Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: 19th-21st [1778-1781] years of the reign of George III

Reed and Hunter, 1813
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Página 698 - If the act is in itself immoral, or a violation of the general laws of public policy, there the party paying shall not have this action...
Página 520 - Court of King's Bench, 1786. 1 Term Rep. 159. Ejectment tried at the last assizes at Salisbury, before Hotham, Baron, when a verdict was found for the plaintiff, subject to the opinion of the Court...
Página 758 - Where a contingency is limited to depend on an estate of freehold which is capable of supporting a remainder, it shall never be construed to be an executory devise, but a contingent remainder only and not otherwise.
Página 701 - for preventing Tumults and riotous Assemblies, and for the " more speedy and effectual punishing the Rioters...
Página 763 - I verily believe, that in almost every case where by law a general devise of lands is reduced to an estate for life, the intent of the testator is thwarted; for ordinary people do not distinguish between real and personal property. The rule of law however is established and certain, that express words of limitation, or words tantamount, are necessary to pass an estate of inheritance.
Página 698 - If such laws are violated, and the defendant takes advantage of the plaintiff's condition or situation, there the plaintiff shall recover, and it is astonishing that the reports do not distinguish between the violation of the one sort and the other
Página 682 - ... has stated his title or ground of action defectively or inaccurately, because, to entitle him to recover, all circumstances necessary, in form or substance, to complete the title so imperfectly stated, must be proved at the trial, it is a fair presumption, after...
Página 479 - And if it shall happen that the said annuity of or any part thereof, be behind or unpaid, in part or in all, by the space of twenty-one days next after either of the said days...
Página 690 - There is also a third sort of covenants, which are mutual conditions to be performed at the same time ; and in these, if one party was ready and offered to perform his part, and the other neglected or refused to perform his, he who was ready and offered has fulfilled his engagement, and may maintain an action for the default of the other though it is not certain that either is obliged to do the first act.
Página 788 - Honfleur and Angola, there must have been a return. By an implied warranty, every ship must be seaworthy, when she first sails on the voyage insured, but she need not continue so throughout the voyage ; so that, if this is one entire voyage, if the ship was seaworthy when she left Honfleur, the underwriters would have been liable though she had not been so at Angola, &c. ; but according to the construction...

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