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Beechey, Captain, his expedition to the
Pacific, and Behring's Strait, 601-his
encounter with the Easter Islanders, 603
-escape from a water spout, 609
Beer, sale of, 480

Bell, H. G., poetry of, 553

Bernal, Mr., verses by, 49
Bertini, Signor, his plan for giving facility
on all musical instruments, 473
Bhurtpore, 584
Bible, diffusion of, in foreign countries,
1-6-account of the society for, 6-in-
efficacy of, and the causes, 7-10—ac-
count of the translations of, 12-speci-
mens of a version in the Canara language,
13-fate of Bibles in India, 17-distri-
bution of, among the Calmucs, 199
Bible, the, 532

Birds, signs in the Pacific, 601
Biron, Marechal, his generous conduct to
Rodney, 278

Birth, Mexican custom at, 257-births in
London aud Paris, 284-in Great Britain,

Black, Dr., discovery of, 141
Black Book, the Extraordinary, 619
Blane, Sir G., his account of the great
victory of Rodney, 280

Blasting rocks, method of, in Seringapatam,


Blessington, Lady, a fragment by, 52
Blood, peculiarity of, in the reptile tribes,


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Byam Martin Island, 611
Byron, Lord, his adoption of the Greek
cause and habits at Cephalonia, 93-his
partiality for medicines, 94-for Hol-
lands, 95-other predilections of, 96—
last illness and death of, 97, 98-his
superstition, 99-account of the post
mortem examination of his body, 100—
his life, (2d vol.,) by Mr. Moore, 217-
his visit to Switzerland, 220-fine poeti.
cal image by, 221-his first acquaintance
with Shelley, 222-proposed reconcilia-
tion with his Lady, ib-his lines to
death, 223-his curious orders, 225—
his avarice, 226-account of his personal
appearance, 229-present of his MSS.
of his life to Mr. Moore, 230-purposes
to set up a newspaper, 232-account of
his way of life by himself, 234-his pro-
ject respecting Greece, 236

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Correction, ancient mode of, in Mexico, 259
Costs, bills of, 177

Costume of the Tahaitians, 81-the high-
land, 347

Cotterill, C. F., on political economy, 620
Counter, Rev., his Island Bride, 156
Counts, the title to whom given, 171
Courts of local jurisdiction, bill for esta
blishing, 167-outline of, 172
Courts of justice in France, description of,
172-effect of the bill, 176-objections
to the bill answered, 180-5
Coatts, Thomas, characteristic letter from,

Cranstoun, Lord, first suggested the cele-
brated manœuvre of Rodney, 280
Creoles of the Mauritius, manners of, 387
Cromwell, O., curious anecdote of, 72-his

reply to the offer of the throne, 488-
inauguration of, as Protector, 489-his
character, by Lingard, 490
Cuba, freedom of the press in, 162
Currie, Dr., memoir of, 416-birth of, 417
-his Jasper Wilson, 418-his life of
Burns, 419-character of, 421-anecdote
of, 422

Cutch, history of, 575

Cuvier, the baron, his Animal Kingdom, 404


DANIEL, Mr., on a new register pyrome-
ter, 239

Dance in Pitcairn Island, 608
Dancing, 310

Dangerfield, his accusation of James II.,


Dante, remarks on his Commedia, 295
Daubeny, Dr., on the occurrence of Iodine
in England, 237

Davy, Sir H., life of, by Paris, 364-his
birth, 367-his hazardous experiments,
368-curious letter from, 371-anec-
dotes of, 373, 374-his visit to Paris,
376-anecdotes, 378, 379-account of
the death and funeral of, 383
Dead, ancient Mexican feast of the, 266
Death, lines to, by Lord Byron, 223
Deaths in London and Paris, 284-in
Great Britain, 286

Debt, calculations of affidavits of, 177
Decameron, depraved taste in, 299
December, ancient Mexican feasts of, 268
De Grasse, Rodney's victory over, 279
De Trueba, Don T., his novel of the Incog-
nito, 443

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Godwin, W., letter from, to Pinkerton, 73
his Thoughts on Man, 515-
his religion, 517-his habits, 520-youth
of, 521

Gospel, preparation for the, 477
Grace, peculiar one of Pitcairn Island, 607
Graves, Rev. R., his sermons on practical
subjects, 320

Gray, the poet, compared with Hume, 67
Greece, Trant and Millingen on, 92-adop-
tion of the cause of, by Lord Byron, 93,
236-governments of, 101-specimen of
local government in, 102-state of, after
the invasion of Ibrahim Pacha, 105-
picture of, under the sway of D'Istrias,
107-effect of the appointment of Prince
Leopold as King of Greece, 109-obser-
vations on the state and prospects of,
110-Mr. Canning's policy as to, 332-
conferences respecting, 334, 5-abomi-
nable proposal respecting the people of,
336-the bagpipe of, 351-history of
modern, 460-policy of Venice towards,
461-Ottoman government of, 463, 464,

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