Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey

The Survey., 1889

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Página 46 - AND DESCRIPTIONS OF THE PALAEOZOIC FOSSILS of CORNWALL, DEVON, and WEST SOMERSET; observed in the course of the Ordnance Geological Survey of that District. By JOHN PHILLIPS, FRS FGS &c. Published by Order of the Lords Commissioners of HM, Treasury. 8vo. with 60 Plates, comprising very numerous figures, 9s. cloth. PHILLIPS.-A GUIDE TO GEOLOGY. By JOHN PHILLIPS, FRSGS, &c.
Página 25 - In brief, the lithologic characters, in so far as they may be regarded as criteria in the correlation of formations, and the stratigraphy alike suggest that the red rocks of southern Kansas represent the group of strata elsewhere found between the base of the Cretaceous and the summit of the Carboniferous; and although the evidence is not sufficient finally to demonstrate the age of the rocks, it is sufficient to warrant the provisional application to them of the name Triassic3.
Página 74 - ... to summarize the results of these and other experiments. It seems established that pressure alone can not truly liquefy a solid, ie, diminish its rigidity. Consequently, we can scarcely expect chemical and crystalline changes by pressure alone. Solids can be made to flow and act in that respect, as liquids, by pressure, which overcomes the rigidity without diminishing it. In this case the time allowed for the motion is of vital importance. Whether further investigation will alter these conclusions...
Página 103 - Abbott in the Trenton, New Jersey, gravel, and is of special interest as the first one known to have been found in the glacial gravels of Ohio. The announcement of this discovery, coupled with a letter from Dr. Metz, saying that he had since found another such implement at Loveland, led me to visit the localities to see their relation to the glacial deposits of the region. The following are the results...
Página 43 - In regard to the identification of this lignite, it is manifestly impossible to attempt more than an indication of its general character and position. That it is coniferous, is beyond question. The absence of wood elements other than tracheids, which were provided in some cases at least, with bordered pits, and the number and arrangement of the medullary rays, make the coniferous nature clear.
Página 104 - ... deposits made when immense glacial floods were pouring down these two streams from the north. The Little Miami was a very important line of glacial drainage, as is shown by the extensive gravel terraces all along its course, to which the railroads resort for ballast.
Página 146 - I would propose the following law: An alloy can be produced out of its original constituents without considerable pressure if the temperature be above the melting point of the alloy, even though it be far below the melting point of the most easily fusible constituent.
Página 26 - Many are well known, having been described by the various Government expeditious and surveys ; while some are too weak, too impure, or of too little extent to have a prospective value, others promise good results to well-directed practical development. To aid this, the present investigation has been undertaken by the United States Geological Survey. This work naturally falls into two divisions — the collection and arrangement of previously existing knowledge and a study of the technical questions...
Página 105 - The river makes something of an elbow at this point, opening to the west. This space is occupied by a gravel terrace about fifty feet above the stream. The terrace is composed in places of very coarse material, resembling very much that of Trenton, New Jersey, where Dr.
Página 24 - Two species are established. Prototaxites is described as a new genus of conifers in the following manner: '' Woody trunks, with concentric rings of growth and medullary rays. Cells of pleurenchyma scarcely in regular series, thick walled and cylindrical, with a double row of spiral fibers. Disk structure indistinct.

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