrister, on the
conjunctions, ib.

Union, 1954Union or Not, ib.--

Thoughts on an Union, 197–Ire-

land profiting by Example, ib.-

Reasons for adopting an Union, 199
Union. Sheridan's speech on, consi --by Gerahty, 289--thews Ireland

dered, 110—Ponsonby's, ib.—takes to have been in a fate of barbarism
Locke's Principles of government for previous to its connection with thit
granted, ib. publications on, 160- country, and explains the present
by Rev. Dennis Taaffe, ib.--Dennis ftate of Ireland, 290-proves the
makes a speech for Mr. Pitt, 101 beneficial consequences that may
celebrates the learning and politeness accrue to Ireland from an Union, 291
of the Irish before they were bru -Neceliity of an incorporate Union,


paign, 361.



202—well-informed and able, 293— compliance with the philosophei's
Thoughts on an Union, by Spencer, opinion on marriage, ib.—follows
293—reasons on false principles, 294 the philosopher's doétrines on pro-
-Reply to Messrs. Saurin and Jebb, perty, 139--for that purpose provides
294—an a

able and judicious confuta himfelf with a pair of pistols, ib.
tion of the Anti-Unionists, 295– commits divers highway robberies,
Lord Faulkland's/Essay on reviewed, ib.--in one of them shoots his mo-

ther, ib.-attempts a rape, 140-be-
'takes himself to America, ib.-by

hardships restored to his senses, ab-
Vancouver's Voyage of Discovery re jures the philofophy of Godwin, ib.
viewed, 372-clear and judicious in- Weld's Travels through North America
troduction, ib.-benefits accruing reviewed, 49—faithful delineation of
from the voyage and discoveries of American manners, 50-contains an
Capt. Cook, 373—state in which

useful warning to persons desirous of
they found Otaheite, 378.

emigration, 53-inducements to set-
Volunteer, a new paper, politics of, re tle in Canada, 241-mode of treating
viewed and praised, 398.

prisoners in Pennsylvania, 244-im-
Volunteers, a corps of, annoyed by provements in mechanics, 246—au

Jacobins, reviewed, 405-danger of agreeable and interesting publication,
trusting republicans with arms, ib. 247.

Williams's Abridgement of Cases re-

viewed, 1-an useful compilation, ib.

-character of the work, 3.
Vagabond reviewed, 137—06. Wodhul's Equality of Mankind re-

2,6 Godwin's Philosophy, viewed, 287—unjuft abuse of Lord
et to of, in obedience to Clarendon, 288.

luces the mistress of Woodrow's Faft Sermon, reviewed, 229.

se Rousseau, leaves Wright's Art of Floating Land reviewed,
the chi:

narith, ib.-get 267-thews the advantages of that
beaten and t na riot, ib.

plan, 269—friendly to experimental
cured by a be t apothecary, farming, 271-a plain and practical
ib.-- seduces his . Enliactor's wife, in treatife, 272.

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