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THE psychical experience of the writer has induced him to believe that the human world is, and always has been, at least to some extent, under the control and guidance of invisible or superior intelligences. And furthermore it has been deeply and thoroughly impressed upon his mind, that the thoughts, purposes, and actions of individuals have been, in numerous cases, molded and directed to certain definite ends, which may be entirely different from, those that were recognized in their own mental determination. This was undoubtedly true with reference to the inspired prophets of ancient times; and it is not too much to suppose that the great philosophers, poets, and orators of all ages, have been blessed with the divine afflatus that descends from the spheres of celestial being. Therefore it is not surprising or incredible to me, that numerous individuals in this age should be operated upon and influ

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enced directly by spiritual beings, in such a manner as to walk, write, or speak under their control; for this is only what might be supposed to naturally follow from the rapid advancement of the world and its growing intimacy with the immortal


In the course of an exceedingly interesting experience, the reality which is here referred to has become so far interwoven with my own individual consciousness, as to be rendered almost as apparent and sensible as the fact of existence itself; and on appropriate occasions, while in a passive and abstracted state of mind, I am enabled to converse freely and familiarly with what appear to be the intelligences of another sphere, as with the friends by whom I am surrounded on the earth. I do not refer, however, to this portion of my experience for the purpose of claiming any personal superiority with reference to others, or even to claim an equality with those whose names have been reverenced in the past, but simply to furnish an intimation of the peculiar mode in which this volume was produced. It is a fact which I may properly state, though it may not be fully credited by some readers, that, for many months, I have been unable, after repeated attempts, to write any thing with the use of my own mental faculties, in opposition to the will of the invisible powers, -while, on the other hand, when it seems to

be in accordance with their desire, a vast amount of writing is frequently accomplished in a brief space, without any apparent effort or labor of my own. The work which is here presented was written at intervals in this manner, the special periods of writing being selected as above stated, and the thoughts and expressions employed being breathed on the opened senses

of the spirit in the interior condition.

The grand design of this work is to afford a comprehensive survey of the laws, forces, and processes involved in the formation of the cosmical structure, without descending into the me nute details that may be comprehended in the mighty work of creation. Accordingly it will not be just for the reader to anticipate more than a generalization of the prominent principles connected with this subject, though in these, it is hoped, will be found a broad and substantial ground-work, on which the investigating mind may erect its own superstructure. It is of the utmost importance that the principles to which I have just alluded, should be clearly comprehended by the human mind, inasmuch as they are the indices that point to all the innumerable avenues of truth in the field of philosophical or theological inquiry. The fact will be easily recognized that the actuating and vitalizing forces, by and through which the Universe was born, are the natural and eternal movements of the Divine Thought; and hence, in case these forces are cor.

rectly conceived, the mind will have in its possession the means of searching into those divine and immortal treasures which are concealed in the deep recesses of Nature. On the other hand, it will be found that all existing error, both in philosophy and theology, derives its origin from a misunderstanding of the foundation-principles that relate to the primitive creation of

existing forms; and accordingly the most effectual method of

eradicating error, in whatever form it may exist, is to clearly

unfold those principles to the reason and intuition of the soul. Considered in this light, the propositions which are made and defended in this work, may be regarded—should they pass the ordeal of critical inquiry—as having an evident bearing on the

most important interests of man. R. P. A.


IN obedience to certain interior influences and impressions, which have apparently emanated from an unseen intelligence, I have been moved to indite the volume which is herewith presented to the world. This fact is stated at the outset as a matter of individual consciousness, and as an act of justice to the invisible power of whose presence I am made distinctly conscious, and on whose gentle but impressive breathings I am dependent for much valuable instruction. Yet it should be understood that I have stated simply what I individually feel and know to be true with reference to the source of this work, without feeling any positive desire to convince the reader of the truthfullness of the statement itself, since it seems to me of far less importance to demonstrate the source of my impressions or the mode in which they were received, than to consider whether they are really true and useful in themselves. Indeed, truth requires no aid from a foreign and arbitrary authority; being in itself divine and immortal, it is able to stand on its own merits, and should be loved for its own intrinsic beauty. Hence, in the light of this principle, I am well assured that whatever truth may be contained in this volume, will naturally present its own claims and be sustained by its own intrinsic power, without the necessity of any external prop.

It is a lesson which has been derived from a personal experience, that all truth, like the wide-spread blessings of Nature, is universal and impartial in its application,-though by a natural necessity its appreciation must depend on the receptive capacity of the soul. Like the light which streams continually from the sun, truth is ever flowing from its primal fountain through the medium of the spiritual

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