The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift...

W. Durell & Company, 1812
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Página 21 - ... or encouragement for popular orators: their giving not only the freedom of the city, but capacity for employments, to several towns in Gaul, Spain, and Germany...
Página 60 - The Observator is fallen ; the Medleys are jumbled together with the Flying Post ; the Examiner is deadly sick ; the Spectator keeps up and doubles its price : I know not how long it will last.
Página 204 - which had been judged to be the only solid foundation whereupon we could erect a Tory system, and yet, when it was made, we found ourselves at a stand ; nay, the very work, which ought to have been the basis of our strength, was in part demolished before our eyes, and we were stoned with the ruins of it.
Página 25 - Years, that we ought to spell exactly as we speak; which beside the obvious Inconvenience of utterly destroying our Etymology, would be a Thing we should never see an End of. Not only the several Towns and Counties of England, have a different Way of pronouncing; but even here in London, they clip their Words after one Manner about the Court, another in the City, and a third in the Suburbs; and in a few Years, it is probable, will all differ from themselves, as Fancy or Fashion shall direct: All...
Página 18 - ... that our language is extremely imperfect; that its daily improvements are by no means in proportion to its daily corruptions; that the pretenders to polish and refine it, have chiefly multiplied abuses and absurdities ; and that in many instances it offends against every part of grammar.
Página 117 - Bailiff; suppose your worship, during your annual administration, should happen to be kicked and cuffed by a parcel of Tories ; would not the circumstance of your being a magistrate make the crime the greater, than if the like insults were committed on an ordinary Tory shopkeeper, by a company of honest Whigs ? What bailiff would venture to arrest Mr Steele, now he has the honour to be your representative ? and what bailiff ever scrupled it before...
Página 23 - To this succeeded that licentiousness which entered with the Restoration, and from infecting our religion and morals, fell to corrupt our language : which last was not like to be much improved by those who at that time made up the court of King Charles the Second ; either such...
Página 110 - A most humble Address or Memorial presented to Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain, by the Deputy of the Magistrates of Dunkirk.
Página 18 - It will be among the distinguishing Marks of your Ministry, My Lord, that you had a Genius above all such Regards; and that no reasonable Proposal for the Honour, the Advantage, or the Ornament of your Country, however foreign to your more immediate Office, was ever neglected by you.

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