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In the forest of life two different glades

Are lying before me to tread;
Shall I push my way thro' the darkest shades,

Or follow the flowers instead?
I will think of the bird and her nestlings' doom,

And keep to the lonelier way
Lest enemies come where the fair flowers bloom,

And carry my treasures away.


[Spanish melody. MOTHER ! oh, sing me to rest,

As in my bright days departed :

Sing to thy child, the sick-hearted,
Songs for a spirit oppressed.
Lay this tired head on thy breast !

Flowers from the night-dew are closing,
Pilgrims and mourners reposing-
Mother, oh, sing me to rest !
Take back thy bird to its nest !

Weary is young life when blighted,

Heavy this love unrequited ;-
Mother, oh, sing me to rest!


[French air.]
HOPE whispers me when summer comes,

And genial verdure crowns the plain,
That I shall see my native land,

And greet my birth-place once again ;
Where first in infancy I drew

The breath of life so pure and free ;
In dreams 'tis present to my view--

My Normandy! my Normandy!

I've seen the shores of Italy,

And Venice with its gondoliers,
And Switzerland, the brave and free,

Which boasts such hardy mountaineers ;
I've seen all these, yet wander on,

In hope my long-loved home to see,
For I would ever gaze upon

My Normandy! my Normandy!
It seems to me a dream of life

Since youth's bright smiles have pass'd away,
And ev'ry form I loved on earth

By time's rude hand hath met decay.
Still let me live to dream of all

The sunny smiles I loved to see,
As when in youth I gazed upon

My Normandy! my Normandy!



[Music by Sir HENRY R. BISHOP, On the banks of a beautiful river

How sweet'tis in summer to stray,
Where the tall reeds in melody quiver,

And in gladness the stream glides away ;
Where the breeze sings a song in the rushes

That the waves echo still as they flow,
And the tide rocks the stem, as it gushes,

Of the lily that's sleeping below.
On the banks of a beautiful river

How sweet 'tis to gaze on the tide,
Like life flowing onward for ever,

Or man in the noon of his pride;
To feel as the sunbeam lights o'er us

The waves that are wandering free,
That we have a haven before us

Beyond dark futurity's se...




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A child sleeps under a rose-bush fair
Ah! now I feel the burden
Ah! tossed upon the billow
Amphion's lute and Orpheus' lyre
Amid the glad throng here to-night
A nest there was in a bonnie May-tree
And so I am going to be married
A rover I've been in realms afar
As day by day we hold our way
As down in the meadows I chanced for to pass
Awake, awake! Æolian lyre, awake!
Awake! the starry midnight hour
A weary lot is thine, fair maid
Beautiful ocean, beautiful ocean ...
Beneath thy window grew a gentle flower
Beside her lattice every night
Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young
By the silvery hawthorn tree
By the dark waves of the rolling sea
Come hither, my pretty gazelle
Come, let us wander forth, Annie
Come, let us go to the land
Come, mariner, down in the deep with me
Come, thou monarch of the vine
Come, tune thy lyre to notes of love
Come unto these yellow sands
Drink to-night
Droop not, my brother, I hear the glad strain
England, oh, England ! dear land of my birth
Ever weeping at the casement
Fair daffodils we weep to sce
Far away! my home is far away
Flow, Rio Verde
Fly not yet, 'tis just the hour
Fondest, dearest, fare thee well
Forth from my dark and dismal cell
Gaily the lark awakes the day

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Go, let me weep, there's bliss in tears
Go, my own darling boy
Guard, oh! guard her as a treasure
Hark! from yonder holy pile
Have you not seen the timid tear?
He is ready to sail and he gazes with pride
Heavenly Father! King of Might
How dear to me the hour when daylight dios
How shall I woo thee, beautiful spring ?
How sleep the brave who sink to rest
Hope whispers me when summer comes
I caught her tear at parting
I did not love her for her face
I'd be your shadow, my own dear love
If thou wouldst have me sing and play
I have known thee in the sunshine
I have sent back every token
I have been with the rose
I'll speak of thee, I'll love thee too
I love wine! bold, bright wine ...
I loved thee once, I'll love no more
I love to sail on the bring deep
I love to see old faces
I'm waiting till you wipe away
I'm leaving thee, my mother dear
I met her in the primrose time
In the year, never mind, 'tis a long time ago
In that devotion which we breathe
In my cottage near a wood
In early manhood, fair and brave
In the days when this old earth was young
In the proud old fanes of England
I opened the leaves of a book last night
I remember, I remember
I saw her in'her noon of pride ...
I sent a message by the rose
I stood by a grave near my childhood's dear home
I stood where the summer tide flowing
I sing the praises of the wind
It was not of his native skies
It cannot be so long ago
It was yule and the snow kept falling...
I've a letter from thy sire
I've a home on the mountain
I've journeyed over many lands
I wish I could forget thee
I will wreathe a bower, a fairy bower
I would not have thee young again
I would there were but one sweet song...
Jolly nose, the briglit rubies which garnish thy tip

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Joys that pass away like this
King of the storm, arise !
Let them hover round her
Loose every sail to the breeze
Love was once a little boy
May I love thee, Hebrew Maiden?
'Mid shouts that hailed her from the shore
Mother, oh, sing me to rest
My harp lies neglected, its strings have no tune
Nature with swiftness armed the horse
Near thee, still near thee ! o'er thy pathway gliding
Near the banks of that lone river
Never forget the dear ones
O bid your faithful Ariel fly
Oh ! a sacred thing is the wayside spring
Oh! break not her silence, she listens to voices
Oh! call back the thought, let it die on the tongue
Oh, don't you remember the lucky new moon
Oh, for those old familiar friends
Oh! how delightful! oh! how entrancing
Oh! happy forest glades
Oh ! remember the hour
Oh! the old house at home, where my forefathers dwelt
Oh! the old love, the true love
Oh! thou to whom this heart
Oh! would I were upon the deck
Oh! would I were a boy again
Oh! who would be a landsman
One by one the sands are flowing
One bumper at parting! though many
Only for thee my heart is ting
One word is too often profaned
One morn I left my boat to stray
On the banks of a beautiful river
Out of the village they said they should miss him
Our village was sad when the soldiers came
Over the dark and stormy ocean
O ye hours! ye sunny hours
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day
Sing no more, thy heart is crossed
Since, Jack, thou art a seaman's son
Sweet is the sound of rippling streams...
Take thee a lesson, lady fair
The chimes ! the chimes ! the joyous chimes
The cold North winds are blowing
The grass is wet with shining dews
The glory of England shall rise ...
The jolly old owl, like a monk in his cowl
The last green leaf hangs lonely now
The moon is waning fast, my dear










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