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and creed, the perceptions of the soul reach forth into the illimitable expanse, and grasp the realities of the past as they are linked with the grand developments of the present. So the student of Nature, who looks forth with a clear, bold gaze into the recesses of Surrounding things, and recognizes there the harmonious Workings of the divine law, can view throughout the long avenues of endless being, the progressive dawn of Creation's life.

C H A P T E R W I.

THE Divine Mind, residing in the most interior depths of space, sustains, as before stated, a positive relation to the entire immensity of being by which it is surrounded. By virtue of this relation, a constant interchange is constantly occurring between this and the less refined portions of the substance of which space is formed. Through this interchange new combinations are formed, new conditions are introduced, and the elements which, in their primitive state, were essentially spiritual, begin to manifest a more gross and material nature. It is thus

by positive and negative relations—the same relations in fact by

which the process of reproduction is carried on in the vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms, that the exterior formations of the Universe have been unfolded. The nature of the process by which these formations were produced, can be only properly conceived by the mind which has investigated, and become thoroughly acquainted with, the principles of generation as manifested in every department of Nature. There has been but little understanding of the true process of creation, for the reason that man has not understood his own constitution. And the only method by which he can arrive at a truly profound appreciation of the sublime principies which are herein involved, is to study, calmly, deeply, and philosophically, the laws which govern his own being in the reproduction of kindred natures. When these laws are understood and appreciated—being disrobed of the mantle of mystery in which they have been clothed for ages—which can only be done by a careful study of physiological science, then will the mind have formed a basis for the comprehension of corresponding realities that relate to the creative movements of the Divine Soul. There is, strictly speaking, but one principle extending through all created things, by which the course of generation and reproduction is carried on, and there exists therefore a perfect analogy between the birth of the Universe, and the birth of a vegetable, an animal, or a human being,-this exception being observed, that the former, in its comparative infinity, must occupy a far more extended period of time than the latter, and that, being the result of forces eternally in exercise, it must represent rather a continued process of development, or an uninterrupted succession of births, than any special or instantaneous creation. The movements of the germinal Soul were the constant and inherent tendencies of its own component substance; and these movements extended in circular form to the outer surface of space, thus producing an association of the positive and negative forces. In this manner the Divinity breathed out from the most interior portions of his organism, that refined essence on which the existence of all spirit, vitality, and matter must essentially depend,—which essence was the emanation or atmosphere thrown off in every direction by the force of the intense motion that existed in the primitive and central Source of being. Passing in its outward flow through various intermediate stages of refinement, this essence blends at last with the matter of universal space, and so causes a union of the positive and negative forms of the original substance. The result of this union is the formation of an element exterior to space itself, which is the most refined and sublimated magnetism—a substance which, though invisible to the human eye, expands through all the flooding glory of Nature, and shiues in every ray that emanates from sun or star. In this substance was manifested the first outflowing creation of Deity; it was the primary external embodiment of that interior Life which dwells in the bosom of the Supreme Intelligence. Magnetism, as a created and compound element, is negative in its relation to the primitive Essence; and hence, by a natural assimilation of these two forms of matter, there occurred another union of the male and female principles, resulting in the production of a more dense and material formation, which may be denominated electricity. The inherent nature of this substance was the same as that which belonged to its parent-elements, but, its particles being brought together in a state of increased density, it presents a less luminous appearance, reflecting but a pale and feeble luster in contrast with the sparkling atoms of that more interior and spiritual essence which is the life of God. This, consequently, represented the clothing of the more refined magnetism, which was in its turn the atmosphere of the Divine Brain. Thus in the birth of the substance here referred to, may be viewed the second creation; and this, it will be observed, is an important advance toward the unfolding of yet more external formations.

From the positive and negative relations that subsisted between magnetism and electricity, there occurred a spontaneous union and assimilation of these elements, from which was produced a still more material substance, differing in its appearance from both of these in their primitive condition. This substance is known in Chemistry as Oxygen. It is now recognized as that form of matter which supports combustion, and which, being essential to respiration, is the basis of vitality for vegetable and animal bodies. This element occupies about onefourth of the bulk of the earth's atmosphere, and may be viewed as a third unfolding from the uncreated Essence,—which is another step in the direction of tangible matter.

Again the process of chemical union, condensation, and reproduction, went forward. The elements heretofore evolved, being drawn together by a mutual affinity, entered into a new combination, and generated the element which is called nitrogen. This is a gas which constitutes the greater proportion of the common atmosphere, and is known as its unrespirable constituent. The elements of which it is composed are so perfectly and harmoniously blended as to form apparently one simple element, though existing in a compound state; and in this is represented the fourth development of primitive matter, which forms a still nearer approach to the realm of the visible creation.

From this point in the process of unfolding, we may now turn to another and still more material substance, which has been designated by the term hydrogen. This element was an outbirth from the fourth creation as this was the offspring of the third, the third from the second, and the second from the first. It results from a union and combination of all the inherent ele

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