The Politics of Language in the Spanish-speaking World: From Colonisation to Globalisation

Psychology Press, 2000 - 242 páginas
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Spanish is now the third most widely spoken language in the world after English and Chinese. This book traces how and why Spanish has arrived at this position, examining its role in the diverse societies where it is spoken from Europe to the Americas. Providing a comprehensive survey of language issues in the Spanish-speaking world, the book outlines the historical roots of the emergence of Spanish or Castilian as the dominant language, analyzes the situation of minority language groups, and traces the role of Spanish and its colonial heritage in Latin America. The book is structured in four sections: Spanish as a national language: conflict and hegemony Legislation and the realities of linguistic diversity Language and education The future of Spanish. Throughout the book Clare Mar-Molinero asks probing questions such as: How does language relate to power? What is its link with identity? What is the role of language in nation-building? Who decides how language is taught?

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The Castilianisation process the emergence
Counternationalism and the other languages of
Legislation and the realities of linguistic diversity
The state and language policies in the contemporary
Bilingual education literacy and the role of language
Latin American educational policies in the struggle
Politics language and the Spanish education system
Spanish in a global era
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Sobre el autor (2000)

CLARE MAR-MOLINERO is Professor of Spanish sociolinguistics and Head of Modern Languages at the University of Southampton, UK. She teaches and has published widely on language policies and on global Spanish. Her publications include "The Politics of Language in the Spanish-speaking World" (2000), "The Spanish-Speaking World: Introduction to Sociolinguistic Issues" (1997), "Nationalism and the Nation in the Iberian Peninsula" (co-edited with Angel Smith, 1996) and "Language Ideologies, Policies and Practices: Language and the Future of Europe" (co-edited with Patrick Stevenson, 2005). She is chair of the "International Association for the Study of Spanish in Society" (SiS).

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