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Claremont August 16th, 1831.

My Dear Master.-I hope you are very well. On Sunday the pupils went to church in four carriages and four horses, they went to Peter's church, I saw on Sunday people in the church, Mr. Cleaver preached in Peter's church; on Sunday soven boys with bright plates collected the mony from the people in Peter's church; this morning all the boys went to swim in the sea, and returned to Claremont; I saw this morning a steampacket on the sea come round the north wall to Dublin, I saw this morning some ships on the sea, I suppose bringing coals to Dublin, the ships came from Whitehaven.


Claremont, August 23rd, 1831.

My Dear Master.—I hope you are very well. I saw one week ago some boys carry the oats to be stacked. On Thursday morning Mr. Humphreys and Graham returned from England in the steampacket, they came from Dublin to Claremont; I saw yester. day some big boys plant cabbage with dibbles, Magee and I watered the cabbage in the field. I saw this morning Mitchell and Hughes with the mare and cart take baskets of apples and plums to market to Lower Abbey-street in Dublin; I saw Hughes thrash oats, the oats will be winnowed in the potatoe house in the farmyard.


Claremont, May 31st, 1831.

My Dear Master.-All mankind ought to pray to God, but some of the people do not pray to God, God hears the prayers of the righteous, and hearkens not unto the wicked people, he will be very angry with the wicked people who worship idols, if they pray to images or any likeness of any thing, the Bible tells us that all mankind shall not worship images, or the likeness of any things. it says that they should worship God, God can send the wicked people into hell, he takes the righteous people to heaven, God is jealous if the wicked people worship idols, he is pleased with the righteous people who worship him; the wicked people do not read the Bible, they have no belief in it, they after take the Bible, the Bible tell us that we ought to read in it about God, he will be very angry with them for breaking the commandments, they ought not to break them, the righteous read the Bible, they love God, and they do not break his commandments, they are pleased that they have belief it it about God, they learn in it about him, God first love them, he gives us food, plants vegetables, trees and corns; he created the beasts and birds on the sixth day,

he gave us plants and trees to grow out of the earth, we ought to obey God, but some of the bad people disobey him, they mocked our Lord, he was powerful to create all the world; we could not create the world, we can do many things, sometimes the people take God's name in vain, they should not take God's name in vain, there is only one God eternal in the heaven.


Claremont, June 7th, 1831.

My Dear Father.-I suppose Mr. John Murphy will soon come to Dublin, I think he would to come to Claremont. Michael and I want to see him here, we will be glad to see him, I suppose you were too busy working. You will not come to Dublin, Michael and I are very sorry you could not come to Claremont, I wish to go to Ballynana, I did not see my mother and family this long time, I am four years here, I hope you will come from Ballynana, you would like me to stay one or two years here, and you would take Michael and I home for a day for see you? and we would return to Claremont; I think I will stay here for one or two years, then I will go away from this school, I would like to get a trade, I suppose you will ask a master about me if he will teach me, I will like to make forms and tables and different things. A master will teach me to work and to make them, I will be very glad, I will be very happy making forms and tables and different things. I will be very glad if you will come here, I hope you and my brother will come here in one or two years; I suppose you will ask Mrs. Fitzgerald about my brother if he will come here when I go away, I suppose you will take me away, and my brother will stay to learn to write in this school, I think my brother will be very sorry for leaving you, and I will be glad to return from the school,


Claremont, July 12th, 1831.


My Dear Friend.-I am not sorry to be Deaf and Dumb. am very happy, God made me. I am a Deaf and Dumb boy, I do not wish to hear, it is as well to be in the state of the Deaf and Dumb, as the hearing: God created all things, and beasts and man. The Deaf and Dumb can pray to God; God will give us what we want. God will make the Deaf and Dumb happy. God is not angry with us. I think if I did not like to be Deaf and Dumb, God would be very angry with me. I am very much afraid of God. When Jesus Christ was on the earth, the lepers were cleansed, and the Deaf and Dumb heard, the dead were raised up, and the people had the Gospel preached to them, I think if I fight with boys I would be very wicked, to fight with

boys or men. Perhaps I might kill them. If I fight I will go to hell. I never wish to fight with boys. I was a very wicked boy; I often fought with boys in Letterkenny, County of Donegal; the men made me fight with them. I am very brave; I saw the boys were afraid of me. My aunt beat me to make me not fight with boys. I was so often fighting with other boys, I think she was afraid they would kill me. I will pray to God to keep me from fighting. I think God will be angry with the men who fight. I know God sees me and all wicked men. I think God will cast wicked men into hell. I believe God will not be angry with me, because I was ignorant. I think God pitied me. I will never fight again; I hate quarrelling with any one. My sister minded me; she took care of me; she was very much afraid I would be killed. My uncle told me often, that I must not fight : my uncle was good to keep me from fighting; my uncle was very much afraid that they would kill me; he kept from my wicked friends; they were angry with me, you spoke to my uncle about me; he must be watching me to keep me from wickedness. I am afraid to fight with any one, God will drive the wicked people into hell.

[blocks in formation]

Claremont Augnst 25th, 1831.

My Dear Mother.-I am very well. I was swimming in the salt water. We got up at five o'clock in the morning, and went to the sea, and swam there: there were many ships and boats on the sea; we eat stirabout and milk for our breakfast, we go to bed at eight and a half o'clock every night; we swim at past one o'clock every day. Geary was writing on a large slate.

Your affectionate Son,

Claremont August 25th, 1831.

My Dear Father.I hope you are very well. I saw a bad man, he struck an iron bar on a man's head, it made the blood flow, a police man took the two men; they were taken, put into prison. I saw a man putting bag of corn into a cart. I saw inan reaping corn, a woman was binding corn; I saw the boys gleaning the corn; I saw a boy rattling a rattle in the oat field, I saw two boys clapping their hands, which cause them to make a noise; a man was sitting on coals' cart at night, a boy was playing with burning wood. I saw boys stealing fruits in the gar. den at Roscommon, I saw a gentleman beat them, they ran away

from him; I saw the boys climbing up trees in the garden; I saw men drinking whiskey until they quarrel. I saw a cart filled with coals, horses drew it very hard, and fell down. I saw men whipping mules.


Claremont, August 25, 1831.

My Dear Sister-I am afraid of God, because my sins are many. Some wicked people hate God: God would be very angry with them: God will punish the wicked. I suppose some wicked people will not repent, and believe in Jesus Christ: He was crucified: He was laid in a sepulchre, cut in stone: He died the death of the cross, to save from sin. We ought to believe in Jesus Christ. He was the Creator of all things, and at all time Jesus Christ redeemed us from sin. God is the Creator of all things. God is kind to me and all mankind: He is the Creator of all things. Jesus Christ will judge the quick and the dead. God asks us to love him. I love to learn about God and about Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that we must learn about God, and about Jesus Christ. God will make us holy, if we pray to God: He gives us power to keep from sin, if we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I wish to pray to God to make me holy. I hope God will give me power to keep from sin. The ladies often converse with me about God: I am happy to learn about God. The ladies like religion. When I go away from Claremont I must converse with my sister. I will be glad to converse with her. I hope God makes her love me. I must always pray to God every night and every morning. Jesus Christ taught us to pray to God. Jesus Christ loved his disciples. Jesus Christ told us that we must pray to God.


Claremont, August 25, 1831.

I saw

My Dear Father-I hope you are very well. I saw a woman churning milk. I saw the boys playing ball in the yard. I saw John Synnot, a tailor, make clothes. I saw James Hughes harrow and driving horses. I saw the miller grinding the oats. the boys were sent from Claremont home. I saw the farrier shoe the horse-hoofs. I saw a man thrashing oats. I saw the watchman guarding the street in Dublin. Neason makes shoes at the lodge. I was with William Synnott. I was whipping top. I saw boys pegging tops in town with Hughes, when he went to sell a cow's hide. I saw a man riding his horse, leaped hedge. I saw William Allen driving ducks. I saw John Stedmond fishing. The boys write copies every morning to learn. I saw a monkey playing tricks; he eat bread; it rode away on a boy's back. I saw a man mowing grass.


Claremont, August 24, 1831.

My Dear Father Are you very fond of religion? I hope you always pray to God, for God can make you happy: happiness makes religion pleasant to us. hope you believe in Jesus Christ. You are a sinner: if you repent, and believe in one God, and in his Son Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to save sinners, he will save you. I believe that I am a sinner. I am often sorry for my sin, which makes me wish to keep from other sins, when I know there is a place of everlasting pain and torment, in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone. All good people hope in Jesus Christ he will save the righteous, because they do believe in Jesus Christ, who is the Saviour of sinners: He first loved us; we must then love him. God sent his Son to save us from the punishment of sin, and if we believe in him, God will reward us, and all good people, who keeps God's commandments, with everlasting life. I wish all mankind would try to keep God's commandment. All good, holy people, who follow the example of Jesus Christ, through faith in his name, will be saved.


Claremont, August 25, 1831.


Dear Doctor Adams-I understand you were travelling in Scotland and in England. I suppose you were pleased to see the different places. I should like to see pretty places. Mr. Coote told me many parts of Cootehill were very beautiful. You told me you know Cootehill. Would you like to live at Cootehill? I do not like to live in Dublin: Dublin is very dirty, but sometimes the streets are clean. I like to live in the country, because the country is very pleasant. I have no Bible: I want to read the Bible oftener: I like to learn the words: I want to learn all the words in the Bible. I wish to pray to God; God give me un.derstanding to learn all the words in the Bible. I am Deaf and Dumb God made me so. : I like to be Deaf and Dumb, because I am very happy. Some people are always cursing: they do not love God. I love God: I do not like cursing. Some persons never read the Bible: they are ignorant; I much pity them. I am afraid they are very wicked. Many people are very poor in Ireland: the people are better in England: the king gives them money in England: the king does not live in Ireland. The lords give poor man money in England. I would be very happy if it please you to write me a letter. I would be glad to read your letter.


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