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364 Tes of our Lord 30. St. Jo
that sett me, and to furith his work.
There are yet four Months, and then cometis

bord, I lay mto you, Lift up your eyes, a
ad de abade there two days. 41. Ardma

beczuleo: his owo Word: 42. And faid
Etich 11.40. God barig pro-
ribes sone testet thing to US;
41. That is the Propbets foreted the coming of the Me
Bari prepared the People for the Reception of him, by
3 portante, ani fericor e borcing cbem to amerd
them the Apokles facceeded, and foare catred in

Seos, fu they are white already to harvek

my recice together. 37. And herein is

boures, and ye are entred into their labou

* bend to car lelves, and know that

ai en 2: the feaft: for they

is song, but the Labourers 5 Forfslen a

IT 548, bet the Labour

tha: * bout us bocid not be

that reapth receiveth'wages, and gatheret ederrai i that both be that loweth, and One South, arà other reapeth. 38. that bereon ye bestowed to labour:

Facy of ite Samaritars of that city believe bayong of the Woman, which teftified, He trei I did. 40. So when the Samaritars Is they bercucht him, that he would

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Now we bejeve, not because of this lay

Cra, the Siriour of the World. 43. cis te deered thence, and went into leesmented, that a Prophet ha Moc

CSIT. 65. Then when te was Geesteered him, having seena as 45. So less came again into Ca iesteiser Wibe. And there

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Soren that

+ Mar. on Mat. I

• Joh. Feaft Day Name, whet

which he did 72. The Meis is

D. Joh.:. 10 Marriage in

beginning of Cess of Galilze, 21

his Glory, and is ein P.8. - Have kurus 15

lieved on bim.

nan [Or, Courtier; or, Ruler], whose son was fick at Ca-
jaum. -47. When he heard that Jesus was come out of
ea into Galilee, he went unto him, and befought him
he would come down and heal his Son: for he was at
point of death. 48. Then said Jesus unto him, Except.
ee i signs and wonders, ye will not believe. 49. The no-
lan faith unto him, Sir, come down; ere my child die.
Jesus saith unto him, Gothy way; thy son liveth. And
nan believed the Word that Jesus had spoken unto him
he went his way. 51. And as he was now going down
ervants met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth.
Then enquired he of them the hour when he began to a-
1: and they said unto him, Yesterdav at the seventh
the fever left him. 53. So the
e same hour, in the which "
h; and himself belier
is again the second ir
out of Judea into

it was

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