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A Brief abd tolerable Word of
A Brief and Seasonable Word, of

fered to tháview and confiderati-
feron of the

Saints and people of God
in this Generation , velating to the
to th work of the present age

for gex
peration wee live in

Wherein is seweds
1. What Generation Workis, and how it differs from o-

ther works,
2. That Saints in the several generations they have lived

in, have had the proper and peculiar works of their

3. That it is a thing of very great concernment for a
Saint to attend to

and be industrious ia ihe worke
of his generation
4. Wherein dorh the work of the present generation Tye.
5. How each one in particular may find out that part or

parcell of it, that is properly his worke in his gene.

6. How generation work may be so carried on,
God may be served in tho generation.

By JOHN TILLINGHAST, an unworthy

Minister of the Gospel at Trunch in Norfolk.
Gen. 6.9. Noah was a just man, and perfe&t in bis Genet
tions ; and Ncah walked with God.

Princed by M. Simmons for Livewell Chapman
at the Crowne in Popes-head-Alley, 1654.

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SUPREAME AUTHORITIE the Parliament of the Com

mon-wealth of England.


S the Lord Jehovah when hee

first chose Israel to be a peculiar people to himselfe

out of all the Nations of the world , did give unto them righteous Judges, Mofes, Joshua, Gideon, Sampson, Samuel, &c. such as were after his own heart, and of his owne raysing up: So is it his promise to his people in the last dayes ( before the droite of sion shall be taken away, and her tinn purged, and shee called the City of righteousness, the faithfull Ciry) that the A 2


will restore their Judges as AT THE FIRST, and their Counsellors as A T THE BEGINNING, Isai. 1. 25, 26.

How high the faith and expectations of Gods people of late geares have been as to the accomplishment ofthese things is knowne to many, and what unceslapt prayers

have beene put up to the Throne of grace for the same is best knowne to the Lord. That

you are raysed up this day to be the repayrers of our breaches, and the restorers of paths to dwell in, is( wee hope ) the long expected and much looked for fruit of this our faith and prayer; wch as it doth cause rejoycing within many hearts, so hath it fixed the eyes of most upon you to observe what great thing that is which God by you is about to do for his poor people. Not to teach you (Right

' Honourable ) what is your work, but to de. clare what that is which the Lord in the

age welive in is about to do, and cxpects his people should eye and fol. low him in, is the design of this little


Treatise , which although it had its

conception some moneths since, and 1 was then designed for other hands, yet

could it not be brought forth untill this day, in which it casts it felfe into yours, not so much seeking Protection (for what is truth will stand of it felf, and what is not fhall fall, though by men protected) as that it might here by become the more serviceable to that great interest it pleads for, in doing of which the Author hath obtained whatsoever is berein his end, desire or joy.

And now (Right Honourable) God having raysed you up, and put into your hands so great an opportunity, set not the same be lost for want of any improvement which may be made thereof: this is your day to honour God, and serve your Generation; let this day slip, and it may be hereafter when you

would doe the thing, you shall not have a day to doe it. Men, wise men, good men have fallen before you by putting off, and neglecting the


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