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PUBLISHER. PAGE Pat and his Leather Breeches

141 Peggy Doolan and Dennis o’ Doggerty The Author

36 Popping the Question


19 Poor Susian

Metzler & Co...... 127 Puffing

The Author

68 Reform in doors and out


46 Sally Doyle


126 Said a Fox to a Goose....

D'Almaine & Co. 26 She would not do for me

100 Sic a Wife as Willie had

Duff f Stewart... 33 Sir Francis Drake

The Author 129 Sly Reynard the Fox

117 Smalilou

Metzler & Co...... 77 Swells of the Ocean..

Hopwood f Crewe 86 The Commercial Man


135 The Duster, Broom, and the Pail

The Author

27 The Dogs' Meat Man

51 The Horrors of living in Londoa

The Author

53 The Horrors of the Country.


60 The Land of Shillelah

Metzler & Co.... 43 The Lawyer in Love

44 The Ladies of Otaheite.

The Author

12 The Last Summer Bonnet

62 The little Farthing Rushlight...

109 The Low-necked Dress

85 The Lost pair of Breeches

119 The Men are all Clubbing Together D'Almaine & Co. 69 The Modest Miss

The Author

70 The Member for Dublin.


76 The Old Bog Hole

Metzler f. Co...... 81 The Power of the Ladies

38 The Soldier

The Author

45 The Uninvited One..

92 The Vagrant...

Hopwood & Crewe 56 The Victim of Sensibility

The Author......... 66 The Wonderful Cork Leg.

124 The Zoological Wife

118 There's no knowing what you may come to....

98 Things I don't like to see..

The Author 116 Two Wenches at Once

97 Venice preserved

15 Wed in Haste, Repent at Leisure..

91 What is London's last new Lion?

D'Almaine & Co.. 50 Where are You Going, my Pretty Maid? Ditto.....

88 William and Mary

The Author 138 Widow Jones

142 Yes, kind Sir, and thank you, too D'Almaine f Co., 83

Ditto ....

[blocks in formation]

THE other evening, flush'd with wine-
I think the time was half-past nine-
I rambled in without design

To Madame Tussaud's Exhibition.
The company were getting thin,
My cranium seem'd around to spin,
I remember nothing ʼmid the din
Save Napoleon's carriage getting in-
I awoke however in a fright,
By a shindy bordering on a fight,
And found I'd been lock'd up for the night

In Madame Tussaud's Exhibition.
Believe it, or believe it not,
This conversation, piping hot,
Occurr'd among the waxy_lot,

In Madame Tussaud's Exhibition.

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