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mily Sermon, on Prov. xxiii. 26...Practi-

cal View of Atonement. Answer respect-

ing Methodist Ordination p. 193-213

MISCEL.-Effects of Bonaparte's Commer-
cial Decrees. Moral Evils arising from
State of Trade. Address to Spirit of
Cowper on Abolition of Slave Trade,

REVIEW OF Wilson's University Sermon
..Magee on Atonement. Worgan's Se-
lect Poems. Dr. Middleton's Greek Arti-




LIT. AND PHIL. INTEL. Great Britain;

New Testament for the Jews; British

Army; Corn imported..Scotch Clergy..
Bonaparte's Decree respecting Booksel-
lers and Printers. New Loom, &c.
243, 244
RELIG. INTEL. Missions of United
Brethren; Cape of Good Hope; Labra-
dor. Roman Catholics of Ireland.. Bible
Society at Hull.. British and Foreign
Bible Society Sunday-School Society,
PUB. AFF.-France Holland Sweden..
Spain and Portugal. Commercial Decrees
. Great Britain; Parliament; Expedi
tion to Scheldt; Capt. Lake; Irish
Tithes; Sir Francis Burdett; Nával In-


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LIT. AND PHIL INTEL-Great Britain..

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RELIG. INTEL-British and Foreign Bible
Society; Intelligence from India, with
Some Remarks on the Bible Contro-
versy. Society for Observance of Lord's
Day, &c. Teyoninhokarawen, the Mo-
hawk Chief Mission of the Edinburgh

Society to Tartary

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PUB. AFF.-Portugal Spain Portuguese
Treaty Sweden. Holland.Sicily. Ro-
mish Clergy. Captures in Baltic French
Comercial Decree Death of Queen of
Prissia Great Britain; Distresses of

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REVIEW OF Bishop Horsley's Sermons..
Grahame's British Georgics. Scott's Ser.
mon on the Death of the Missionary

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RELIG. INTEL-Extracts from Correspon-
dence of first Protestant Missionaries to
India Collation of LXX...On Causes of
Religious Decay Family Sermon, on
1 Pet. iv. 7: for New-Year's Day.....

MISCEL-On Love of Fame. Alteration in

the Cambridge Matriculation Oath ..

Drury's Account of Madagascar..Bucha-

nan's Hebrew Manuscripts. Consecration
of Ide Hill Chapel. Churching Women,


REVIEW OF The Quarterly Review. -

Wordsworth's Letter to Lord Teignmouth,

on Bible Society. Dealtry's Viudication

of Bible Society..Debate on Slave Trade,


LIT. AND PHIL. INTEL.-Great Britain..
Germany Italy; Eruption of Mount
Vesuvius St. Michael's, Azores; Earth-
RELIG. INTEL.-Hibernian Sunday School
Society Bengal; Baptist Alission;
Oriental Scriptures..Missions of United
Brethren; Greenland; North America..

PUB. AFF. Portugal.. Sweden.. United

States of America Spanish South Ame-

rica Great Britain; Parliament; Ap-

pointment of Regent; Loss of Frigates;

Attempt on Heligoland; His Majesty's



OBITUARY.-Rev. J. Stubbs; Rev. R. King,


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RAISE ye JEHOVAH, for he is good,


For everlasting is his mercy!

Let the ransomed of Jehovah speak,

Whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the foe;

And from the nations hath assembled them,


From the east, and from the west; from the north, and from the sea.


They wandered in the desert, in the pathless waste,

A city of habitation they did not find;

Famished with hunger, parched with thirst,

Their souls within them fainted.

Then they cried unto JEHOVAH in their trouble;
Out of their afflictions he delivereth them;
He led them forth by the right way,

Let them praise Jehovah for his mercy,

That they might reach a city of habitation.

And his wonders wrought in favour of men;

For he hath satisfied the craving soul,



And the famished soul, he hath fifled with goodness!


The dwellers in darkness, and the shadow of death,
Bound in affliction, and in iron;

Because they rebelled against the words of God,
And the counsel of the Highest they despised
Then he humbled with labour their heart,

They fell down-and there was not a helper!
Then they cried unto Jehovah in their trouble;
Out of their afflictions, he delivereth them;

He led them forth from darkness and the shadow of death,
And their bonds, he burst asunder.

Let them praise Jehovah for his mercy,

And his wonders wrought in favour of men;
For he hath destroyed the gates of brass,

And the bars of iron hath smitten asunder!

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All food their soul abhorreth,

They have even drawn near to the gates of death.

Then they cried unto JEHOVAH in their trouble,
Out of their troubles he delivereth them;

He sendeth his word and healeth them,

He snatcheth them out of their graves.

Let them praise Jehovah for his mercy,

And his wonders wrought in favour of men;

And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving,

And let them declare his works with rejoicing.


They who descend to the sea in ships,




Who prosecute business in many waters;

These behold the works of Jehovah,

Even his wonders in the deep!

He speaketh, and raiseth the spirit of the tempest,
And he exalteth the waves thereof.


They climb the heavens, they sink to the abyss,
Their soul is melted because of trouble.

They reel and stagger like a drunken man,
And all their wisdom is swallowed up.

Then they cry unto JEHOVAH in their trouble,
Out of their afflictions he delivereth them;
He maketh the tempest a calm,



And the waves thereof are still:,

Then they rejoice because of the stilness,

And he hath brought them to the haven of their wishes.


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And let them exalt him, in the assembly of the people,

And in the council of the elders, let them extol him!

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And they are minished and brought low by tyranny,
By affliction and sorrow of soul;

He poureth contempt on the tyrants,

And maketh them wander in the pathless waste.


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