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I go unto him that fent me. Joh. the Holy we which are alive and

*+ Ifa. 26. 17. Like as a W. 434 Year of our Lord St. Joh'' XVI. 14He shall glorifie me: for he shall receive of mine, and thall thew it unto you. 15. * All things that the Father hath, are mine. therefore faid 1, that he shall take of mine, and fhall Mew it ulito you, 16. b A little white and ye shall not fee me: and again, a little while and ye shall see mé, becaule I go to the Father:- 19. Then said some of his Difciples among themselves, what is this that he faith into us, A little while arid ye shall not see me s-and again, a little while and ye shall see mes and, Because I go to the Father? 18. They laid therefore, What is this that he faith, Alttle while ? we cannot tell what he faith. 19. Nov Jesus knew that they were sidefirous to ask him, and faid unto them, Do ye enquire among your felves of that I said, Alittle while alid ye shall not fee me and agairt, a little while and ye fhall see me? 20. Verily verily I fay unto you, ye shalla weep'and lament, but the world fall rejoice and ye shall be Torrowful, but your forrow fhall be turned into

joy. 21. f A Woman when the is in travail, hath forrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as the is delivered of the child, -flue-remembreth 110 more the anguish, for bjcy

that Times fome fhall depart from the Meat with "gladress and singleness Faith.- Eph. 4. 11. He gave some of Heart. Acts 5:41. They de Apostles: and fome Prophets. parted from the Presence of the

a of Joh, 19. 10. See on Mat. Council, rejoicing that they were II. 27. and on Mat. 28. 18.

scounted wortky to fuffer Shame Ver. + Joh.-7.33. Yet a * for his Name. Ads 13. 52. The little while I'am with you, and then Difciples were filled with joy, and


Ghost 1 Thes. 4. 19, 13:33. Little Children, yet a little Then while I am with you.- t Joh. 14. 1o remain, shall be caught up toge 19. Yet a little while, and the Worldfeerhitle w

ther with them in the Clouds to no more: bur ye meet the Lord in the Air : and so fee me: because I live, ye shall shall we be ever with the Lord, live also.

Wherefore comfortone another with © Pfal. 145.-19. He will fulfil the 1's these Words. Dejire of them that fear him. a Luk. 23. 29. There followed

man with Child, thác draweth near him a great Company of People, : 'the Time of her Delivery, is in and of Women, which also bea Pain, and crieth out in her Pangsi mailed and lamented him. Luk. 14.20 fo have we been in thy Sight, o 17. What manner of Communi Lord. cations are these that ye have one 8 Gen. 3. 16. Unto the Woman to another, as ye walk and are he said, I will

greatly multiply thy Sad ?

forrow and thy Conception; in * A&S 2. 46. They continuing 25 Sorrom thou halt bring forth daily with one accord in the Tem Children. ple, and breaking Bread from Gen. a1. 6. Sarah laid, Cod House to Houfe, did eat their

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St.' JOHN XVI. Tear of our Lord

435 that a man is born into the world. 22. And ye now there fore have forrow; but I will see you again, and i

your heart hall rejoice, and your joy no 'mali taketh from you. 23. And in that day ye shall ask me knothing: Verily verily I lay unto you, Whatsoever ye shall* ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. 24. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name : ask, and ye shall receive, that i

your joy may be full. 25. These things have I spoken unto you in * Proverbs [Or, Parables]: the time cometh when I shall no more speak unto you in * Proverbs [Or, Parables], but I fhall thew you plainly of the Father. 26. At that day ye shall ask in my name : And I fay not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you:

27. For the Father himself loveth you, becaule ye have loved me, and have believed that I

came out from God. 28. I 4 came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father. 29. His disciples said unto him, Lo, now {peakest thou plainly, and speakest no * Proverb [Or, Parable}. 30. Now are we sure that thou ' knowest all things, and needett not that any man fhould ask thee: by this we believe that thou : camest forth from God. 31. Jesus an

fwered hath made me to longh, so that all them, he it is that loveth me : and that hear will laugh with me. he that loveth me, shall be loved of

it Joh. 14.1. Let not your Heart my Father, and I will love him, be troubled : ye believe in God, and will manifest my self to him. believe also in me. Joh. 20. 20.5 -If a Man love me, he will keep Then were the Disciples glad when my Words: and my Father will they saw the Lord. Luk. 24. 41,

love himn. $2. While they yet believed not ; 9 Joh. 8. 42. If God were your for joy, and wondred, he said unto Father, ye would love me: for I them, Have ye here any Meat pro proceeded forth and came from

God.- Joh. 13. 3. Jesus knowwhich is but for a Moment, workerting that the Father had given all for us a far more exceeding and things into his Hands, and that he eternal Weight of Glory.

1 Pet. was come from God, and went to 1.8. Whom having not feen, ye 15 God. : Joh. 3. 13. No Man love, in whom though now ye fee hath afcended up to Heaven, but him

not, yet believing, ye rejoice he that camc down from Heaven, e. with joy unspeakable and full of Glo ven the Son of Man which is in ry: See on Ver. 20;

Heaven. Joh. 15. 16. See on Mac.7.9.20** P + Joh. 17. 8. 11 Joh. 15.11.

9 + Joh. : 13. 3. The Words under 1 Joh, 1. 4: These things write we unto you, that your Jey may be - "Joh 21.17. He (Peter) said full.

unto him, Lord, thou knoweft ali Joh. 14. 21, 23. He that hath 25 things. my. Commandments, and keepeth & Joh. 19. 8.


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Ver. 27:




fwered them, Do ye now believe? 32. a Behold, the hour cometh

, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered o every man to * his own [Or, his own home], and shall leave me afone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me. 33. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have a peace. In the World ye ihall have tribulation : but be of good cheer, I have Overcome the World.

СНАР. Mat. 26.3.1. All ye shall be ven, and Glory in the highest. offended because of me this Night: + Joh. 14. 27. Peace I leave with for it is written, I will smite the you, my Peace I give unto you: Shepherd, and the Sheep of the not as the World giveth give I Flock thall be scattered abroad.s unto you. Let nor your Heart be T'se like Words are in Mar. 14. 27. troubled, neither let it be afraid.

b Joh. 20. 10. Then the Bir A&ts. 10. 35. The Word which ciples went away again unto their God sent unto the Children of Il. own home,

rael, preaching Peace by Jesus Chrift, + Joh. 8.29. He that fent me, 10 † Rom. 5:1. Being justified by is with me: the Father hath not Faith, we have Peace with God Jeft me alone : for I do always those through our Lord Jesus Christ. * Eph. things chat please him. Joh. 14. 2.14, 15, 16, 17. He is our Peace, 10. Believert thou not that I am in who hath made both one, and the Father, and the Father in me? 15 hath broken down the middle The Words that I speak unto you, Wall of Partition between us; I speak nor of my self : but the Having abolished in his Flesh the Father that dwelleth in me, he doch Enmity, even the Law of Com. the Works.

mandments, contained in Ordinan. A Isa. 2.4. They shall beat their

20 çes, for to make in himself of Swords into Plow.shares, and their twain, one

new man, so making Spears into Pruning-Hooks: Na Peace: . And that he might recon. tion shall not lift up Sword against cile both unto God, in one Body by Nation, neither shall they learn the Cross, having flain the Enmity War any more. fIsa. 9. 6. Unto 25 thereby. And came and preached us a Child is born. The Prince Peace to you which were afar off

, of Peace. Ifa. 57. 19. I create the and to them that were nigh. Phil

. Fruit of the Lips Peace, Peace to 4.7. The peace of God, which pas. him that is far off, and to him that feth all Understanding, shall keep is ncar, saith the Lord.--Mic, s. your Hearts and Minds through 5. This Man shall be the Peace 3° Christ Jesus. + Col.1.20. Having made when the Assyrian shall come into Peace through the Blood of his Cross. our Land. Zech. 9. 10. -He Col.3.15.Let the Peace of God rule in Thall speak Peace to the Heathen. your Hearts, to the which also yeare Luk. 1.79. To give Light to them called in one Body,and be ye thank that fit in Darkness, and in the 35 ful. i Per. 5. 14. --Peace be with Shadow of Death, to guide our you all that are in Christ Jesus. Feet into the Way of Peace. Luk. ° 1 Cor. 15. 57. Thanks be to 2. 14. Glory to God in the highest, God, which giveth us the Vi&tory and on Earth Peace, good will to-40 through our Lord Jesus Chrift

. wards Men. Luk. 19. 33. Blessed i Joh. 4. 4. Ye are of God, little be the King that cometh in the Children, and have overcome them : Name of the Lord : Peace in Hea because greater is he that is in you,

than he that is in the World.




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HESE words spake Jesus; and lift up his eyes to

heaven, and said, Father, the (1) hour is come; glorifie thy Son, that thy Son also may glorifie thee. 2. As thou haft given him power over all Hefh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou haft given him. 3. And n this is life eternal, that they might know, thee the

only true God, and 'Jesus Chrift, ni whom thou hast sent. I haven glorified thee on the earth: I have

finished See on Mat. 11.27. and Mat. came from God; neither came I 28. 18.

of my felf, but he fent me. Joh. 3 See the Note on Joh. 6. 37. 10. 36. Say

ye of him whom the + Ifa. 53. 11. By his Know Father hath fan&tified and sent into ledge shall my righteous Servant Sthe World, Thou blafphemeft ; justifie many: for he shall bear because I said I am the Son of God their Iniquities. Jer. 9. 24. Let Mar. 9. 37. Whosoever lhall rea him that glorieth, glory in this, ceive me, receiveth not me, but that he knoweth and understandeth

him that sent me.

Luk. 4. 18,43 me, Col. 2.

2. That their 10 The Spiric of the Lord is upon Hearts might be comforted, being me, because he hath anointed me knit together in love, and unto all to preach the Gospel to the Poor, Riches of the full Assurance of Un, he hath sent me to heal the broken derstanding, to the Acknowledgment hearted, to preach Deliverance to of the Mystery of God, and of the Fa-15 the Captives, and recovering of ther, and of Christ.

Sight to the Blind, to set at Libera 1 Joh. 2. 3. Hereby we know ty them that arc bruised. I that we know him, if we keep his must preach the Kingdom of God Commandments.

to other cities also: for thereu * 1 Cor. 8.4. -We know that 20 fore am I sent. an Idol is nothing in the World, t Joh. 13. 32. If God be gloo and that there is none other God but rified in him, God shall also glorifie

1 Thes. 1. 9. Ye turned to him in himself, and shall straightGod from Idols, to serve the Liv way glorifie him. Joh. 11.. 4, 40. ing and true God.

25 This Sickness is not unto Death, See on Joh. 3. 16.

but for the Glory of God, that the m Joh. 5. 36. — The Works Son of God might beglorified there. which the Father hath given me to by. Said I not unto thee, that if finish, the same Works that I do, thou wouldst believe, thou shouldft bear witness of me, that the Fa 30 see the Glory of God ? † Joh. 14. ther hath sent me. Joh. 6. 29.

13. Whatsoever ye shall ask the This is the work of God, that ye Father in my Name, that will I believe on him whom he hath sent. do, that the Father may be glorified Joh. 8. 42. I proceeded forth, and

in (1) The Word Hour is often used in the Gospels. It frequently sigo nifies that the Time of our Lord's Sufferings, which were to make Way for his Glory, was, or was not come, which the Words it is joined with fhew. It occursin the following Places, Mar. 14. 35,41. Luk: 22. 53. Joh. 7.30. jeh. 828Johi 12.23, 27.' Jola 13. . Job. 16.32.




& igavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou

* finished the work t which thou gaveft me to do. s. And now, O Father, glorife thou me with thine own self, with the gloryre, which I had with thee before the world was. 6! I have manifefted thy name unto the men which thou

gaveft them me; and they have kept thy Word. 7. Now they have known that all things whatsoever thou hast given me, are of thee. 8. For I have given unto them the words which thou gaveft me; and they have received them, il and have * known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me. 9

I pray



in the Son. Mat. 9.8. When the Ghoft. Multitude faw it, they marvelled, + Joh. 15. 10. If ye keep my and glorified God, which had given Commandments, ye fhall abide in fứch Power 'unto Men. Mar.'1's. my love ;' even as I have kept my 31. The Multitude wondred whens Fathers Commandments, and abide in They faw the Dumb to fpeak, the

his Love, Maimed to be whole, the Lame to Rev. 15. 12. Worthy is the Lomb walk;'and the Blind to fee: and that was "sain, to receive Power, they glorified the God of Israel and Riches, and Wisdom, and Mar. 2. 12. Immediately he arofe, 1. Strength, and Honour, and Glory, and took up the Bed, and went forth Blefling before them

all, in fomuch that they d + Joh. 1. 1, 2. In the Beginwere all amazed, and glorified God, ning was the Word, and the Word faying, We never saw it on this was with God, and the Word was Fashion.''Luk. s. 26. They were 15 God. The lamę was in the BCall amazed, and they glorifed God, ginning with God. and were filled with fear, faying, I and my father are one. + loh. We have feen strange things to

14. 9: _He that hath feen me, bath Day. Luk. 18. 43. Immediately seen the Father.he received his Sight, and follow.20 ei Pet. 'l. 20.

Who (Chrif] ed him, glorifying God and all verily was 'fore-ordained before the the People when they saw it, gave Foundation of the World.Praise unto God.

f Joh. 1. 18. No Man hath seen * 1 Joh. 4:34. My Meat' is to do God at any time; the only begot: the will of 'him

that fent me, and 25 ten Son, which is in the Bosom of to finish his work. Joh. 5:36. The the Father, he hath declared him. Works which my Father hath giv

Father hath giv. Heb. 2. 12. I will declare thy en me to finish, the fame Work's Name unto my Brethren.“ that I do, bear witness of me, that it Joh. 10.29. See on Joh.6.3). the Father hath fent me. Joh. 9.30 h Joh. 15. 15. -All things that 3. Neither hath this

Man finned, I have heard of my Father, I have nor his Parents : but that the Works made known unto you. of God should be made manifiji in " + Joh. 8. 28. Joh. 11.49 bin, + Joh. 19. 30. When Jesus of Joh. 14. 10. therefore had received the Vine-35 7. 16. gar, he said, It is finished: and he * Joh. 16. 27, 30. bowed his Head, and gave up the

See on Joh.


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