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The nightingale is singing now ...
The ocean is calm and the winds are asleep
The old green lane, in childhood's hours
The sailor the deck is pacing
The summer leaves were sighing
The sea ran high, and the wind was wild
The swallow has another home
The sky above is blue-serene
The Union-Jack of England
The world below hath not for me
The young rose which I gave thee so dewy and bright
They say I may marry the laird if I will
"They say there's a secret charm which lies
"They tell me that the skies are blue
'There's a lad that I know, and I know that he
There's a breeze on the hill
There is a little bird that sing3
Thou art not with me when I tread!
Though poets and painters make Bacchus divine
Thy name, thy worth, my buried love
'Tis lone on the waters
T'is years since last we met
Trim the lamp and fill the bowl
'Twas a still soft eve in summer
'Twas in the early days of spring
Two real lovers with one heart
Up, sailor boy, 'tis day
Under the gannet's piilow
Weep for the love that fate forbids
We sat by the river, you and I
When I was in my teens
When in death I shall calm recline
When the lamp is shattered
When wearied wretches sink to sleep
While the morning light bcams
Why do the flowers bloom, mother ?
With willow wreath forlorn
Wings ! to bear me over ...
With ardent pride Britannia's sons attend
Will you let me tell you of a boy that went to sea ?
Wreck of the past, thou dost stand no more
Ye spotted snakes with double tongue
You are not what you were, Robin
You do not now remember
You have told me that you love me
You praise each youthful form you see
You think I have a merry heart

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A Chapter of Patents
A Fat Man in Love
A Gent in Diff's.
A Maiden there lived in a large

A Norrible Tale
An Order of Removal
A truly rural Party of Pleasure.
A Tale of a Tub
Barlow in the Rifles
Bachelor's Hall
Billy Dip the Dyer.....
Bow Bells
Captain Gray
Der Lustige Bruder
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Dr. Kilcoobury's Mouser
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Hodge and the Vicar
I can't make it out
I must come out this Spring
I'm very fond of Water
I remember, I remember.
It's all one
Limerick Races
Mary Draper
Meet me, Miss Molly Malone
Mounseer Nontongpaw
Mrs. Runnington's Wig
Mrs. John Singleton's Ball.
My old Wife
My Wife is very Musical.
No Irish need apply.
Now, can't you be aięy ?
Old English Ale......
Old Port Wine
Popular Superstitions
Positives and Comparatives..
Potteen, Good Luck to ye, dear
Poor Old Maidens

PUBLISHER, PAGE D'Almaine & Co. 127 The Author 104 Purday


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TITLE. Questions and Answers Queen Elizabeth.. Reform in the Home Department.. Robson's Old Dog Tray Romeo and Juliet Sary Syke Shakspeare's Plays Song of the Dinnerless.. Bossiges Sweet Kitty Neil The Athlone Landlady The Belle of the Ball The Bachelor's Lament The Cabinet Maker The Church in the Square The Crafty Plough-boy. The Cockney Afloat The Diggings The Double-X Policeman The Five-act Drama... The Fiddles..... The Good old Days of Adam and Eve..... The Gilt off the Gingerbread The Game of Life The Hero of Ballinacrazy. The Irish Smugglers... The Jolly Dog The King of Arragon The Modern Times The Man that has been Younger The Poor Lover.. The Pic-Nic on Brown's Wedding-day The Red Tapeworm The Song of the Glass The Three Thirsty Tailors The Travelling Photographer The Vicar and Moses The Willa out of Town... The Wonderful Skittle-player. The Woman of Mind The Yorkshire Horse-dealers Tom Gardiner... Werry Pekooliar Werry Ridiculous When you and I were Boys.................. Ye Blighted Barber


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