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The Society, 1879
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a two volume travelogue written in c1750. Interesting, but not to be read in its full mind-numbing details. Leer reseña completa


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Página iii - l vero condito in molli versi I più schivi, allettando, ha persuaso: Così all'egro fanciul porgiamo aspersi Di soave licor gli orli del vaso; Succhi amari ingannato intanto ei beve, E dall
Página 132 - According to Clavigo, Timur was beaten in the first engagement through those 50 mailed elephants, but on the following day Timur took many camels and loaded them with dry grass placing them in front of the elephants. When the battle began, he caused the grass to be set on fire and when the elephants saw the burning straw upon the camels, they...
Página xiii - Nikopolis 1395 gefangen, in das Heidenthum geführt und 1427 wieder heimgekommen, Reise in den Orient und wunderbare Begebenheiten, von ihm selbst geschrieben. Aus einer alten Handschrift übersetzt und herausgegeben von AJ Penzel 1.
Página 166 - ... It produces numbers of excellent horses, remarkable for their speed. They are not shod at all, although constantly used in mountainous country, and on very bad roads. [They go at a great pace even down steep descents, where other horses neither would nor could do the like. And Messer Marco was told that not long ago they possessed in that province a breed of horses from the strain of Alexander's horse Bucephalus, all of which had from their birth a particular mark on the forehead.
Página 165 - Gulf, relates, on the authority of a Persian MS. that, in the tenth century, one Keis, the son of a poor widow in Siraf, embarked for India, with his sole property, a cat: " There he fortunately arrived, at a time when the palace was so infested by mice or rats, that they invaded the king's food, and persons were employed to drive them from the royal banquet. Keis produced his cat, the noxious animals soon disappeared, and magnificent rewards were bestowed on the...
Página 233 - He sat perfectly motionless, with his eyes closed, aud holding in his right hand a jewelled rod resembling a sceptre. Two or three people advanced and devoutly kissed his hand, but he did not return the customary benediction, and gave no sign of consciousness. ' Is he asleep ?' I whispered inquiringly to my friend. ' No, he is dead ; that is the late patriarch'.
Página 228 - I saw the brother of the emperor, the despot of the Morea, exercising himself there, with a score of other horsemen. Each had a bow, and they galloped along the inclosure, throwing their hats before them, which, when they had passed, they shot at ; and he who with his arrow pierced his hat, or was nearest to it, was esteemed the most expert.
Página 233 - I was ushered into a small densely crowded church, and on walking forward a few steps, found myself confronted by an aged and venerable prelate, seated on a throne in full canonicals, richly decorated with gold and jewels. He sat perfectly motionless, with his eyes closed, aud holding in his right hand a jewelled rod resembling a sceptre.
Página 190 - De Griegos , Latinos , y de Jacobitas, Y de los Armenios , y mas Maronistas¿ Y de la cintura , que son Gorgianos: Y de estos parecen los mas Indianos, De habito y gesto mas feo , que pulcro, Mas quanto al gozar del Santo Sepulcro Son prógimos todos en Christo , y hermanos.
Página 220 - ... touching incident of the attachment subsisting between nephew and uncle is preserved by Moslem historians. Abu Taleb determined to make a journey to Syria, leaving Mohammed with his own children at Mecca. When Abu Taleb was on the point of mounting his camel, Mohammed clasped his knees and cried, "O my uncle, take me with thee.

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