Hyenas in Petticoats: A Look at Twenty Years of Feminism

Harrap, 1989 - 250 páginas
Hyenas in Petticoats gives a fascinating insight into the impact of twenty years of feminism on women's lives. Spanning the period from 1968 when the women's movement laid its roots, to 1988 when the term Post Feminist came into popular use, and covering issues ranging from politics and journalism to motherhood, appearance and sexuality, Angela Neustatter looks chronologically at the events, activities and conflicts which have marked two decades of women's activism. She draws on a wide variety of sources, from important feminist writings and polemic to press reporting and anectode, and-most importantly- she includes the voices of more than one hundered and fifty women of different type, class and age through their own recorded words, interviews and letters, ranging from Eva Figes, Michelene Wandor, Fay Weldon and Helena Kennedy to those who are not so publicly known but who have poignant things to say about what the feminist years have meant to them. In Hyenas in Petticoats Angela Neustatter describes the things she has found most exciting, shocking, amusing and moving over the last twenty years. It is not a polemical book, nor a definitive history but a fascinating account of two crucial decades of women's lives. -4e de couv.

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Laying Roots 1968 to 1970
Sexuality and Schism Sex and Politics
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